Unpopular Opinions on Veganism (as a vegan)

Within any community, it’s okay to disagree. However, in the vegan community, certain disagreements may entail more concern and instigate more sensitive or even aggressive reactions. Thus, I thought it’d be suitable that I throw myself into the shark tank.

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Stating that veganism isn’t perfect is extremely controversial. The vegan lifestyle is incredibly fulfilling in all outlets of life. People can lose weight, gain muscle, improve physical fitness, even cure disease. Anyone also can gain an entirely new perspective, discovering a worldly purpose that jolts them off their butts so that they may seize the day. Nonetheless, there are many gray areas that NEED to be addressed within the vegan realm AND with those who want to become a vegan, but fall into the trap of perfecting the lifestyle to a T.

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  1. If you HAVE to use a non-vegan hygienic product for physiological and/or medical purposes, you can still call yourself vegan.
  2. Not every single vegan alternative suffices the non-vegan product. *cough* carrot lox *cough*
  3. Showing off your body and priding that it’s all from a vegan lifestyle does not always benefit the movement.
  4. Enjoying the taste of meat is not the same as enjoying the taste of death. Simply to put it, there is a distinctive heartiness and sense of comfort that comes with biting into the flesh of another animal that some people naturally prefer over alternatives. That is why mock meats are incredibly beneficial for those types of consumers and for veganism in general.
  5. Can we please just stop hating on the vegan keto diet? Accept that there’s even a way to veganize it.
  6. When it comes to makeup, I prefer cruelty free non-vegan brands over vegan but non-cruelty-free brands. I would very much rather wear lipstick with beeswax that did not require harming another sentient animal than wear vegan lipstick that involved imposing pain on other beings.
  7. Vegan influencers who know how to make recipes that are simple, easy, and budget-friendly are more inspiring than those who know how to make recipes that are elaborate, complicated, and expensive.
  8. Veganism. Does. Not. Cure. Every. Physical. Problem. It is ABSOLUTELY okay if you’re vegan and you still experience sickness, gain weight, have skin problems, and/or deal with concerning medical conditions.
  9. Following a non-vegan influencer on social media is fine (though I’m certain most people know this).
  10. Want to have children as a vegan? Cool. Don’t want to have children as a vegan? Great. Accusing one side of being selfish breeders? Horrific.
  11. Salads without dressing are…actually not that bad.
  12. Junk food vegans don’t deserve the hate they receive.
  13. Artificial food products aren’t the devil.
  14. Executing privilege is terrible for the vegan movement.
  15. People who do not resonate with animal welfare in veganism are not lost hopes. There are many other non-ethics-related reasons to become and stay vegan.

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Thank you so much for reading! If you are vegan, please let me know what you agree and disagree with. However, remain respectful in your discussion.

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