Best Fitness YouTubers With More Than 500K Subscribers

Hello YouTube post! It’s been a little more than a month since I last posted about my favorite fitness YouTubers. That list encompassed all of my favorite fitness YouTubers that have smaller channels (less than 100K subscribers) but still post high-quality videos that I personally believe offer plenty of value to the Internet world. With that being said, there are some channels that dominate the fitness community of YouTube, even a handful of them boasting millions of subscribers!

Given that I only have listed six YouTubers here, it goes to show that YouTube’s algorithm is already pretty darn competitive, but nonetheless, still make room for a few incredibly high-quality channels that execute a lot of hard work, energy, and passion in sharing valuable content regarding transforming your life by making healthier and fitter choices. I really believe that these YouTubers deserve all, if not more, of their subscribers because they all do an incredible job at educating and/or entertaining their audience. Once you watch their videos, I know for a fact that you will agree!







  • Science meets fitness. Low and behold, they develop a powerful and thriving relationship that kicks ass. If you are looking for videos that marry science and fitness, Jeff Nippard is the first individual to look to on YouTube. You may remember him popping up on my list of favorite fitness YouTubers with less than 500K subscribers since he is Stephanie Buttermore’s boyfriend! However, Jeff has an even bigger channel of evidence-based approaches to exercise and nutrition that follows the most recently studied and credited literature. My first ever video of his was this informative report on how to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously, which is a phenomenon that most people believe isn’t possible. I love that Jeff blends scientific knowledge, research, and personal experience to debunk this myth, all while articulating this information in an understandable yet sophisticated manner. Oh yeah, the editing? On. Point.







  • Breaking gender stereotypes ANYWHERE is what I’m all about, which is why I am thrilled that Jeff dedicated a whole video to explain how men and women can both optimize their performance at the gym. Not only does he encourage females to lift, but he also shares how women can reach their goals and actually fair similarly to men in terms of performance. This isn’t to degenerate male fitness, but to execute that women are not at all weaker. Overall, this video is not only scientifically valuable, but it is also incredibly empowering, especially for me as a female who exercises regularly…in a gym with a LOT of males.





  • Want to know what’s better than a healthy routine? A healthy routine that you can enjoy and sustain for life. I really commend Jeff for encouraging people to follow a more intuitive approach to dieting and working out. It’s incredibly easy for folks in the fitness world to trap themselves in such cookie-cutter restrictions. Jeff’s recommendations in regards to allowing yourself unconditional permission to eat for physical hunger rather than emotions or the environment, as well as abiding by averages rather than one set number, probably serve as the most sustainable and realistic plan for those who want to make healthier choices and lose fat. Oh yeah, and given that he’s following this approach on his cut, he’s made such amazing progress already!





  • Rather than going full-force in the health grind just to slip off completely not long after, incorporating healthier habits as part of a lifestyle is the key to longevity. What I love about Sarah’s approach to health and fitness is her focus on consuming nourishing meals of minimally refined food, sticking to workouts of her liking, and setting goals not pertaining to physical aesthetics. She just radiates health and happiness! I love how she sees nothing wrong with enjoying a few more treats here and there as long as she centers around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention, she just has the cutest bubbly personality–the meetup in this video looked WAY too fun. Who wouldn’t want to be her best friend just from watching this video?!
  • Though Sarah follows a Paleo-based diet, I love that she includes more than plenty of plant-based ingredients and recipes in her daily diet, such as these glorious-looking vegan muffins! What makes this recipe unique is that Sarah created the muffin base in bulk, which saves a lot of time and effort, while creating various flavors. I can’t decide which muffin I’d want to try first. They all look so fancy and delicious! In addition, these muffins are also Paleo-friendly. A lot of people believe that the Paleo diet and vegan diet (I say diet in this context because we’re only addressing food) cannot be intertwined together, but there are so many recipes that can cater towards both!
  • Couples in the fitness world can be pretty interesting. Some really like to stir-up drama, and other just seem too perfect to be true. But Sarah and Kurt both seem like such a genuinely friendly couple that share an adorably funny relationship! And they both have abs. Like WHAT. But the actual important part of this video is how the couple highlights each other’s favorite qualities while taking the time to make fun of each other for fun. This Valentine’s Day video just screams romance in the cutest possible fashion! Homemade brownies, a nice dinner out, and a gift exchange cannot be beat.


  • Does it take two to tango? With Tone it Up, it definitely seems to! Karena and Katrina are both incredible women who exude health and strength in every way possible. They basically resemble real fitness models. However, don’t take their workouts so lightly such as this total body banger–they kick BUTT and will work up a sweat, especially if you increase the weights of your exercises during the compound movements (though please please PLEASE ensure that your risk of injury is not endangered by doing so). That being said, K&K truly exemplify how a healthy and fit lifestyle is something to be passionate about, something to look forward to every single day, and to utilize to improve how you feel about yourself. Their



  • Every season, Tone it Up shares a new program to board people on the fitness bandwagon, maybe get back on track or get started with making healthier choices! I really appreciate how much these women care about their followers and always try to interact with them in this manner. K&K’s passion in changing lives with fitness is true to the heart. This video showcasing their tour in Los Angeles proves exactly that. I am devastated that I could not make it to their meetup–it looks like WAY too much fun!
  • Train for pancakes, anyone? Okay, while I believe that it’s important to indulge in anything you wish to maintain a healthy relationship with food, it is common sense to focus on wholesome food most of the time. However, that doesn’t mean healthified comfort foods are off-limits. In fact, by making healthier alternatives, you can enjoy some of your favorite indulgences every single day! The Perfect Fit protein pancakes remain one of the most famous recipes on Tone it Up because it spotlights K&K’s own Perfect Fit protein, which is gluten free, plant-based, soy free, USDA organic, kosher, non-GMO, and is sweetened with monkfruit! I personally have not tried the protein, but it looks fabulous to me.


  • Cassey is no stranger on my blog because she is actually the first social media icon who got me boarded on the health and fitness train! I fell head over heels with her Pilates workouts and had way too much fun following her exercises. What amazed me even more is the fact that she is also Vietnamese, has pretty much the same name as I do, and is such a strong influence in the fitness industry. Cassey showcases her more vulnerable side with her story of hardship, uncertainty, and an undying passion that bore the current Blogilates platform that’s KILLING it today. I am certain it will inspire you as it did for me. There’s a lot in regards to being torn with career choices that I can resonate with.
  • Back in 2016, Cassey published a viral video embodying the emotional toils when it comes to negative body image and body dysmorphia. The project touched the hearts of many, including myself, thus Cassey made this follow-up in regards to what manifested out of her bikini competition experience and a plethora of mean comments after her body changed as a result of the competition. Dieting can suck and it’s incredibly dangerous when people take it too far and develop eating disorders and disordered patterns that strain one’s relationship with food. This is exactly what happened to Cassey, who emphasizes how important it is to listen to your body, allow yourself a break, and support yourself the whole way through, no matter what you look like.
  • Though Cassey’s videos are mostly workout-related, there are more than plenty of recipe compilations that she has on her channel that are incredibly well-made. I love this video showcasing six clever ways to use avocado because they are all simple, tasty, nutritious, and can be convenient or intricate! The avocado quesadilla and collard wraps look particularly delicious to me. Oh yeah, and who can go wrong with avocado toast?


  • Fat-burning always gets me speculating. It is not physiologically possible to burn fat, thus I find the term “fat-burning” to be very misleading. With that being said, Kelly’s HIIT cardio workout does feel like you are burning your insides. Seriously, every time I finish these exercises, I sweat buckets and can barely move my legs the next day. The combination of high intensity, cardio, and compound movements make this workout even more killer as you target different body parts all at once and surprise them with unpredictable jumps and tucks! However, if you cannot perform a lot of the high intensity movements, low-impact alternatives are given so you can still follow along and work your way up.


  • Given that I currently don’t live anywhere near my college gym and cannot be bothered to purchase a gym membership elsewhere for three months, exercise videos that are suitable for home use are my savior. Even though this upper body strength workout is pretty basic, don’t underestimate. I really love how this workout is both appropriate for beginners and advanced lifters, given that you can switch around weights and number of repetitions per interval. Even better–Daniel provides a warm-up and a cool-down, which are super important for optimal muscle activation and recovery!
  • Everybody has a story, and never did I ever imagine that Kelly’s weight loss story derive from an eating disorder. Most people focus on how weight gain is necessary from physical starvation, but in rare cases, some people actually improve their progress after recovery. This might be because the metabolism doesn’t know how to react to the binge-restrict or binge-purge cycle, thus hormones are disarrayed and the body ends up holding onto fat (I am not a medical professional, so this is just my theory and not scientific evidence). But anyways, what’s even more transformative from Kelly’s story is her mental overcoming in regards to self-love and acceptance. With physical nourishment comes the mental and emotional nourishment, but starting the recovery process makes all the difference. I really loved hearing Kelly’s background and how she promotes such a balanced lifestyle. You truly do not see that in every fitness influencer.

Thank you so much for reading! Once again, please check out these channels above. You will gain a lot of value from each one of these platforms! Also, do comment if there are any other fitness YouTubers you recommend–I would love to know!


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