Follow-Up on +20K for a Week: Did I Lose Weight? How Can You Do It? Do I Still Walk 20,000 Steps a Day?

By milestone, my fastest-growing blog post is my recap of the 20,000-daily step experiment. Even though there’s not too many comments on the page, it receives the most views on the daily and is crawling up the totem pole to become one of the three most-viewed posts on my site. What’s also been received on the daily is the amount of search terms pertaining to the 20,000 step post. Some people search my blog just for that recap, others add in other terms or questions along with “20,000 steps”. I don’t know about you, but this particularly entails that walking has become an even more beloved form of physical activity.

Looking back at my post, I realized that, despite my best efforts to articulate as much of my intuitive changes as much as possible, I still left many unanswered pointers in regards to how walking 20,000 steps a day can transform the human body and even the mind. Below I have listed the most common inquiries that have popped up in my search box with an informative yet condensed (well, I did my absolute best on that part) response underneath each question.

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  1. Is it healthy to walk 20,000 steps a day?
    1. For most Americans, it would be very healthy to walk more, let alone 20,000 steps a day. Not a lot of people enjoy exercising, but walking serves as a wonderful form of LISS cardio that is easy and nearly impossible to gain a serious injury from, unlike running. Walking already has been shown to reduce joint pains and cravings as well as improving immunity and metabolism. Surely, there are countless more benefits to walking, so there really is little harm in walking more, given if you are currently not injured, are in ED recovery, or if you have a healthy relationship with exercising.
  2. Did you and can you lose weight walking 20,000 steps a day?
    1. Initially in the first three days, I did lose weight. However, my appetite eventually caught up to the extra caloric expenditure and ate all the calories I burned from the step increase. This wasn’t an issue for me since I never intended to shed off any pounds. That in mind, you absolutely can lose weight walking 20,000 steps every day.
  3. How many calories do I burn walking 20,000 steps a day?
    1. Again, the amount of calories you expend will depend in your biomarkers–your height, weight, age, gender, body fat percentage, and much more, even though DiscoverWalking indicates that walking one mile burns an average approximation of 100 calories. Of course, you could burn more or less given your biochemical uniqueness. To find a close estimate of how many calories you can burn with this amount of steps, use a calorie burn calculator online or a heart rate monitor.
  4. What are the benefits of walking 20,000 steps a day?
    1. Personally, I experienced deeper and more consistent sleeps, improved breathing circulation, a flatter stomach, less bloating, and quicker recovery from exercise. However, not everyone will experience these pros and some people may encounter other pluses such as weight loss, improved blood circulation, decreased risk for cardiovascular disease, fat loss, etc.
  5. Can I walk 20,000 steps a day and eat whatever I want?
    1. Theoretically, yes. However, I can only assume that this question encompasses weight loss or weight maintenance. That being said, if you are on a weight loss journey, you can eat whatever you like and walk 20,000 steps on the daily only if you maintain a caloric deficit. As iterated earlier, it is extremely challenging to measure the exact amount of calories that you burn, though you can find a close estimation. Obviously, it would be a huge stretch to be able to compensate a diet of burgers with fries, pizza, cakes, ice cream, candy, pasta, and other heavily refined foods regularly with 20,000 steps a day. Nonetheless, you may be able to sneak in one or two extra treats and get away with it.
  6. How can I walk this many steps at work?
    1. Say you work in an office space. You can sneak in more steps by using the stairs instead of the elevator, take a walk while answering some calls or eating your lunch, parking a little farther away from the building to sneak in more steps, or even invest in a treadmill desk. If you work in a more active setting such as a restaurant, an outdoor region, a construction site, or in a dance studio, then it will probably be a lot easier to increase your step count. That being said, if you still don’t hit 20,000 steps a day at the moment, don’t hesitate to take on more tasks that require you to walk more trips. As a general tip, allotting time either before or after your shift to walk around your neighborhood, a park, or even a mall setting if you feel more comfortable being around a crowd (personally, I’d take on the last).
  7. How far is 20,000 steps?
    1. According to, one mile equates to 2,000-2,500 steps, making it 4-5 miles for 10,000 steps. Multiply the latter by two, and we’re talking 8-10 miles for 20,000 steps.
  8. How long does it talk to walk 20,000 steps?
    1. Given that I walked around 2 miles per hour, it took FOREVER. A quarter or more of my entire day was devoted towards walking. Eliminate eight more hours for sleep, five fours for studying, two-and-a-half hours for cooking/cleaning/household chores, and that leaves me with less than four hours for social time and personal activities.
  9. Do you currently walk 20,000 steps a day?
    1. Most of the time, I walk a little over 20,000 steps a day given that I just enrolled in my third-year at university and will be walking far and long from each end of the school to get to my apartment and my classes. That being said, I don’t make it a main daily priority. I still spend several hours every day sitting down and being sedentary, so I get in as much rest as I need. Living at home, I walked around 15,000 steps a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

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Twenty thousand steps a day can do a LOT for you, as it did for me. On the other hand, if you are already very active or are maintaining an incredibly low body fat percentage, you may not experience as drastic of a weight or physique difference. That being said, you may lose a lot of weight. You may have abs for day. You may feel exhausted. You may feel ravenously hungrier. You may realize that your metabolism has been kicked into high-gear. You may realize that it’s not worth devoting so much time in integrating more steps every day. You may be disappointed that you can’t burn off half a large pizza, three servings of ice cream, a whole box of Oreos, and one too many glasses of chocolate soymilk by walking 20,000 steps. Again, it’s ultimately up to you and anyone else who knows your body best to decide if you want to try walking 20,000 steps a day.

3 thoughts on “Follow-Up on +20K for a Week: Did I Lose Weight? How Can You Do It? Do I Still Walk 20,000 Steps a Day?

  1. I read this title wrong–I thought you were trying to smash 20,000 CALORIES. LOL!

    I average 15,000 a day DEPENDING on if i go for a run or not! My work (school) is quite sedentary and it’s driving me nuts. I’m getting a barista job at starbucks as an upgrade, ha. I’ll be getting hired at a dream gym or yoga studio or as a personal assistant to a life coach.

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    1. Eating 20,000 calories?!?! LMAOOOOO I would never dare!
      Anyways, that’s an awesome average step count! Just as long as you stay active for some parts of the day, then you’re on the right track!


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