Dairy Free Halo Top Ice Cream Part 6: Candy Bar and Sea Salt Caramel (they’re good, but…)

What’s your initial thought when you hear a flavor name that just sounds absolutely amazing? You want to try whatever the food is, right? Well, that’s exactly the case when I found out that Halo Top released their dairy free flavors. Among what I was most excited to try were the peanut butter cup, cinnamon roll, pancakes and waffles, sea salt caramel, and candy bar, the latter two being the focal ice creams of today’s review. Most of these have wowed me with their glory and others were a little bit overwhelming (specifically pancakes and waffles, which was extremely sweet).

But anyways, I’d thought I’d cut to the chase and share my honest opinions on the dairy free candy bar and the sea salt caramel ice creams.

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Labels, labels, labels. Upon seeing the nutrition information and ingredients panel, my expectations were set HIGH. I was delighted to see that there was a decent amount of chocolate and peanuts upon removing the lid!

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Here are my thoughts: I had a similar experience as I did with tasting the birthday cake. I didn’t just want ice cream with hints of candy bar qualities. I hoped that I would be punched in the face with chocolate, peanuts, caramel, sweetness, all that jazz. Sadly, that was not the case. Still, I enjoyed spooning every swirl of chocolate, caramel, and peanut piece I came across, but there was nothing entirely riveting about the tastes.

Texture-wise, it is lovely when it is completely thawed out even though there’s not quite a silky feel to the ice cream. The ice cream chunks–attempted “scoops”–were pretty rocky and chunky, but that’s negatively biased towards the fact that I was incredibly impatient upon waiting for the pint to fully soften and just went in for the kill. Thus, with this particular flavor, patience is truly a virtue.


Here are the labels. Calorie-wise, it’s in the middle ground.

As for taste, I ADORED it the first time around. Second time was still pretty nice, but the sugary feel was just a bit overloaded. Third time’s a charm? In a way, yes and no. I still felt that the ice cream was excessively sweet, but not as much as I initially expected. The flavor is very comparable to that of the pancakes and waffles pint, except the pancakes and waffles ice cream has a maple aftertaste with even more sweetness than the sea salt caramel.

Texture is nice and light, but it can afford to scoop more attractively. As indicated, the ice cream looks relatively stiff and boulder-esque underneath the plethora of hemp seeds and vegan marshmallows.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


See my first review of Halo Top ice cream for a full breakdown on pros and cons.


All in all, I give my hat to Halo Top for providing such wonderful flavors that people can choose from. Nevertheless, while their sea salt caramel and candy bar ice creams are good, they’re just not quite at the A+ mark. I would definitely have both of these pints from time to time (sea salt caramel more than the candy bar), but just not as often as my top five favorites (so far: cinnamon roll, cookie dough, chocolate almond crunch, caramel macchiato, and oatmeal cookie). Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to improve the taste of these ice creams yourself–add more toppings, go with an ideal thawing time, etc., but still, the company is ultimately responsible for optimizing the sensory qualities itself.


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