21st Birthday Fever: Celebration Ideas, a Tentative Wishlist, and a Few Thoughts on Sobriety

My 21st is a month from now and I am seriously under-the-weather from birthday fever (and arguably, travel fever because I’m SO ready to get out of the country!). I don’t know about you, but birthdays are my favorite holidays aside from Christmas just because it’s in the same month as my birthday and I generally travel abroad during winter break. Anyhow, this basically serves as a brain-dump for my birthday fever so I can unleash my fiery excitement for turning 21!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


For once, I want to host a birthday party. Every adult knows the bar crawl and the let’s-get-our-bestie-hammer-drunk-until-they-pass-out type of birthday party far too well. I genuinely don’t care if acquaintances or even strangers show up to my birthday AS LONG as they don’t create a ruckus, which definitely will not happen because I’m not friends with idiots who aren’t too inclusive of sketchy strangers. I plan on celebrating my birthday TWICE: my official b-day where I go to university, and then a week after once I come home to Los Angeles.



My dream birthday on December 8th would look like this: wake up, take a brisk walk in nature, completing leg day at my university gym while listening to Travis Scott’s albums, pampering myself with a nice hot shower and exfoliation, eating my favorite cereal, traveling to the party site afterwards to celebrate with a potluck and/or a dance party with live music performed by each other. My friends will be invited, but they can also bring any mutual friends or loved ones. Also, I’m going to eat whatever I hell I want at that celebration. Birthday cake. Vegan cookies. Roasted sweet potatoes. Curry. Sushi. Kombucha. Fruit. Whatever on Earth I find there that sings to me. Nothing expensive or extravagant.

With the party site, I have two different options. The first is easy–my friends’ home that resides around fifteen minutes away from our campus where they host events all the time, plus the residents there are completely eager to host my birthday there! My second alternative is actually the Stoner Girl Farm Sanctuary. I don’t know about you, but hosting a special event there would be marvelous. Interacting with animals, exploring a different part of the county, and meeting one of my favorite businesswomen who specialized in CBD desserts and vegan baking? Yes, yes, and YES.


However, it’s going to look different when I come back to Los Angeles. I plan on spending a bit more alone-time in the morning with a workout, a morning self-care routine, a time to sing happy birthday to myself, all that in the first quarter or third of the day. I definitely aim to see a friend or two for a beautifully delicious brunch at a vegan restaurant that serves alcoholic kombucha, pizza, and BOMB desserts (I’m eyeing out Sage [seriously, look at their cauliflower wing platter], Duidough [vegan cookies and sweet potato toast–MASSIVE YES!!], Bluebird Brasserie [countless vegan options such as tartines and waffles], Crossroads [vegan fried chicken and waffles, HELLO], Jewel [smaller cafe, but I dream of their charcoal pizza and jewel box] and Flore Vegan [so many glorious pancake flavors!]). Yeah, I’m sure that I won’t see fireworks on my birthday, but hey, a girl can dream.

On another note, I obviously want to celebrate my birthday for an entire week, but in micro forms. For instance, I plan on carving at least half an hour every single day to celebrate myself. It’ll generally consist of writing in my journal, taking a walk, singing, watching my favorite movies, even whipping up a single-serving cake, and/or concocting new recipes and content.


  1. A subscription to Thrive Market (I already have an account, but I’m a broke student so… [hint hint parents])
  2. This phenomenal video camera for dummies
  3. A unicorn birthday cake from Stoner Girl’s Treats and Eats
  4. The 23andMe Health and Ancestry test
  5. Any kind gestures and words from out of the ordinary…hey life, I’m going to allow you to surprise me this time! (Bonus points if you can give me Michael B. Jordan’s phone number. He’s single, but he’s also not–aka I call DIBS.)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Lastly, I just want to share a few of my thoughts on drinking alcohol and maintaining a sober lifestyle once I turn the big two-one. Will I enjoy a spiked drink on my birthday? Possibly, but just because I want to know what alcohol tastes like. Truth is, there are dangerous situations out there where I might get intoxicated (very unfortunate case in our day and age), thus if I sense that there’s alcohol in a beverage, I know to stay away. I’ll probably just pretend I got sick and forge a vomiting scene in the bathroom while picking up an Uber driver to flee from the scene. ANYWAYS, the second reason is that if my friends offer me alcohol, I will take on the offer IF I feel like it. I don’t want to force myself into sobriety if my heart isn’t into the whole deal.

Having said that, I will still live with sobriety for at least 98-99.9999% of my life. As of now, alcohol just is not appealing to my palette, plus there are many health risks with drinking alcohol excessively, especially in my case. My body is pretty sensitive to substances that it’s not used to metabolizing, hence alcohol will probably serve as a helluva doozy for my epileptic and neurological functioning. For my case, as an epileptic who does tend to become addicted to certain things, it’s best not to take the risk at all. Besides, I still have more than plenty of fun and pleasure in my lifestyle without it. Why fix what isn’t broken?

I have witnessed far too many drunk people in my life, people close to me have gotten hammer drunk, both high and drunk at the same time as well. None of it is pretty. Hollywood, Netflix, and social media have done a hell of a job glamorizing drugs and alcohol. Trust me when I say that you will not sustain looking like Christian Bale or Angelina Jolie when you continue to drink and smoke. At least for me, I have no intentions of setting myself up for such a state of physical being. Call me out for refusing to participate in a new experience or a new sensation. I don’t believe that you need drugs and alcohol to reach a new sense of consciousness. In fact, I’d rather not reach that particular state of consciousness. The health risks, both physiological and neurological, do not equate to worth of the social validation I’d receive.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Anyhow, that’s pretty much all for now with my birthday plans. I don’t know why, but I’m looking forward to this birthday abnormally more than I did for my previous birthdays, not just because it’s my 21st. There’s a lot to look forward to given that a lot has happened this year and I want to end with a bang as an empowered, wise, skilled, intellectual, and radiant woman–basically who I was last year on steroids that biochemically improve my current abilities and fix exactly what I find flawed. For now, I’m absolutely ready to party. Like how I caught senioritis in my junior year, I’ve caught birthday fever since the beginning of November. And I’m loving every minute of it.

Do you experience birthday fever? When did you start drinking?

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