College Life and Eating Like Crap: A Talk

As you can tell from the title…life has taken a turn in many ways. I’m officially back at university as a junior. Classes have commenced. I bang in +20,000 steps a day, a killer workout five to six times a week. But my DIET. Uh…

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…okay, to say that I eat like “crap” is quite strong. I never fail to consume more than enough servings of beans, at least one leafy green-centric meal, and heaps of whole grains every single day. That being said, I also rely heavily on moderately to highly processed foods–bran cereal, pre-packaged popcorn (with the salt, oil, and sugar if kettle corn), granola, and lots and lots of nutrition bars. Not to mention–my boyfriend and I have recently finished watching the second season of “American Vandal” and I basically polished three-fourths of a whole pack of Oreos within two evenings. Note that they’re the variety that counts three cookies as a serving size. I don’t even know how many Oreos one box holds, but I polished off twenty cookies at the very least.

Ironically, I haven’t gained any weight, at least nothing noticeable enough for me to care. This probably is due to my highly active lifestyle with walking more frequently than usual on top of working out just the slightest bit less with the same amount of intensity. That in mind, I genuinely believe that this new turn towards more refined food products is possibly due to my stress levels. Nowadays, I have been walking on pins and needles with finding a new job/internship, an on-campus parking permit, and making sure I’m on top with my school-work.  It’s either a strong challenge for me to stop fidgeting and walking OR to get out of bed and walk out the door.

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Do I regret anything? Hell to the no–I’ve been enjoying myself as much as I ever so desire. Truth of a matter is, I feel like I so strongly feared of going overboard over the last summer like I did the following summer that I held back from indulging in more than I initially wanted to. Hence, I’m kind of compensating through chocolate creme-filled cookies, copious amounts of granola, and peanut shaped peanut butter-sandwiched cookies. Additionally, I never ever want to promote restricting your food intake for the sake of maintaining a certain body weight or body size, let alone obsessing over the next meal to save up calories for a later time (unless you’re in prep or a serious diet for a solidly valid reason). Rigidity and impractical perfectionism are two paths that I never want to trek on ever again.

In all seriousness, contrary to my philosophies, I am determined to start consuming healthy and micro-nutrient dense foods that generally come in purer forms. Main reasons pertain to health issues–consuming a ridiculous amount of sugar and insufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals have downsides of their own. I have strongly been craving my favorites, especially kabocha, dates, berries, sweet potatoes, eggplant, pomegranates, onions, garlic, apples, and I even want to try cooking with parsnips!

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Ultimately, this is just to keep myself accountable of my new goals for the next few weeks. No hesitation when it comes to treating myself, but also ensuring that I do not neglect the healthful foods first. I am 150% certain that integrating more wholesome sources of vitamins and minerals will benefit my mood and efficiency. Next, I plan on hunting down any place where high-quality produce are sold at lower or discounted prices such as Trader Joe’s (sorry, Lassens)–let’s be real, I am NOT putting down $8 for a small box of strawberries. I’d rather treat fruit as a luxury and allot my investments in clean foods that are seasonal and more suitable for both the weather and for the well-being of my budget.

Thanks so much for reading this quick little post! I know it’s been a while since I’ve spoken about what my personal life is like, but it’s been a whirlwind of transitioning into a completely different lifestyle. There will definitely be some more insights of what I’m studying and how I maintain a healthy routine in a university setting!

Have you ever survived off a diet with mostly cereal boxes and cookies?

5 thoughts on “College Life and Eating Like Crap: A Talk

  1. ah I can definitely relate a bit – stress has me craving alll the sweets and processed “junk” that I’d usually steer clear of, and having been in a bit of an on/off restrictive mindset this year (not great, I know..), I at times find myself ending up indulging more because I’m compensating for the times I’ve restricted too :/ but anyway, your outlook on this sounds very healthy – it should not be about completely restricting from processed foods, but more about including more micronutrients, which will seriously make you feel so much better. Good luck with everything Cassie, hope the stress doesn’t overwhelm you too much ❤

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    1. Whenever I’m stressed, I don’t crave eating larger quantities of food, BUT I generally turn to more “convenience” foods like boxed cereals, popcorn, nutrition bars, and other packaged foods that are relatively refined. I definitely used to overeat out of compensating or filling the void I manifested out of restriction. Now, for me, it’s more of a time-saving and effort-saving reason to turn to junk food. UGH. I feel lazy saying that, LOL! Thank you so so much for reading, Linda. I’m really happy you recognize that I don’t ever preach restriction–just enjoy what you’re eating and choose foods to nourish everything–your body, mind, and spirit! ❤

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  2. I think you’re a boss ass BABE to be crushing 20,000 steps, your own workout, job searching, schooling, and BLOGGING EVERY 3 DAYS ?! (I commend you for that!) Honestly, this sounds like my type of lifestyle so…why hasn’t the universe brought us together yet because we could literally be roommates?!

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    1. LOVE you so much Linda! My articles are scheduled so I can knock out several posts in one day and pretty much have everything published automatically–such a great productivity hack.
      Ahhhh and we HAVE to go on vacation together sometime! If we find an awesome destination with lots of amazing food and activities, that will definitely happen! ❤


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