Oriya Organics Review: an All-Natural Pre-Workout + My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

Pre-workouts come in all forms: caffeine, creatine, guarana, many more, as well as a blend of multiple components. Many find pre-workout supplements helpful in giving an extra pump in the gym, but most of them are relatively unnecessary if you already get adequate amounts of sleep, take enough rest days, recover properly, and consume a nutrient-dense diet that aids in muscle development and energy performance.

Personally, I never ever took a pre-workout supplement aside from green tea or maybe a snack. When Oriya Organics threw in their Summit Energizer along with their pegan protein to try, I decided to give it a chance out of curiosity. Do pre-workouts actually do the job? Do they also serve a purpose after working out and even if you’re not exercising that day? Well, with Oriya’s product, I would find out for myself.

Just like how it says on the packaging, Oriya’s Summit Energizer contains only three wholesome and fermented ingredients: maca, beet powder, and turmeric. All of these components are known for improving energy levels, providing high amounts of antioxidants, stabilizing blood sugar, and containing loads of vitamins and minerals. The product itself comes in the form of a vibrantly pink-red powder that has the same consistency and texture as a gritty protein powder.

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Mild in flavor, small in size, yet powerful in its package, Oriya Organics has slayed its pre-workout game, all without any gums, sweeteners, fillers, or other synthetic compounds. Heck, there are LESS than seven ingredients in this pre-workout powder. It is incredibly easy to integrate into all kinds of ways, whether as a shake, protein frosting, sweet potato kabocha pudding, in a smoothie, or even baking!


Similarly to Oriya’s Paleo protein powder, this product fares on the pricier side. For 24 servings per container and $29.99 for the entire canister, it’s around $1.25 per serving. Typical pre-workout canisters cost $25 or less (most are $20) with 30 servings per package, making it $0.67-$0.83 per scoop. That being said, you ARE paying for quality and optimal nutrition, so whether it is worth the investment is up to you.

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Despite never using pre-workouts, I am delighted that Oriya’s Summit Energizer was my first pre-workout that I have ever tried. My expectations were almost non-existent in the sense that I truly had no idea what to experience from this supplement! Nothing but pleasant surprises came out of trying this product.

As for whether anything physical took a shift, my energy levels were a lot more elevated throughout the day once I took them post-workout. I personally found that they progressed much more strongly if I had the summit energizer after exercising versus before since I would exert all my energy and stamina during my workout, thus exhausting myself a bit more for the rest of the day. However, both times work relatively well. That being said, I don’t see myself depending on pre-workouts as much as protein powder since I find it easier to get in enough sleep and prefer using protein powder out of taste.

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Yet another recipe in the review! This is my favorite component of writing these breakdowns of the products–nothing possibly beats experimentation! But anyways, ever since trying out this blueberry smoothie recipe, I have never ever gone back from any other smoothie combination. This is just far too easy and it tastes like chocolate blueberries in liquid form!

Did I mention it is PACKED with nutrients and is great for both prior to and following a gym session? WINNING.

RECIPE (serves 1)

  • 2 cups of frozen blueberries; for a lower carb option, substitute half of the frozen blueberries for frozen coconut meat
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 1 scoop of Oriya’s Summit Energizer
  • 1 scoop of protein powder of choice
  • 1-2 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 cup of non-dairy milk of choice; I love flax and almond milk!
  • Sweetener to taste (optional)


  1. Mix all ingredients in a strong food processor or blender until the consistency is thick and smooth.


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