Best Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts

As it being the beginning of September, fall is just around the corner, if not already here (the weather can arguably change whether that’s true or not–seriously, it’s still pretty hot here in Los Angeles). Studies are rolling in, work’s picking up the pace, and priorities are being arranged. However, that does NOT mean health and fitness have to be sacrificed in the process.

With that being said, I wanted to create a list of my favorite Instagram accounts pertaining to health and fitness. I already created three extensive lists of my favorite health and fitness YouTubers (under 100K, under 500K, and over 500K) and wanted to do the same with who I’m following on Instagram, AKA my favorite photo phone app! Layout is pretty much the same–three of my personal favorite posts from each account.

However, I will only make one list of my health and fitness faves, as I don’t follow as many Instagrammers as YouTubers. On the other hand, this will definitely NOT be the last compilation of favorite Instagram accounts. I already am working on my lists of food-related Instagrammers, self-love/recovery Instagrammers, and maybe even holistic health Instagrammers!Best Instagram_foodandfitness

These individuals all exude many qualities that I am drawn towards–all are different but all are valuable. Whether these people are creative, brutally honest, balanced, driven, ambitious, realistic, or even just incredibly talented at what they do (cooking, taking pictures, coming up with all kinds of crazy exercise routines, etc.), I adore them all. Without further ado, I am so glad to share my favorite health and fitness Instagrammers below! Do share YOUR recommendations as well–I would love to know!


No list would be complete without Stephanie Joshi. This girl, my golly, evokes an incredibly persona. She is bubbly, charming, happy-go-lucky, easygoing, sociable, and exudes a lifestyle that everybody strives for: one that doesn’t require any sacrifices and can pretty much accomplish all. Stephanie’s feed often centers on how it is indeed possible to balance work, fitness, and an enriching social life simply by prioritizing intelligently. Most importantly, her message embodies how you need to LOVE everything that you do. Only workout because you love your body, not because you hate it. Don’t sabotage your fitness goals out of insecurity, but pursue them out of a hunger to improve. Not to mention–her Instagram isn’t called Nutty Foodie Fitness for nothing. Much of her feed showcases some insanely epic eats, such as loaded Chipotle salads, sky-high protein mugcakes, detailed donuts, vibrant burgers (though I’m only attracted to the sweet potato fries next to them), and LOTS of peanuts and peanut butter!

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👈🔥Last weekend. Vs. 👉🍸This weekend – Believe me when I say if there's anythingggg I live by in life it's going ALL IRN or nada, going hard or staying home, FULL ass & never any half assing. – When I say this, it doesn't mean I make sacrifices like choosing fitness over food or goals over a social life. It means if I'm making pancakes, I'm having the stack. If I'm going out, I'm staying out, yup till silly o clock 🤓🥂. (Lol I can also add, if I'm running, I'm running 100km ha 💁😂) – Yes it's true, if you want things in life you've got to make sacrifices, you've gott to put the work in. BUT guys, there's a line, & I believe a lot of people get things twisted. If you find yourself turning things down that you'd RATHER be going to in fear of 'undo-ing progress'..reavluate what you really want. Obvs there's nothing wrong if you genuinely prefer to get that early night in, recover or get a session in instead of downing your bodyweight in shots & kebabs after. I'm speaking to the people that take things to the extreme, that feel it's the only way but really it's not the case. Fitness or food shouldn't be a choice. Ever. (Don't @ me, don't comment, don't debate lol xxx) Neither should chasing goals &/ enjoying life to the absoluteeeee fullest 🔥👊 – P.s That said, I do make my own sacrifices. I sacrifice sleep most days because I am chasing things that most would think is unattainable rn whilst still enjoying each & every single day to the absolute nuttiest. So yah, just be mindful of your priorities xoxo much love ❤️ – #staytruetoyourself #belief #motivation #goals #life #love #live #gains #drink #bodypower #fitness #foodie #food #train #gohardorgohome #nuttynotaverage

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Miss Lee is another favorite Instagrammer of mine for many reasons. She promotes scientifically accurate and zero B.S. information in regards to fitness and nutrition. With this in mind, Sohee is brutally honest with how she trains her clients and what she truly believes is the healthiest and most sustainable for anyone. People automatically assume that willpower is the key to success. Contrary to popular belief, it’s consistency. Maintaining a sustainable routine with patience and diligence leads to the most ideal results at the most ideal pace.


Similarly to Stephanie and Sohee, Carter Good places a heavy accentuation on maintaining a balanced lifestyle. However, he has a particular emphasis on tracking macros to utilize flexibility in food to lose weight. There’s a great deal in knowledge, especially if it can be used for your advantage. Carter’s platform embodies how experience is valuable, but application is even more powerful. With that being said, more people should follow his steps and use facts to inform and lift others up rather than make others feel like they are not good enough. In addition, he truly embraces his relationship with food, even if it may seem a bit more indulgent than the “bro-science” classic.

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Back when I was obese, I couldn’t have cared less about what foods I was eating. To me, it was all about taste, quantity, and curing boredom. ⠀ Fruits? Vegetables? Meat & potatoes that WEREN’T fried? ⠀ Yeah… not happening 🙅‍♂️ ⠀ Then things changed a bit (obvs). But instead of going from eating like an asshole to having balance, I skipped right over and went to the other extreme. ⠀ I got to where I was borderline orthorexic (obsession with eating healthy). If it wasn’t “healthy” by my standards, I wouldn’t eat it. Sure, maybe I was physically healthier at this extreme, but I was in mental turmoil. ⠀ I spent many nights at home alone eating boiled broccoli while my friends lived it up on the weekends 😞🥦… ⠀ Nowadays I’m in a much better place. ⠀ But I'm not perfect… ⠀ Sometimes I eat more pizza than I should 🍕 Occasionally I get a bit obsessed with the nutrition info of a meal 📝 ⠀ But overall, I have a healthier, and more importantly, HAPPIER relationship with the food I eat in my day-to-day life. ⠀ And when I think about “how” I got here, two things stand out: ⠀ ONE☝️ —> I learned about food 🧠 ⠀ I learned about Calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, portion sizes, etc. Those things, in turn, taught me there were no "good" or "bad" foods. Rather, some foods were more nutritious than others, and while the focus should be on nutritious whole foods, occasionally eating a Snickers or ice cream in moderation wasn't bad or unhealthy. ⠀ TWO✌️ —> I tracked my nutrition 📝 ⠀ Tracking my food intake reinforced my knowledge of Calories and portion sizes. You see, it's one thing to know it. Applying it and seeing that I could have "bad" foods every once in a while and still lose weight was a game changer. ⠀ What's more, tracking taught me a lot about myself… ⠀ I learned what foods help ME stay full and what food satisfy MY cravings. I also found out what foods increased my cravings, too! ⠀ Takeaway ✅: If you're currently struggling with your eating, I highly recommend doing those two things above. The more awareness you have of what you’re eating, the easier it'll be to find a balance that works for YOU 🥗❤️🍕

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. Losing fat, building muscle, or simply life a healthy life requires you to be someone who's more mindful of your diet & exercise than most people. ⠀ Reason being, your environment is constantly bombarding you with temptations that make it easy to “move less & eat more.” To combat it, you have to think about things like… ⠀ What am I having for lunch? When can I work out? etc. ⠀ You need to have a plan, and most people get that. ⠀ The mistake they make is setting a plan, but then being TOO reliant on it. ⠀ You see, sticking to your diet & exercise regimen is easy-peasy when life’s running smoothly. ⠀ But(t🍑) that’s not always the case… ⠀ You go on vacation Coworkers invite you for lunch Your parents or siblings come to visit Your plans change (always last minute, it seems 😉) ⠀ In those moments, If you don’t adjust, you’ll fall behind. ⠀ And I know… when something gets in the way of your perfectly calculates plan, it sucks doggy doo doo 💩… ⠀ But know what?… that’s life! ⠀ Here’s my advice ✅: ⠀ Don’t be the person who will stick to their plan perfectly but quit the first time life creates some resistance 👎… (Or worse, avoid hanging out with friends and family because you can’t be in total control your diet) ⠀ Instead, have a plan, but assume life will get hectic and you’ll have to flex your diet and exercise plan to fit. ⠀ Chances are, your adjustments won’t be as “perfect” as your original plan… ⠀ That’s okay. It’s better to stay consistent with an adjusted, less perfect plan than to quit altogether. ⠀ What’s more, remember that YOU are in control. ⠀ If fun or exciting opportunities arise, don’t let your diet decide for you. Make the decision YOU wanna make and do your best to adjust your diet and workouts around it. ⠀ Even if it’s not perfect, you can make the best choice possible no matter what situation you find yourself in 💪❤️ — ⠀ #cartergood #weightloss #mealprep #mealplan #weightlossplan #diet #dietplan #mealplanning #chipotle #burritobowl #flexibledieting #mindfuleating #healthylifestyle #healthybalance

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. Have you ever been motivated to lose weight, but your friend/partner/family member doesn't share the same drive? ⠀ It’s crazy annoying, right? So naturally, you’ll try to get them to change too… ⠀ But please, please, PLEASE don't make the mistake of berating them about everything they're doing wrong. ⠀ I know you're doing it out of love. You know that what they're doing now is not conducive to their health and well-being, and your natural reaction is to explain to them why what they're doing is unhealthy… ⠀ But here's the thing —> no one likes being told what to do, especially not what they're doing wrong. ⠀ 99% of people will react negatively an assume you're belittling them or bragging about your own success. ⠀ After having some initial success with my weight loss, I felt like I had an obligation to tell everyone what I was doing right and what they were doing wrong. ⠀ I thought I was being helpful too, but no one seemed to appreciate it. In fact, it became a running joke that when I was around, no one could enjoy what they were eating… ⠀ —> “Oh, that's not healthy enough for Carter." —> "Don't tell Carter I'm eating this." ⠀ Sure, it was all in good fun, but it definitely didn't make me feel helpful. ⠀ So I took a different approach. ⠀ Instead of telling my friends and family what they were doing wrong, I'd point out what they were doing right. ⠀ I started leading by example. Instead of reaching out to others, I kept to myself and waited for them to come to me for advice when they were ready. ⠀ The Bottom Line ✅: we all want our friends and loved ones to be healthy… but THEY have to want it first. ⠀ The best thing you can do is walk the walk and be encouraging when they do something right. ⠀ The thing is, everyone reaches a point where they want to improve their health. So when that time comes, they'll reach out the someone they trust and know won't judge them… ⠀ ^^^Be that person 💪 ——— #cartergood #weightloss #losingweight #diet #dieting #weightlossjourney #weightlosssupport #weightlossstruggle #healthymind #healthymindset #fitness #fatlossjourney #fatloss

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No one has ever crossed the fitness industry without hearing about Kayla Itsines or BBG. Seriously, Kayla has constructed an empire out of a handy fitness guide that has enabled others to transform their lives and their bodies for the absolute best. While Kayla has a killer body, she loves showing off the before-and-after shots of her followers online even more. Like how her guides indicate, her training style is challenging yet extremely efficient. Only 28 minutes a day, four times a week with some cardio days in-between. My favorite aspect about her program is that it doesn’t skimp on weight lifting at all! She really encourages lifting heavily to achieve the best results. Gains aren’t made out of light-weights!

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Let the balancing act continue. #Monday #heartopener

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Seeing professionals in the fitness and nutrition industry making it big on social media is always a sight to behold. Dietitian Deanna truly exemplifies how there is so much strength in showcasing your knowledge and wisdom to many, many others through Instagram. Not only are her photos absolutely stunning, her pictures also never fail to inspire others to heal their relationship with food, whip up creative and healthy meals, develop a sustainable exercise routine, and enjoy other aspects of life aside from food and working out. Like many others, Deanna is set out for basking in the joys of celebrating the present moment and seeking balance. More RDs and certified nutritionists need to promote inclusion rather than exclusion.


Bold, beautiful, and all-smiles, Mary Tran of Maryish is the ultimate fitness package. Finding Asian influencers killing it on social media is absolutely dazzling, and Mary is no exception! Her Instagram feed is truly one-of-a-kind for those who compete on a regular basis and want the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. What truly stands out to me is her advice on other incredibly vital outlets of life–time management, integrating healthy relationships, inspiring others, and creating the life you have always dreamed of. Health and fitness may center mostly around dieting and exercise, the micro-managements of the rest of your life ultimately help you maintain those factors. That’s what Mary’s platform completely signifies.

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Many people have asked how I manage to have a long distance relationship, prepped, worked full time, have posing clients + demos, went to school, and still have friends. I can’t say it was easy, because it wasn’t. 😅 There were weeks where I didn’t really hang out with anyone and there were times were I had to make sure some things had more of my attention than others. I make sure I always prioritize my month ahead of time to note what is important and what I need to do daily on my calendar. With the time I have left, I try to fit in other aspects of my life— my friends understand that sometimes, in order to hang out with me, it just has to be a 4 am workout or coffee during my lunch break. When you want something, you’ll make time for it. I have 24 hours in a day and I still manage to do all of the above…somehow. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ . Fun fact: I live 10 minutes from the beach, but I go maybe once a year (if I even go) and that’s for a photoshoot. 😅 . 📸: @krazedphotography | 💋: @taylor_jazz ☀️: @rossaselftanning (considering I don’t go out enough to have a natural tan, I use #RST to stay tan year round 😆) – code MARY . . . . . . #toxicangelzbikinis #fitnessgirl #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #workout #fitness #lifestyle #bikiniprep #fitlife #girls #lovinglife #inspiration #motivation #love #nutrition #healthy #fitnesslife #weightloss #bikini #npcbikini #fitfam #gymtime #fitspo #livingmybestlife #bikinicompetitor #lifespo #girlswholift #goodvibesonly #happiness

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Know someone who has been through a LOT and has transformed completely because of it? Josie Mai is most certainly one of the best role models for sharing how lifestyle changes can really impact the quality of existence. From developing anorexia and orthorexia to binge-eating to IIFYM, Josie exudes how, at the end of the day, the world expands so much farther than maintaining a particular body size and following a particular regimen–specifically via her #ModerationNotDeprivation movement. Nothing else matters aside from how much love you can offer and how you feel about you and your life. Additionally, I absolutely adore her “Josie Blabbles” Instagram captions as they are raw and insightful. They mostly focus on finding balance, forming a loving relationship for yourself, and appreciating every up and down that comes your way.

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I don’t have my life all figured out – and that’s ok. Today I questioned myself – “am I happy? Am I “special”? What talents or hobbies do I have? Oh my gosh – am I just mediocre? I’m not impacting or changing the world – I’m useless! Do I like my job? Do I like where I’m at in life? Do I even know what I want to do for the rest of my life? Do I like myself?…” etc.. – And it’s OKAY to have these thoughts to make you question yourself, to make you think about where you are in your life, the people you’re with, the experiences you’ve had and want to have, the life you’ve lived and want to live, there’s no shame in asking those questions. These questions trigger us to take action – to help us figure out the answers to these tough questions.. – ✨ Ask yourself: What do you like to do? And I really mean what do YOU actually ENJOY doing – not what makes you look the coolest or gets you the most likes or you like it because your #fitspo #inspo does it. What do you actually ENJOY? Could you make a career of it? Are you happy in your relationships? Does something need to change? Do you need to do more self meditation to truly know and connect with and understand yourself? Are you too hard on yourself? Are you too hard on others? Do you need a break from work? Do you need a break from people? Do you need a break from the norm and do something completely out of your comfort zone?. – And if you can’t answer all these questions, again, it’s OKay. We don’t have to have everything figured out now. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much life experience you have. You are not perfect. No one is perfect. No one has life 100% figured out, but that’s what life is for. For us to experience it all – the good bad ugly, the doubts, the failures, the successes and achievements.. – So I urge you all to go out and explore the world and in return, explore yourself. Do new activities to figure out what you actually enjoy doing on your own time. Spend time with your family & friends, but also make new acquaintances – of all ages, races, backgrounds, etc. Every person has something new to share with you, and it’s great to explore these connections. MORE BELOW👇👇

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✨YOU CAN SUCCEED. . You can change your lifestyle, you can reach your goals, you can get your body and mind to where you want it to be. . Steps to a successful healthy maintainable lifestyle change: 🔸 Know that it WILL take time. Try not to get frustrated if you’re not seeing results right away. If you want it maintainable and sustainable, it shouldn’t be a rapid weight loss anyways. The goal is to make lifestyle changes that you can do 1, 2 , 5, 20 years from now and keep you at your healthiest physique while still mentally and emotionally healthy. . 🔸 With the above tip, don’t do any extremes. Don’t limit food groups, don’t do fad diets, just don’t. It works for the short term, but almost everyone gains it back. Do it slowly and make them lifestyle changes for LIFE. . 🔸 Add more nutrient dense foods, and cut out some of the more calorie dense/not so nutritious foods. I’m all about #moderationnotdeprivation but if you’re serious about losing weight/fat, you need to be aware of the amount of calories coming in. If you can have a fried chicken piece, then that’s fine as long as you’re not going over the caloric intake you need for your body and lifestyle! But if you know that eating 1 fried chicken leads to eating a bucket of fried chicken + some cake and cookies on the side, then maybe opt out of that. Instead, add volume by loading up on veggies cooked in fun ways, like cauli rice or zucchini or sweet potato noodles. Or try “lightened up” versions of your favorites, like baked “fried” chicken – aka chicken rolled around in crumbled corn flakes and baked! SO MANY FREE recipes out there for making delicious foods, go out there and favorite/bookmark some! . 🔸 Get active for at least 30 mins a day – wake up and turn on a Youtube yoga or Pilates video or a circuit routine. Go on a run. Hit a mini gym session. Set in your mind you just need 30 mins. Then when you actually get to the gym, watch it turn into an hour workout!! Most times we get out of workouts by saying “eh I don’t have enough time”, but really everyone has enough time for 30 min anything! So get to moving. Any activity YOU like to do. MORE BELOW 👇👇

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Whoever believes that yoga isn’t a physically taxing sport clearly has never tried it. Personally, I am NOT a regular when it comes to this form of exercise, but Sjana Elise never fails to share major yoga inspiration. There is so much strength and poise in her videos, which also bring a great deal of serenity and peace. Aside from yoga practices, Sjana uploads heaps of the most beautiful nature-oriented pictures that capture beauty, adventure, and exploration of the world. She truly has a remarkable free spirit through anything she does–whether it be her vibrant smile, her interaction with others, or her graceful poses.


Want to know another word for “powerhouse”? Chontel. Specifically, Chontel Duncan. A woman of ambition, drive, optimism, and mother of TWO children (TBH I would have never guessed from her washboard abs), Chontel is truly a Wonder Woman-like Instagram figure. Her programs have enabled others to transform their lives and strengthen their bodies, plus her actual workouts are similar to mine in which they integrate HIIT and strength training for the most efficient routines! Aside from being a fitness instructor, Chontel is also an amazing mother, constantly nurturing her children and expressing how much she adores parenting. She’s truly magnificent!

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60kg Vs 72kg I wear the same size clothes (maybe my jackets are wider & my pants are now filled 🍑) and I am SO much healthier. Scales can become our worst nightmare, hard work cannot be determined based off the number on the scales. The scales don’t calculate my happiness, my internal health, my improved mental state, my improved emotional state & my increase in strength. If you ask me in that before photo that 12kgs heavier I would look WAY better and feel SO much healthier I probably would have said “no thank you”. Lucky for me I trained for the way it made me feel and for performance not because I wanted “abs” or “less cellulite” etc… A few questions I suspect you will ask is -did I have or have I ever had a bad relationship with food? A: absolutely not, I’ve always been known for my LOVE for food and ability to freely enjoy myself. -what pushed you to make the change to train and eat better? A: I hit a point in my life where I wasn’t happy with where I was, professionally & personally. Fitness was the only thing I remembered growing up that I felt good doing. So I went back to fitness, I had no money so I chose to run around my block (to begin with) and honestly had no idea where I was going to go with this, I just knew I needed to make a positive change and start looking after ME! That block run led me to more healthier choices and actually changed my life. Cannot believe I am where I am today, all because I chose to put some attention into myself.

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Another mother and fitness goddess worth mentioning is Lynsee Hee Kyeong! Based in Miami, Lynsee is a serious bad-ass wherever she goes. Heck, the photo below executes her trying to squat with two plates of food while carrying her adorable son Taejin! She also has a YouTube channel that shares a lot of health related content, but also includes fun cheat day videos and other interactions with Taejin. As for her Instagram, Lynsee captures the most beautifully edited and authentic pictures. I adore her food porn shots and her transformation pics, both exemplifying weight loss and muscle gains. Guaranteed, you’ll gain value out of many of her photos!


Holy smokes, I absolutely love Tyra. She truly exudes beauty and health in every form–fitness, food, veganism, and traveling. Tyra’s platform heavily centers around plant-based cooking, balancing fitness while studying and traveling, and exploring many parts of the world such as Australia and Malaysia. One of her most famous recipes is the baked lentil cake–a dish that I’ve been meaning to try for FOREVER (apparently it should work with black beans too, so I can start with that first!)! Like countless other women, Tyra shares a history with an eating disorder and a distorted relationship with food and body image. Her ED-related captions are most certainly thoughtful, especially when reflecting on the positive changes in her life. Whether you are captivated by a killer physique update or a vibrant food photo, Tyra’s Instagram is definitely worth following.

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BAKED LENTIL CAKES 😱🙈😍 gluten free, flour free, vegan and you only really need 1 ingredient – lentils! 🙌 I usually use only red lentils so today I tried it with half brown and half red (a lot of people have been asking me if it can be used instead of red lentils and the answer = NO 😭) it still tasted amazing but brown lentils are much more dense and it turned out as a lentil stew/mash rather than a fluffy bread. ANYWAY it was worth trying! 😜 I ate the 8 cakes as well as 5 cups of cooked brown rice for lunch. Recipe is below ❤️ 1 cup red lentilsi 1 cup water 1 tbsp turmeric 1 tsp pepper Half a lemon (Feel free to add any other spices you like or add less turmeric) Soak the red lentils over night. In the morning, rinse well and drain the lentils into a bowl. Add 1 cup of water, lemon juice and spices. Blend well until smooth consistency. Add to baking tray. Bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius or until golden brown. This savoury Indian dish is traditionally served topped with sesame seeds and cilantro, but feel free to eat it however you like! Enjoy ❤️ #whatveganseat #carbs #turmeric #postworkoutmeal #glutenfree #baking #breakfast #healthylifestyle #hclf #vegan #veganfoodshare #paleo #recovery #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreevegan #healthyeating #cake #eatrealfood #veganrecipes #protein #veganfoodporn #postworkout #nourishnotpunish #lentils #recipe #healthyfood #healthyliving #plantbased #healthybreakfast #indianfood

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Elena’s Instagram screams the art of changing your life for the better. Her feed is flooded with transformation pictures, inspiring quotations about mental health and balance, and real-life examples of her healthy lifestyle such as exercises and food hauls. The most consistent quality in her photos is her positivity. Seriously, I have NOT seen a photo where she isn’t smiling! What I also love about Elena is that she shares her progress while following along her own programs with her clients. There is such power in her authenticity that no one else can replicate. Her photos are very genuine but also beautifully captured. Nothing can beat that!


An avid BBG member, Kath of the Sweat River embodies self-love, happiness, action, health, and authenticity. She constantly posts selfies post-BBG with a smile, which is truly motivating for anyone who struggles to get their butt into the gym. Also, her food photos…oh my gosh, are incredibly bright and colorful–so appealing to the eye. Both her indulgences and her healthy meals look delicious! Overall, Kath is a beautiful soul and role model for those getting into health and fitness, as well as wanting to find a positive gain from it. Dedication, precision, and enthusiasm are Kath’s keys to success. Those, my friends, ring very true.

Who are your favorite fitness Instagrammers?

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