My 21st Birthday in Pictures and Summary: Rose Kombucha, CBD Unicorn Cake, and the Best of Times

December babies are the best babies. Seriously, our month involves its own category of music, it catalyzes the beginning of a new season, and it showcases the end to a fantastic year. The only downside to being born in December is that your birthday is inevitably lost and forgotten among the Christmas spirit. I don’t blame this holiday for overshadowing my birthday in any way, but sometimes I do wish that my birthday stood out a little bit more on the calendar as its own persona rather than as the Samantha to the Ginny Baker.

Fortunately for me, someone indeed remembered my birthday on the actual day–my beautiful roommate Anastasia, specifically! I woke up that morning to a massively filled hallway of balloons and a stunning picture with a bagged gift. There was no way I could get over how much my heart swelled from this lovely gesture! Additionally, I had a fabulous workout that kicked off my day nicely.

Lava cake is a favorite that I never really ate frequently as a kid, but I did want to create a spin on it with healthier ingredients such as protein powder, keto-friendly brownie mix, flax seed, pumpkin, and baking powder. The recipe will have to be adjusted a bit but I loved it overall, especially with the peanut butter and healthy chocolate syrup I used to sweeten everything. Of course, I could not forget the birthday candles! It’s against housing policies to light them up, plus I didn’t have matches, so I had to keep them non-lit.

Some theorize that there’s two types of people in the world: people who prefer cookies versus people who have donuts. Personally, I go through phases. Earlier in the year, I was a donut fanatic, but now I’m on a serious cookie craze! If you can recall how I baked a massive ginger sugar cookie that nearly matched the size of my face, I indeed did save this beauty for my special day. While I dug into my protein pudding, I heated up the cookie in the heated-then-turned-off oven that warmed up my chocolate brownie creation. Once I tucked into the cookie, the center just oozed of gooey-soft gloriousness that filled the room with the ginger molasses aroma of perfection. The cookie was the best I’ve ever made it–completely defeated the smaller cookies I made for the club!

As a pre-game for the “official” drinking marker during my birthday party in the evening, I refreshed the whole meal with some rose kombucha from GTS Synergy that contained more alcohol than its more commercially sold beverages. By far, this is my new favorite flavor! It’s absolutely lovely without tasting overly sweet. Would I enjoy it with more alcohol next time? Maybe, maybe not–honestly, there really is no difference between the two from personal experience.

Finally, it’s party time! My celebration commenced with a vegan potluck that consisted of all kinds of food such as vegan pizza, Thai curry with lemongrass rice, air-fried potatoes, mushroom hummus, beet hummus, artichoke hummus, raw vegetables, vegan cinnamon rolls, vegan donuts, fruit, baguette slices, whole wheat pita bread, corn tortilla chips, kettle corn, apple pie, sweet potato and regular potato wedges, and a pumpkin stuffed with spaghetti! Not to mention, there were heaps of bottles of alcohol.

Let’s not forget the birthday cake, obviously–the lovely Flower of Stoner Girl Treats and Eats baked and delivered the most eye-catching unicorn sprinkled cake with a vegan and gluten free sponge cake that was infused with CBD oil! I will never forget how much people adored this cake and how happy they were with the party overall. Seriously, I can feel myself tearing up just recalling this beautiful day. Even though this was more than two weeks ago, I can remember it just like it was yesterday.

Watch the full YouTube video below for everything in action!

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