3-Ingredient Chocolate Milkshake (healthy, vegan, sugar free, and gluten free)

Have you ever tried a Wendy’s chocolate frosty? Because I never have, but I totally created a copycat Wendy’s chocolate frosty. Then again, how would I know? Most of the copycat frosty recipes I have found from the Internet utilize coconut milk, Cocowhip, or frozen bananas. I never even had a chocolate milkshake that contained dairy!

Anyhow, I thought I’d post about milkshakes because I never tasted a milkshake until 2018 after the Central Coast VegFest. My friend and I visited Mama Ganache where we indulged in vegan coconut milk ice cream milkshakes with extra chocolate, as one should any day! It was the BEST treat I ever enjoyed–rich, decadent, creamy, sweet, and loaded with all the chocolatey calories under the sun.

Here’s the issue about milkshakes, however. Unlike the average dessert, such as a pastry, ice cream sundae, or confection, milkshakes can basically disappear in 3.875 seconds. Not saying that’s the amount of time it took for me to down this milkshake (it was more like 15.64301 seconds, TBH), but truth be told, liquid treats are extremely dangerous because there is less leeway to savor the dessert. Even for a dessert wine, unless if you’re like me and you despise alcohol and can barely stomach half a serving in one chug. What’s even worse? You rarely ever enjoy all the liquid calories and the sugar for the same amount of time with those of food. It’s so annoying, right?

Fortunately, I have a solution for you: homemade healthy milkshakes! All you need is a blender or food processor, a healthy creamy base, some cacao or cocoa powder (cacao powder is less processed), and unsweetened dairy free milk! The creamy base can range from all types–dairy free low calorie ice cream, frozen bananas, frozen coconut meat, chilled full fat coconut milk, Cocowhip, or if you’re crazy, frozen cauliflower or frozen zucchini. What’s critical about the base is that it produces a very thick substance and complements the cocoa/cacao powder very well without prompting its own flavor, which is why I do not recommend other frozen fruits such as blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, or mango unless you want a more sour and tarty milkshake.

Personally, I did not find it necessary to add any extra sweeteners, but you are more than welcome to integrate a sugar free sweetener such as monkfruit or Stevia. If you are not watching your sugar intake and do not have an issue with isolated sugar, you can integrate coconut nectar, maple syrup, date syrup, coconut sugar, or organic cane sugar.

Lastly, I just want to address the question: why use vanilla-flavored ice cream if the milkshake is chocolate flavored? Well, here’s the deal: to create a delicious chocolate product, you need a high-quality vanilla base. Vanilla serves to enhance flavors similarly as salt, plus it integrates a sense of depth and marries all the flavor contributors in the overall product. This is why vanilla extract and vanilla beans are so common in all types of baked goods, especially those with chocolate, fruits, and spices!

Now I am incredibly inspired to create more milkshake flavors: peanut butter, mint chip, cookies n’ cream, banana, key lime, mocha, toasted coconut, black sesame, strawberry, and cereal. There are probably hundreds of flavors that I’ve missed and I am totally ready to experiment!

RECIPE (serves 1-2; pictured is one serving)


  1. Blend all ingredients in a strong food processor or blender for 1-3 minutes, or until uniformly smooth. Make sure that all the ingredients are cold so that the milkshake does not warm in the blender!

Have you tried a Wendy’s chocolate frosty? What would you add into your healthy milkshake?

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