Discover Your Chi Campaign with Lakanto

Physical, emotional, and spiritual health are key, but the terms are thrown all about like no other. When most people perceive these words, they automatically visualize outdoor yoga clouded with incense and crystals galore or a group of hippies leading a meditation or raw vegan cooking retreats in Costa Rica or Bali. Even though those elements definitely exist and contribute to our well-being, they aren’t always feasible in every situation. After all, the goal of attaining health in all areas is to thrive every single second of every single day of our lives, whether we’re sitting at a desk in a cubicle or swimming in the beach at sunrise.

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Aside from their addictive drinking chocolate mix and their nifty sugar free maple syrup, the reasons why I love Lakanto is their utmost integrity to their products and their passion for encouraging their audience and many more to synthesize the most optimal energy they can, starting from within. According to their mantra “to be more, do more, and live more“, it all starts with self-reflection, otherwise really digging into the depths of your soul to unveil what makes you feel so presently and intensively alive.

Lakanto has launched their campaign to Discover Your Chi, otherwise the unison of physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment to optimize ourselves and our lives. Their main vehicles are their different lines of monk-fruit sweetened products that truly are one of a kind–everything is plant-based, sugar free, gluten free, allergen friendly, keto-friendly, and if you are concerned about genetic modification, non-GMO–and can also be found at Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Sprouts, Amazon, Thrive Market, and many more. If that isn’t exciting enough, they now have a $30 carb-manager membership if you’re looking to explore a lower carb or even ketogenic routine!

However, eating a healthy diet is only one aspect of your lifestyle. You can be consuming all the green juice and monk-fruit sweetened dark chocolate (aka me, minus the green juice) the world can possibly provide, but if you aren’t reserving time to take care of yourself, collect your thoughts, and sit down to think, then you don’t have chi. Lakanto’s mission with this campaign is to ignite everyone to pursue an endeavor that seems daunting but life-changing, whether it be starting a business, pursuing a new sport, achieving a fitness goal, or even just improving your daily happiness to discover your chi.

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  1. Find your favorite form of meditation. If you are one to sit still or lie down in peaceful silence and clarity, then you are a seriously lucky person. For one, I cannot function with a simultaneously stationary body and mind. If my body is still, my mind is active with strongly paced or frantic thoughts. With a grounded mind, my body is either walking or powering through a workout. However, I have found that meditation works best when I am either walking to a certain destination or before sleeping, which takes around five to ten minutes (I know most people do not recommend meditation at night, but I find that it’s great for me to just gain mental clarity and ease after a busy day). Experiment with the best time slots for your meditation, but most people find it best to meditate first thing after awakening. If you really want a time recommendation to meditate, do it now.
  2. Truly understand what meditation is. The truth of a matter is, many people lose sight of what meditation actually means. It’s not necessarily closing your eyes, sitting criss-cross with your hands stretched around your knees and saying “om” over and over again. In fact, that actually sounds incredibly tense, which is counter-productive to what meditation aims for. Ultimately, meditation serves to examine whatever’s lingering in the mind with 100% awareness. It needs to concentrate on slowing down the rapidness or tendency for the mind to scatter all over the place, grounding the mental chaos. This requires one or more of the following: deep and consistent breathing, lying or sitting down in a quiet and remote spot, turning off the lights, and cancelling out the background noise. You’re not necessarily thinking about nothing,
  3. Be mindful of what you consume. Will be elaborating more on this topic in a future post, but watch what you consume. Not just with what’s on your plate, but whatever you purchase, anything have on your phone, in your environment, what you watch on television, the music you listen to, and the people you surround yourself with. Every time you immerse yourself in another k-hole of reality TV or Netflix drama, a conversation with your friends, or music with certain messages, you allow your brain to process more of this information as your body does with nutrients. What you constantly consume will become all you know and can talk about, so be mindful of what you decide to take in.
  4. Create a feasible and realistic plan for your goals. There’s no “just sit there and dream” in any success story. Entrepreneurs, philosophers, business people, athletes, scientists, politicians, doctors, celebrities, and many other influencers have taken at least some route of action with their phenomenal ideas and ambitions. Do the same with your endeavors! Create an outline of the steps you’ll take to achieve your goals and follow accordingly, but note that each step may not be easy or work as planned. However, you are ultimately in control of how you overcome those barriers. It’s okay to mess up. How you rise from the ground will confirm how much strength you truly have inside of you.
  5. Most importantly, be kind and honest with yourself. From the very start, humans struggle with being objective. We scour our bodies, our portfolios, and our environment to nitpick at flaws left and right. Sometimes we hold too much pride in our work that we forget those who have contributed to our successes and other times we neglect our own self-worth. Remember this: everyone has and will always be a student in anything. There is no reason to stop learning and there is no reason to assume that you know everything. Account for what you have the credentials for and step down when you don’t. Take care of yourself, celebrate your achievements, and set out for what’s yet to come. You deserve to experience what’s extraordinary.

How will you discover your chi?

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