The Lion’s Choice: Dough Lovers’ Subscription Box Review

Say you hear on a knock on your door. You open your front door to greet no one except for a little white box with a packaging label of your address by “Yours Sincerely, One of Your Favorite Companies”. Returning back inside your home, you rip open the box and find yourself holding three jars of healthy and delicious vegan cookie dough like they are all bricks of gold. What scenario could possibly look any better than this, right?

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Well, meet The Lion’s Choice, the kingdom of healthy alternatives to the most beloved treats: pancakes, peanut butter, brownies, mug cakes, and cookie dough, which is the brand’s spotlight product and the spotlight for this review. I absolutely adore The Lion’s Choice for encompassing the beauty of living a healthier lifestyle, but also treating yourself along the way to something that is secretly nutritious for you. The brand is truly dedicated to ensuring that all of their products are hand-made in the most optimal quality possible. In addition, they donate a portion of their earnings to the Dream 2 Achieve Kid’s Foundation (charity dedicated to aiding underprivileged children) every month.

Back to the cookie dough. The Lion’s Choice has an entire subscription program dedicated to delivering cookie dough to your front door known as the Dough Lovers’ Club. It only makes sense that I share the low-down on how this works, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Basically, you receive a box of  three cookie dough varieties every month, which gives you 30% off the original price if you were to purchase three cookie dough jars from the website. Two flavors are of your choosing and the third is a mystery flavor that is not publicly sold. Additionally, you are more than welcome to cancel the subscription anytime and the subscription gives you a 25% discount code to use on their site when desired.

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From personal experience, I’ve been relatively happy with the cookie dough flavors I have chosen. For the most part, I have also enjoyed the secret flavors, especially their Peanut Butter Cup Oreo cookie dough and their Midnight Magic cookie dough. Because I have received an extreme amount of cookie dough varieties that will only increase from here, I plan on posting a monthly review of each cookie dough subscription collection I receive.

Before I break down the pros and cons, I want to share a little story I experienced with The Lion’s Choice. My cookie dough packs are normally sent to my family’s house. One of my monthly packages was actually stolen in front of my doorstep before my parents could retrieve it. It was such an unfortunate experience for me, so I e-mailed the company about this situation. They were so, so generous and kind to send me another package, and I really appreciate how gracious the customer service is.

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How do you use the cookie dough? Well, the possibilities are endless! You can bake cookies with them as shown above, mix it into other baking recipes, use it as a topping, stuff it in dates, spread it on toast, or just eat it straight out of the jar! Imagine how delicious the pistachio cookie dough would taste on top of vanilla nice cream, or baking the Cookie Monster flavor into a pie crust. Yum, yum, and another yum.


While I can go on and on about how much I look forward to my deliveries every month, here’s the gist of the perks that come with this service, both from personal experience, other reviews, and the website.

  1. Incredible customer service. What I love about the people working at The Lion’s Choice is that they run like a family and treat their customers like family as well. The company really delivered in their responsiveness when they replied to my concerns, but they were even more amazing in that they offered to send me another package.
  2. Guaranteed of quality and freshness. Don’t expect anything that has been frozen for weeks or has been sitting out in room temperature for hours (though the texture is the softest this way!). Each jar of cookie dough is handmade in The Lion’s Choice plant, all fresh, all in optimal quality on the daily!
  3. Healthy and delicious cookie dough that’s not just chocolate chip-flavored. You get to choose two of the delivered flavors with a third mystery flavor that’s always vegan-friendly. Need I say more?


Though my membership with this subscription service is generally positive, there are three cons that someone might run into.

  1. Shipping complications. First thing’s first, each pack of cookie dough is delivered by hand to your front door. Say you have a P.O. box or receive your mail from another public facility. If this is the case, you are bound to run into mailing problems. I’m pretty certain that the delivery messenger may not know where to put your package or place it in an area where it may be disposed, depending on how the post office staff decides to handle it. Be sure that you retrieve your package as soon as possible in case if outsiders try to steal the box as well.
  2. Cost. Monthly payments of $27.99 for three cookie dough jars isn’t cheap, but you are receiving 30% off the original price of three cookie dough jars. However, not everybody would want to pay that much money, especially if they don’t eat that much of The Lion’s Choice cookie dough.
  3. Taste. Some people may not like these cookie doughs because they are alternatives, after all. In general, I have had mostly positive opinions about them. Not every variety I’ve tried has been stellar, but I have never hated a flavor.

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As of now, I am no longer subscribed to the Dough Lovers’ Box because of cost, but I still strongly recommend anybody to try a jar of cookie dough and sign up for the subscription program if you enjoy them, which I know you will! In addition, The Lion’s Choice has a massively wide selection of products ranging from peanut butter powder, breakfast and dessert mixes, spreads, and so much more. All products are vegetarian, most are vegan-friendly, gluten free, non-GMO, mostly sugar free, and mostly nut free. Please check out the Dough Lovers’ subscription box if you are a fan of cookie dough but don’t want the salmonella, as well as The Lion’s Choice website and their online store for more incredible products that will just wow your pantry!



  1. Select a shipping address where you are 100% certain will receive and preserve your package.
  2. Refrigerate the cookie dough jars as soon as you receive them.
  3. Use the Manage My Dough Lovers Box link here to change your flavors. I like varying them every month!
  4. I do not recommend using this subscription if you are trying their cookie dough for the first time. Purchase one jar before deciding if you want to become a member (however, I think you will love their cookie dough!).
  5. Try not to eat a whole jar in one sitting.


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