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Happy Hump Day everyone! It’s not “gonna be May” anymore, it’s already May. On a side note, please tell me I am not the only one who recalls NSYNC’s classic “It’s Gonna Be Me” bop. Listening to it never fails to ignite me to hop on my feet and start dancing.

Okay, back to schedule programming: I don’t know about you, but as of lately, I believe that podcasts have grown vastly into such an incredible medium of communication, value, and entertainment. Listening to a podcast is now just as normal as watching Netflix, YouTube, or even television, but in the same mechanism as one would listen to music. Podcasts are absolutely magnificent because they are much longer than YouTube videos, don’t require you to look at a screen, and uphold plethoras of valuable knowledge–well, for the most part. Depends on the podcasts you listen to.

Below are some of my favorite podcasts that focus on health and wellness primarily or have many episodes dedicated to these subjects. Whether it be explaining the countless types of meditations, building confidence, achieving an abundance mindset and strong work ethic, or basic diet and exercise tips for beginners, all of these podcasts offer at least one episode that you truly will gain value from. Along with the raves are three episodes that I personally recommend you listen to if you want to get started, but if we’re being entirely truthful here, listen to as many episodes from these podcasts as you can. Without further ado, let’s give it up for all these phenomenal podcasters!


Bianca Taylor constantly popped up on my Instagram explore page as so many vegan and fitness influencers that I already follow are great friends of hers. Just around the end of last year, I finally checked out her Instagram and YouTube, then found a new adoration of her advocacy for mental health, fitness, plant-based nutrition, eating disorder recovery, and ruthlessly loving yourself. As for Badassbabe Radio, it gets even better.

What truly rings a bell is how much confidence and insight she showcases on her podcast, as she is never afraid to speak about her experience and own who you are. Many of her episodes include interviews with diverse perspectives from doctors, chefs, actresses, social media influencers, and her boyfriend Nimai Delgado on a wide range of health and wellness-oriented topics, but Bianca herself is such a gem to listen to.

  • Becoming Vegan, Social Media Pressure, and Figuring out Who You Are, with RDN and Yogi Amanda Sevilla
  • Finding Balance with Fitness and Food, with IFBB Pro and Chef Natalie Matthews
  • How Food Impacts Our Bodies, with Dr. Vivian Chen


Similarly to Bianca, Nimai Delgado also was an influencer I saw on my social media often but never followed until my friend recommended his podcast Generation V, and I can’t thank him enough for doing so. I’m obsessed! His podcast and other social media handles centered around practical vegan nutrition, bodybuilding, and overall mental and emotional motivation really resonates with how I want to live my life. When I found out he was dating Bianca, I couldn’t have been happier!

Generation V is a freaking magnificent podcast that brings a wide array of vegan experts and influencers, whether they be bodybuilders, doctors, entrepreneurs, athletes, and many more (including a few episodes with Bianca, which are absolutely amazing too). Nimai himself is very passionate about encouraging others to share positivity, wisdom, and inspiration on wellness, which is truly admirable. Whether you are already deep into your health consciousness or not, this is one of the best podcasts to inspire you to nourish yourself and your body even more every single day.

  • How to Make a Difference and be a “Bad Ass Vegan” with John Lewis
  • Changing the World One Plate at a Time with World Renowned Chef Derek Sarno
  • What Does Masculinity Mean with Vegan Bodybuilders Jon Venus & Derek Simnett


Oh my lord, I cannot even begin to articulate how much I love Sahara and everything about her. I’ve followed her since the beginning of her Instagram (and even got to meet her at a small festival at The Springs a few years ago! She’s so sweet, intellectual, and humble!)–it’s unbelievable to see how far she has come. Sahara Rose is the catalyst for spreading the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health system originally from ancient India, with a modern twist to cater towards current times. She has inspired hundreds of thousands of people (including Deepak Chopra, what!) with her platform and her amazing book The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, which I can attest is a delectable read.

Sahara continues to slay with the Highest Self Podcast, essentially one of the best collections of audio diaries regarding spirituality, health, self-care, Ayurveda, and becoming your highest self, along with interviews featuring experts in the same fields as well as business, relationships, social media, building prosperous companies, diet, and wellness. Her voice is so powerfully enlightening, energizing, and authentic that you could listen to her speak for hours and hours on end. It was so challenging to find three favorite episodes because I could list more than thirty!

  • What Mystical Being Are You with Sahara Rose
  • From Housewife to Co-Founder of a Billion Dollar Company with Lisa Bilyeu
  • How Ayurveda Saved My Life with Sahara Rose


Know of any vibrant, outspoken, confident, and empowering women in your life? Well, Melissa Ambrossini doesn’t just fit all those criteria like a glove, she SLAYS. As a best-selling author, blogger, motivational speaker, and self-help guru, she is one of the most articulate, well-spoken, and vocally invigorating women the world could ever ask for! She believes in “mastering your inner Mean Girl” that constantly prides on putting you down mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We all have one, after all, but there’s a way to triumph over our inner Mean Girl.

Melissa’s podcast truly attests to how straight forward and strong she speaks. She publishes a Motivation Monday podcast every (you guessed it) Monday along with an insightful interview with countless health practitioners, doctors, business owners, entrepreneurs, gurus, coaches, researchers, and so many more guests who provide a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and value. Her relationship with her husband Nick Broadhurst is also such a remarkable sight to behold, so I also recommend her two podcasts with him as a special guest!

  • Vegan Done Right For Your Body Type with Dr Stephen Cabral
  • How To Find ‘The One’ With My Husband Nick Broadhurst
  • The Archetype Diet with Dana James


With a masters in Nutrition and Physiotherapy, an amazing blog, and a published book in the works, Simon Hill thrives on encouraging others to reap the benefits of consuming a wholesome plant-based diet and contribute to compassionate living by simply conducting decisions that benefit the animals, the environment, and humans alike. He’s built a magnificent brand and really exudes passion for motivating others to discover their ability to thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually with plant-based fitness. Seriously, his fitness progress is insane!

What’s also insane is the selection of fantastic interviews with doctors, social media influencers, animal activists, chefs, fitness specialists, business owners, and entrepreneurs on the Plant Proof podcast. Simon Hill’s podcast is one of my favorite vehicles for discovering the stories of inspirational minds and souls that have found success with veganism in some way, whether it be developing businesses, conducting research, or taking pictures of yummy plant-powered food!

  • Dietician and Plant-Based Influencer Ellie Bullen (@elsas_wholesomelife) Shares Her Journey
  • New ‘meat’ innovation that can save the world with Thomas King
  • The story of vegan sushi chain Beyond Sushi with chef Guy Vaknin


Oh my lord, where do I even begin? Tyra is a friend of mine on Instagram and one of my favorite health and fitness accounts on that platform! As a vegan activist, exercise and nutrition science student, ED recovery advocate, fitness junkie, and new podcast host, she’s overall a magnificent human being with the sweetest soul and fieriest passion for transforming the lives of others through health and plant-based nutrition. Just look at her Instagram–it’s flooded with abundant pictures of colorful fruit, sweet potatoes, salads, nice cream, noodles, rice and tofu dishes, and lentil cakes!

Once Tyra launched her podcast, I instantly had to subscribe and listen to the first episode. She’s even more adorable and genuine than anyone could ever imagine. Her openness to being vulnerable, raw, and confident in her own skin truly is inspiring. As of now, she only has a few episodes, all being solo, but with more to come, her podcast has so much potential to shed light on veganism, eating disorders, fitness, feminism, self-help, nutrition, and everything there is to know about thriving in your own life.

  • TT1 – Intro Q&A (ED recovery, veganism, my health journey)
  • TT4 – Why I never have and never will drink alcohol
  • TT5 – Breakups and babysitting the boyfriend


First discovering Lisa Bilyeu from Be Sheroic with Cassey Ho, I was devastated when the announcement of the end of the podcast came about. I absolutely fell in love with Lisa’s honest and friendly personality as well as her articulate form of expression. She actually started out as a housewife and then evolved to becoming the co-founder of Impact Theory along with her husband Tom Bilyeu, who is also known as the co-founder of Quest Nutrition. The fact that Lisa discovered her own foundation from supporting her loved ones to finding her own passion and taking action is an absolute marvel. She is an incredibly fiery and empowering entrepreneur who also hosts her own podcast known as Women of Impact!

As for Women of Impact, it seriously is one of the most transformative podcasts for any female looking to find uplifting mantras, phenomenal messages from stories of trauma, and gems of advice from women who have kicked ass in all kinds of areas of life. Lisa’s interviewed athletes, business women, teachers, authors, martial artists, speakers, coaches, and influencers (many of which are also mothers). Being heroic for what she does, it is a critical mission for her to help every female find the hero within herself. I swear you will find more than one episode on this podcast that will teach you something valuable beyond your words.

  • She Went From $18,000 in Debt to Owning a 7 Figure Business! | Patrice Washington on Women of Impact
  • What Ever Woman Needs to Hear | Eve Torres Gracie on Women of Impact
  • How to Heal, Validate Yourself & Be Good Enough For You | Brittany Burgunder on Women of Impact

UPDATE: I deleted a podcast that I originally promoted on this list because I no longer follow or support them–this is all due to solely my personal opinions and changing interests, nothing at all serious.

What are your favorite podcasts?

4 responses to “Best Health and Wellness Podcasts”

  1. People seem to really love podcasts yet I just have not jumped on the bandwagon quite yet, however, I am not sure I ever really will because I don’t really have time. And I hate listening to people talk when I am driving – I really really want to because I feel like I would learn a ton but I just can’t get into them. I need to try again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting! It’s a completely new form of consumption for some people, like a new entertainment medium. You can totally listen to podcasts while you’re working or completing chores but it’s understandable if you like doing so in silence or to music. Perhaps try one or two podcasts of people that really resonate with you and see how it goes. NGL, I ALWAYS have a podcast on. Might need intervention for it!


  2. OMG THIS IS SO CUTE ❤ THANK YOU FOR THE SWEET WORDS :') Really touched my heart. And LOOK AT YOU with your amazing podcast now!!! Love all of these and yours especially :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES I had to include your podcast!! Haha wouldn’t call it amazing, but I always appreciate you listening to it!


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