Listening to Your Intuition

Most people know of intuition as the subconsciously irrational area of our brain that enables us to defy all aspects of logic. Intuition, in other words, may be portrayed as the aspect of our brain that is closest to the heart, or sometimes it is the heart itself. This part of our character is incredibly important in healing, decision making, fulfillment, and personal growth. Sadly, it’s been strongly neglected as time continues on.

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This isn’t to say that our intuitive decisions are always wise. Leaving a job immediately without words or moving to a random country abroad, for example, are relatively precarious actions in terms of financial and habitual stability, culture shock, and personal safety. You obviously shouldn’t ghost someone close to you either–it’s rude, cowardly, and just downright shitty. There’s a fine line between freeing yourself out of self-love versus selfishness. Self-love involves caring for the world around you because you care for yourself enough to think of others. Selfishness doesn’t entail anyone else but your personal gratuity.

That being said, when I state that you should listen to your intuition, I absolutely mean it. But you need to analyze before you act. It takes time for a little bird to fly off the nest–it cannot soar without knowing how to climb off the nest and open its wings. On the flip-side, there are situations where you can’t help but recognizing that the moment feels…right. To take a rest day. To go out for a run. To bail out. To explore the world. To take on a new job. To leave one. To settle in. To move out. To break-up with someone. To fall in love all over again. Again, you still need to maintain a sense of practicality prior to your execution.

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I was told by a friend of mine that nothing is infinite. It’s true. Every opportunity will entail dealing with consequences that are both rewarding and exhausting. Simply to put it, we’re bound to run into the absolute best and the absolute worst–just whenever the time is necessary. Personally, I have experienced this all the time. I remember walking into my first job and definitively believing that having my first shift summarized the best of my life. Little did I realize that the last shift became the new “best day of my life”. The next summer job I took on attested to how I truly belong in my current field of study rather than selling memberships and products I don’t feel as passionate about.

When in doubt, wait a day for your short-term concerns, such as a food craving, an urge to buy a clothing article, or to end a relationship. The next morning, if you still have your doubts in mind, act accordingly. Enjoy a slice of pizza. Talk to your significant other about your thoughts. Treat yourself to that new sweater that will keep you warm and cozy for the autumn season. As for long-term factors like your job, moving to a new place, or other investments that will require a lot of work and responsibility, give them at least a week, maybe even more. But lastly, there are times when you need to act as soon as possible, otherwise delaying will fester into a toxic blowout. If you’re devastated, cry. If you’re infuriated, punch a pillow and scream in it (not at another person). If you’re ill, do not over-exert yourself and take care of yourself.

Ultimately, time is your best friend in these circumstances. What will manifest from food restriction may be a vicious cycle of binging-and-purging. What will result from clamming up in front of your partner may be an emotional breakdown, resentment, or even worse, an act of adultery. However, acting too quickly has its own risks and there are times when you should never, ever act (specifically regarding suicide, self-harm, binging, purging, or any other acts that are physically and mentally perilous). If you abruptly leave a job, how much money do you have to sustain yourself until you find employment, if you end up doing so? How will you feel if you realize that owning a dog isn’t truly in your favor and you have to give it to someone else?

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At the end of the day, if something feels out of accordance, then it most likely means that the universe is informing one of many conclusions:

  1. Wait for time to heal.
  2. Leave what you’re doing.
  3. Be honest and speak up.

Truths hurt and they are impossible to escape. Think of reality as a paycheck in a safe. The paycheck is all locked up in the safe–just because you don’t see the paycheck doesn’t mean its existence can be denied. Far too many times, I cried out of pain because I found the answers I needed. My diet stinks. This position isn’t fulfilling my calling. What this person does really bothers me. I am not happy with life. On the contrary, truths are here to help you. The paycheck will bring you the reward you deserve for your work. It will grant you everything to fulfill your necessities. Neither the truth or a paycheck guarantee happiness. However, they guarantee stability because you know what you’ll receive.

Intuition is certainty that centers around uncertainty. It’s an irony that humans deal with on a daily basis ranging from minor to life-staking. The way to truly listen to your intuition is…well, to allow yourself to be 100% candid with your concerns and plan in a practical manner. Many of the cases, you’re bound to feel emotionally distressed. Gaining weight after years of over-exercising and under-nourishment will lower your self-esteem for some time. Devastation, guilt, and/or grieving is a given after ending a relationship. It’s common to fear voicing your raw opinions to others who may disagree. But intuition is more than feeling and perceiving. Intuition is ultimately a part of who you are as an individual. Just as we embrace other people and accept them for who they are, we need to do the same.

3 thoughts on “Listening to Your Intuition

  1. Intuition is a feminine energy that I’m tapping more into with journaling and meditation. That little voice that tugs at my heart is really smart and strong. Recently it’s been telling me to go out for more walks (LOL 20,000 CHALLENGE?!), and quit my call center job. 🙂

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    1. Oh that’s magnificent to hear! Connecting more with your intuition truly brings more inner peace that imaginable. I still think that logic plays an important role when it comes to ACTION. Intuition is truth, logic is the game-plan.
      I think going out for more walks is a great idea–lol if you do end up attempting the 20K step challenge, let me know how it goes! I wish you luck on searching another job as well–hopefully something more active!


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