Dairy Free Halo Top Ranking

Pint after pint, flavor after flavor, grocery store after grocery store, I finally finally finally have tried all the current dairy free Halo Top varieties. While I have compiled duo reviews of each flavor, I wanted to share a definitive ranking of each individual pint for those of you who are new to Halo Top’s dairy free line and want to know which ones are bangin’, meh, and not-so-hot.

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Unlike my reviews, this ranking is a lot more objective. The contributing factors are shown as follows: smoothness, consistency, flavor matching, textural variety, and quality based on the ingredients and nutritional information. Does the ice cream have a nice, silky feel? Is the flavor worth 320 calories or does it taste more like a 240 or 280? How versatile is it? Of course, my personal opinions are present to some degree:

  • I like ice creams with chunks, swirls, and pieces to bite into and you might be fine with a mono-textural ice cream
  • My degree of sweetness may differ from yours
  • Whether the pint is 280, 320, or 360 calories doesn’t matter to me, but it may for you
  • Taste palettes will vary–I might taste a good amount of chocolate in a flavor whereas you might taste nothing at all

P.S. I do plan on either updating this list as Halo Top releases more dairy free flavors along with more duo reviews. Please refer back to this post if you want to see the new variety in the full ranking!


Halo Top Rankings


  1. Cinnamon Roll
    1. Consistency: almost perfect! The texture is quite thick and is super creamy and luscious. I didn’t even have to thaw it out for a long time!
    2. Textural variety: while the base is smooth, the ice cream also has swirls of cinnamon sugar as well as chunky pieces of cinnamon roll dough. There are different types of softness and I love that!
    3. Flavor profile: possesses the best amount of cinnamon with a nice balance of the base.
    4. Overall quality: beautiful, fabulous, desirable, classy, basically Princess Diana in ice cream form
    5. Rating: 9.75/10
  2. Cookie Dough
    1. Consistency: same as cinnamon roll! Luscious, creamy, and thick, just how I like it. However, it melts easily though!
    2. Textural variety: base is smooth and silky whereas the bits of cookie dough have a fluffy and sticky texture along with crunchy chocolate chips
    3. Flavor profile: very sweet (though not overbearing), especially the cookie dough pieces
    4. Overall quality: tasty, fun, versatile, and a lovely classic!
    5. Rating: 9.5/10
  3. Peanut Butter Cup
    1. Consistency: fully thick, firm, and moderately creamy, but has slightly less of a silky feel than the cookie dough flavor
    2. Textural variety: completely smooth, though the peanut butter swirls add a pleasant stickiness and higher viscosity than the ice cream; I wish there were pieces of peanuts or dark chocolate swirls rather than a plain chocolate ice cream base
    3. Flavor profile: absolutely lovely variations in taste–peanut butter is salty and the ice cream base is richly chocolatey and perfectly sweetened
    4. Overall quality: though it’s not perfect, the peanut butter cup is still spot on–I always love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, so it did no wrong!
    5. Rating: 9/10
  4. Toasted Coconut
    1. Consistency: scoops so nicely! Even though the surface is a bit tougher than the cinnamon roll and cookie dough tops, I was pleasantly surprised by the thickness and smoothness of this ice cream
    2. Textural variety: despite the coconut flakes having a lovely textural contrast to the silky base, it is watered down from the ice cream and is not as crisp…still, I absolutely adore the balance of textures
    3. Flavor profile: coco for coconuts? Yes. The toasted coconut adds a nice warmth to the cold ice cream and the coconut quality is at the perfect level
    4. Overall quality: an unlikely but treasured new favorite–the texture, sweetness, toastiness, and consistency harmonize wonderfully!
    5. Rating: 9/10 (actually 8.999999, which is why it ranks lower than peanut butter cup)
  5. Vanilla Maple
    1. Consistency: velvety smooth and silky, just like the cinnamon roll–only note is that the surface when opening the pint was incredibly off-putting
    2. Textural variety: one-note–however, that’s a given with this flavor
    3. Flavor profile: refreshingly sweet with a subtle hint of maple, plus as a vanilla ice cream, it still serves more as a base for other flavors
    4. Overall quality: though I wish the maple quality was more pungent, the collective product is delicious! It tastes splendidly with crunchy toppings and fruit!
    5. Rating: 8.5/10
  6. Chocolate Almond Crunch
    1. Consistency: clay-like–creamy, but also rocky and stiff
    2. Textural variety: spectacular divide of a smooth base with crunchy chopped almonds in every bite!
    3. Flavor profile: sweetly mild with no major chocolate punch; the presence of chocolate is relatively demure
    4. Overall quality: broadly speaking, this flavor is a bit on the shyer side. That being said, it is still delicious and I absolutely love it!
    5. Rating: 8.25/10
  7. Oatmeal Cookie
    1. Consistency: luscious, soft, and lovely! The ice cream scoops wonderfully despite it being one of the lower calorie alternatives–kid you not, this consistency compares to that of the cinnamon roll and cookie dough ice creams
    2. Textural variety: mostly silky smooth with hints of raw oats (not crunchy or crisp, but more chewy and grainy)
    3. Flavor profile: think of a plain bowl of oatmeal with milk and sugar–this flavor is exactly that meal in ice cream form!
    4. Overall quality: quite the underrated pint, but it’s understandable since the general flavor is not exciting–tastes even better with fruit, chia seeds, granola, nuts, and nut butter!
    5. Rating: 8/10
  8. Sea Salt Caramel
    1. Consistency: fluffy (yes, ice cream can be fluffy) with a nice sense of airiness to it–the surface is pretty smooth and rich
    2. Textural variety: trivially two-note with the sticky sea salt caramel swirls inside a velvety base
    3. Flavor profile: knocks you in the mouth with sweetness, yet adds a curveball with the slightest bit of salt to balance out the sweet caramel and ice cream
    4. Overall quality: matches the flavor profile incredibly wonderfully–my only critique is that the sea salt caramel can afford to be a little bit saltier given the general sweetness
    5. Rating: 7.5/10
  9. Caramel Macchiato
    1. Consistency: best when thawed out completely, and by that, I mean luscious and creamy after thawing–it’s pretty rocky and crumbly if you do not thaw it out for at least fifteen minutes
    2. Textural variety: Similar to sea salt caramel since the sticky caramel swirls contrast with the smooth ice cream base
    3. Flavor profile: not very strong in its coffee factor–has more of a slightly bitter undertone, though the caramel was pleasantly sweet and balanced out the base perfectly
    4. Overall quality: harmonious medley of simple yet under-played flavors of the label and could probably use a bit more coffee–nonetheless, it’s still a lovely ice cream
    5. Rating: 7.25/10
  10. Pancakes and Waffles
    1. Consistency: has a thick, whipped feel–if not thawed out, yields rocky and uneven pieces rather than spherical scoops
    2. Textural variety: identical to sea salt caramel and caramel macchiato
    3. Flavor profile: punches you in the face with sweetness, especially from the pancake syrup–the base has a slight maple and vanilla cake flavor
    4. Overall quality: not the creamiest texture but has a very decadent sugary factor–great for those who love the sweet taste, though it was too much for me
    5. Rating: 7/10
  11. Candy Bar
    1. Consistency: scoops unevenly, has a wrinkly clay-like feel that lacks the smoothness of cinnamon roll and cookie dough
    2. Textural variety: includes a smooth base with thicker and more viscous swirls of chocolate syrup along with crunchy chopped nuts
    3. Flavor profile: most flavorsome aspect of the ice cream is the chocolate swirled throughout; the base itself is very bland and tastes like diluted chocolate or a plain cookie
    4. Overall quality: very far from the strength of its flavor profile–it seems to just meet the label criteria but doesn’t go far and beyond to wow the sensory appeals, but I appreciate the textural variety and chocolate swirls
    5. Rating: 6.75/10
  12. Chocolate
    1. Consistency: again, relatively chunky and lacks smoothness–it often tasted icy and took forever to thaw out
    2. Textural variety: completely monotonous with the chocolate base
    3. Flavor profile: most of the time, the chocolate factor is very rich and strong, once in a while it’s a bit more down-played–generally speaking, it’s not incredibly sweet
    4. Overall quality: texture definitely needs a face lift despite the flavor being relatively solid (though it just needs to be on its A-game ALL the time)
    5. Rating: 6.5/10
  13. Chocolate Covered Banana
    1. Consistency: produces wrinkly, rocky, and uneven scoops–the surface isn’t smooth at all either
    2. Textural variety: take the variety from the candy bar without the peanuts–more viscous chocolate swirls in a thinner base
    3. Flavor profile: reeks of banana aroma–definitely meets the flavor profile (I love the chocolate!), but the fruity smell is so artificial that it’s kind of off-putting
    4. Overall quality: fills the check-mark when it comes to matching its flavor label; however, the banana quality was way too powerful for resembling a real banana
    5. Rating: 5.5/10
  14. Birthday Cake
    1. Consistency: slippery and rocky–lacks a smooth and silky feel
    2. Textural variety: though I was expecting more crunch from the sprinkles, the texture is monotonous. Unlike the pints that clearly had no crunchy-looking add-ins like that of the chocolate almond crunch and the cookie dough, I felt quite deceived.
    3. Flavor profile: doesn’t smell like birthday cake and it tastes like a conventionally-produced vanilla ice cream. BORRRRRRRRIIIIIIING.
    4. Versatility: So high that I’d most likely ask for this flavor with my toppings. That’s how generic it is.
    5. Overall quality: incredibly underwhelming performance overall. Well, at least it’s only 280 calories…
    6. Rating: 5/10

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How many Halo Top flavors have you tried?

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