Dairy Free Halo Top Part 7: Toasted Coconut + Vanilla Maple (the two underdogs)

We ALL know at least one thing that is underrated–whether it be a person, an idea, an object, a song, a movie, a television show, yadda yadda. For instance, I think eggplant and kiwis are underrated, as are Meet the Robinsons, The Princess and the Frog, The Emperor’s New Groove, 2-D animation, NCT 127, “Lost Boy” by Ruth B, and “Holy” by King Princess. You’ll see that this may or may not be the same case for the dairy free Halo Top flavors Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Maple.

Here’s the deal: I wasn’t too enthused about taste-testing these flavors either. Don’t get me wrong–I love a good coconut or vanilla ice cream, but the buzz around these two varieties are just a fraction of what the flavors like peanut butter cup and cookie dough receive. But I thought I’d just cut to the chase with these two bad boys and dive right into the reviews rather than blabbering more about what’s underrated and such.


Massive credits to the designer of this packaging. I love that the toasted coconut flakes cover the white backdrop–it just adds a fun confetti effect along with the contrasting dark brown ice cream scoop and orange-beige stripe. Nutritional facts match those of the peanut butter cup, caramel macchiato, sea salt caramel, and pancakes and waffles. Upon opening the lid, I found SO many toasted coconut flakes inside. That made me really happy.

You wanna know what made me even happier than glancing at the coconut flakes in the ice cream? TASTING THEM (duh). My gosh, I was incredibly shocked by how nearly perfectly the flavors scoops out. Each scoop is nice and round rather than just rocky and crumbly like many of the other flavors (*cough* chocolate covered banana *cough*). I ended up topping my bowl with rice cereal, strawberries, and blueberries, but I could have honestly enjoyed the ice cream by itself just as much. While the toasted coconut flakes are a little wilted in the base, they are still crunchy enough to contrast with the smooth ice cream. I have and will continue to purchase this flavor again!


As for vanilla maple, the design is a lot more simple. Then again, aside from maple leaves and vanilla bean flowers and pods, there really isn’t too many iconic designs you can use for those two foods. On the flip side, design doesn’t matter that much to me. The nutritional facts are on the modest side, so this flavor is one of the lower calorie options in the vegan line. Not going to lie, when I unveiled the ice cream itself, I wasn’t too enthused. The vanilla bean particles were promising, but that weird middle lump of ice cream was not.

Like the toasted coconut flavor, I created a vanilla maple ice cream bowl with a little bit of Trader Joe’s peanut butter protein granola, Special K red berry flakes, and fresh strawberries! The flavor itself was wonderful, but I was flabbergasted by its consistency! Thick, creamy, silky smooth, and perfectly rounded scoops? Nothing could have been more satisfying than this. Being vanilla maple, this ice cream would fare more strongly if it’s paired with something rich like chocolate or peanut butter. In other words, it works more as a nice base for any flavor you can customize.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


See my first review of Halo Top ice cream for a full breakdown on pros and cons.


Pleasant surprises are always a plus. It’s wonderful to discover some hidden gems, gems that I would definitely see myself getting hooked on. Toasted coconut is a sensational ice cream in itself, but the vanilla maple works as a splendid base for any flavor of your liking. Hey, if that means creating a vegan cookies n’ cream-style Halo Top or a red velvet Halo Top before the actual company manufactures those flavors in the dairy free line, then I’m absolutely down!

Please don’t forget to check out my other reviews of the dairy free Halo Top line. I am delighted to say that this is the LAST dual Halo Top review. Stay tuned for the extensive list of all the Halo Top dairy free flavors ranked against each other individually!


2 thoughts on “Dairy Free Halo Top Part 7: Toasted Coconut + Vanilla Maple (the two underdogs)

    1. Haha SAME–I hope it turns to completely using monkfruit or Stevia soon. Enlightened needs to STEP THE EFF UP and make vegan ice cream too, I agree! I know Arctic Zero has a dairy free line now, but I have yet to find it in stores!


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