Best Fitness YouTubers With Under 100K Subcribers

As promised, I’ve compiled a follow-up to my Best Fitness YouTubers With Less than 500K Subscribers post, but with a twist!

Same as last time, the main rule of this list is that the listed YouTubers must have a solid amount of fitness-related content on their channels (workouts, gym reel, tips on performance, cutting/bulking, etc.), and their platforms should center mostly around healthy living. However, unlike the last list, all of these channels are smaller in subscriber quantity, as they have less than 100K, whereas the channels on the other list have more than 100K but less than 500K subscribers.

In my opinion, some of these smaller influencers actually execute even higher quality videos and informative content than those with over 500K, even over a million, followers on YouTube. While it may seem that the harder you work, the more subscribers you gain, the YouTube algorithm heavily influences trends and traffic, hence some YouTubers are luckier than others. With that being said, it’d be my job to share some channels that I believe deserve more followers!


  • Okay, I must confess that I’m not big on the idea of suddenly diverging from university or a full-time job to pursue a career in YouTube or the fitness industry. To me, it’s important to have another plan of financial security, but Lauren is just one of those rare gems who shows that following your heart really gets you far. After leaving university, she’s established several businesses and programs that have transformed lives. And she’s only a year older than me! WHAT?! I absolutely love that she has a strong work ethic and brutal honesty. When it comes to creating your own business, you just need to believe that your dreams will unfold handsomely.
  • Having a strong work ethic and honest personality is incredible, but something else that makes Lauren incredible is her flexible and extremely enthusiastic approach towards enjoying food–not just any food, but EPIC meals that seem too indulgent to be true! I mean, just look at that rainbow bagel (which is vegan OMG) and those half-pound cookies! However, the main takeaway of this cheat day video is to not feel guilty about treating yourself to even a full day’s worth of indulgences. Consistency is key and you can include foods that may not be as nutritious as others in your everyday diet!
  • Six-pack this, six-pack that. It’s already well-established that basic crunches are not the reigning ab exercise. Question is, what is the reigning move? What I love about this video is that there is no exercise that is better than the other! Lauren provides ten various moves that seriously work your abdomen HARD. Her list of exercises tackle every portion of the abs, including obliques and lower body. Trust me when I say hanging cable crunches and hanging leg raises are insane–I die every time I perform them!

TRAVIS S (UPDATE: Congrats to Travis S for reaching over 100K subscribers!)

  • Again, it may seem a little unlikely for me to include a male fitness influencer on my list because of gender differences in the wellness industry, but there’s no reason to discriminate! Travis S is one of my favorite fitness influencers for many reasons: his strong work ethic, passion for becoming stronger, and ability to not take things too seriously. What I absolutely love about Travis’s approach to fitness is that he is not afraid to share his struggles and that there are no secrets. Put in the work, stick to the basics, and persevere no matter what. Also, this video features two of my favorite fitness YouTubers: Stephanie Buttermore and Jeff Nippard (who you will see in a future post!)!
  • As a resident of Los Angeles, it figures that I’m biased to travel videos documented by tourists, and Travis’s restaurant crawl in Los Angeles is no exception. I absolutely love Salt and Straw and Lemonade–who wouldn’t pass up roasted Brussels sprouts and ice cream?! The only downside of this video is that Eggslut and Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee don’t offer any vegan options, unless you consider water a sufficient vegan menu item. Boo. But on another note, I love the mix of documentary and cinematic elements in this video because you can enjoy an artistic side of a genuine story. Transitions and panning shots? On point.
  • Travis S was actually one of the first fitness YouTubers I subscribed to because I absolutely love his approach with balancing fitness and a regular job. There is a serious stigma with the 9-5 schedule, but there is nothing wrong with it if it’s set in an environment where you can grow! What Travis also embodies very well is finding joy in being alone, which may seem like a weakness to many, but actually works as a strength for self-development. You need to feel secure in being alone in your own company, because it means you are confident in yourself and your capacity. The last thing you ever want is to rely on others for happiness.


  • Quite a lot of people know Brittany Lesser from Instagram, but I genuinely don’t understand why she doesn’t have more subscribers on YouTube! Her personality is so genuine and energetic–what’s not to love? In regards to fitness, she breaks everything down straightforwardly and doesn’t try to make the workout footage so cinematic (not that there’s anything inherently wrong with extra cinematic video edits, but sometimes it doesn’t seem as genuine). Brittany and I love the same back workouts, especially lat pull-downs! What’s even better is that Brittany specifies which muscle group is targeted in each move and gives tips on how to optimize your form rather than just listing moves without going into specifics.
  • Nobody’s perfect, and the fitness industry has many examples of this. I’m thankful that Brittany directly addresses many problems in the fitness industry, both underlying and apparent. It’s important to be completely raw about the field you personally work for, even if that means calling others out for lack of authenticity, physical obsession, and following such an algorithm. Brittany’s confessions have inspired me to do something similar about my experiencing with studying Food Science, which will be covered in a separate article coming out next month.
  • Very recently, Brittany gave birth and has shared her entire journey online, both pre- and now post-partum! Honestly, who would have guessed that she had a baby–from the looks of it, I personally wouldn’t have known. But anyways, a lot of expecting mothers experience stress and anxiety about the bodily changes that come with pregnancy. While I cannot relate to having a child, I can definitely relate to undergoing through a lot of physical changes after taking a break from working out regularly and being on point with your diet. Mad credits to Brittany for being honest about her struggles with gaining weight and hormonal changes when it comes to pregnancy, but more importantly, learning to overcome her hardships with positivity and love for her new son.


  • Is it weird that I share a simple recipe video to introduce a fitness channel? Well, we fitness junkies like food, specifically pancakes, chocolate, brownies, and breakfast, so no. In all seriousness, this recipe video–along with many others–proves why I adore Amanda’s YouTube channel. Her recipes are tailored to those living a busy lifestyle and just need meals that are simple and minimal in terms of time and ingredients, but also healthy, tasty, and beneficial for your fitness goals. These chocolate chip brownie batter pancakes are one of my favorite recipes on her channel because they look incredible decadent, substantial, and are high in nourishing carbohydrates, protein, and antioxidants from the carob and fruits to feel your best! And YES, you can use brownie mix for pancakes. MINDBLOWN.
  • Efficiency in the gym is key. Nothing is more important than arriving at the gym with a set plan. You want to be in and out of the gym when it’s necessary for not only the sake of your time, but out of consideration of others who need the space and necessary gym equipment! Amanda’s upper body workout is one of my favorites to draw inspiration from because the exercises are heavily targeted around certain muscle groups, which optimizes efficiency and growth. I also adore the addition of HIIT and jump roping to mix things up, plus I just ADORE the two with all my heart.
  • College students are usually three B’s: busy, broke, and bothered. Therefore, Amanda’s video of a full day’s worth of healthy and fun vegan recipes that are budget-friendly, easy, and hassle-free could not be more perfect! We’re talking pancakes, pasta, and potatoes. Talk about deliciousness! I ADORE all of these recipes, especially her simple Banza penne (I even reviewed Banza’s pasta noodles on my blog!), and I really want to try her bean-loaded fries. Just like her brownie batter pancakes, these meals are packed with micronutrients and wholesome foods that will only do good for your body. Hey, if there’s a way you can have healthy fries and pasta for fitness gains, don’t pass that up.


  • Sometimes two is better than one to run a fitness YouTube channel. It’s super common for most online fitness couples to remain together just for the sake of social media growth, but JAKD Fitness’s marriage is probably the most genuine I have ever seen. JD and Amy Kate are the perfect examples of couples who only thrive and lift each other up in their journeys, just as how they have done so in their first bodybuilding competitions! Furthermore, the two looked absolutely incredible on stage, proving that vegans can get in tip-top shape for a competition. Oh yeah, and that junk food tastes so much better after months of cutting.
  • Day-in-the-life videos can be really challenging to make because it is easy for viewers to get bored, or the video has too much of one element, whether it be food-related reel, workout edits, or random footage of non-fitness related content that doesn’t serve any huge purpose. What I love about this beautifully edited vlog is that it showcases the perfect balance of glorious food porn (look at that acai bowl!), hardcore workout footage, and more highlight reel of Amy Kate and JD’s amazing personalities and chemistry! Specifically, the vegan recipes tailored towards muscle development look incredible. Good sources of protein and carbohydrates are very well-specified, but JD and Amy Kate offer alternatives for anyone who need them.
  • The fact that JAKD Fitness admit that the infamous vegan “high carb low fat” (HCLF) diet isn’t a one-size-fits-all for all vegans is a godsend. There is a bit of stigma against fats in the vegan community on social media, which is fortunately dying down as of now, but still needs to be emphasized as much as possible. JAKD Fitness only speak the truth when they stress the importance of incorporating a balanced ratio of healthy fats and protein along with carbohydrates in building muscle, losing fat, but most importantly, improving one’s health. Having a shredded body is great and all, but any medical condition caused by eating too little fat is not worth the future consequences.


  • Funny to say the least that I have been binge-watching Diana’s videos for the past week or so! I’ve been subscribed to this gorgeous gal since the end of last year, and I seriously wish I found her channel a lot sooner. Diana Malloy is bubbly, energetic, sincere, and just so uplifting in general! She’s an incredible role model for young girls in the fitness world for her realistic outlook on balancing exercise, healthy eating, and mental wellness. Also, I really love her Whole Foods grocery haul, but I can totally relate in spending WAY too much money there. What can I say? They have too many fun products that are worth stocking up on!
  • Another 10,000 calorie challenge I recommend? No surprise for me. Okay, I admit it–these food challenges are my guilty pleasure! But anyways, Diana’s experience with this challenge remains one of my all-time favorite 10K challenges because she includes a wide variety of delicious cheat meals and blasts out massive enthusiasm and humor the whole way through! Some people complain for the entire video, especially with bloating and weight gain. You get none of that in Diana’s video! Oh yeah, and I cannot comprehend how eleven chips are marketed as a serving size. Knowing that food companies abide by “realistic” serving sizes for the American consumer, I can’t relate.
  • As someone who also struggles with severe stress and heightened emotional reactions, I can truly resonate with Diana’s experience with panic attacks and anxiety. “What I Eat in a Day” videos are wonderful, but I also appreciate food videos that center around a specific topic that brings value. In this case, Diana walks you through a typical panic attack and how she copes with it. This helps so many people deal with generalized anxiety and panic attacks on a regular basis. Additionally, I love Diana’s daily meals and that she doesn’t deprive herself of food! Cinnamon-loaded oatmeal used to be one of my favorites–I stopped making oats because I don’t have time to make them on the stove-top and I don’t like microwaving oatmeal. But yes, I LOVE going ham on the cinnamon.

Thank you all for reading my second list of my favorite fitness YouTubers! In the future, I plan on listing all of my favorite fitness YouTube channels who have more than 500K subscribers. Let me know if you watch any of these individuals on this list as well as any fitness-related recommendations I should follow!

Do you watch any of these YouTube influencers already? Did I miss any valuable channels with under 100K subscribers, and if so, comment them below!

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    1. The 10K challenge is essentially an eating challenge where you have to eat 10,000 non-liquid calories within 24 hours! It’s a pretty intense food endeavor but I like that some people use the revenue they make on YouTube towards charities. Entertaining to watch, not super fun to actually do (from what I’ve seen, that is!)!


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