Dairy Free Halo Top Ice Cream Part 2: Peanut Butter Cup + Caramel Macchiato Review

Given that weather just started cooling down after peaking in the high 80’s here in California, fortunately, it’s still fitting to eat ice cream. Then again, is it worth it to finish a pint in <40 degrees Fahrenheit weather, all cozy in slippers and a thick onesie by a heater? Absolutely.

But anyways, my hunt for trying out all the dairy free Halo Top Creamery ice cream pints is not over, still running, and will be continuing for who-knows-how-long because they just released seven new dairy free flavors! You guys have NO IDEA how stoked I am to get my hands on that Pancakes & Waffles pint. No. Idea. However, these pints will not be sold in stores until one or two months from now, plus I still have yet to try all of the dairy free pints that already exist! If there’s any excuse for me to enjoy ice cream that’s much healthier and nearly just as delicious as a more macro-substantial pint of, say, soy or coconut milk ice cream, then I’ll gladly take it.

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Anyways, it’s about time I finally publish a review on my blog solely dedicated to two more dairy free Halo Top flavors: peanut butter cup and caramel macchiato!



Little birdie told me that peanut butter cup is a customer favorite, both in the dairy free and dairy lineups. Therefore, I dug into this pint with relatively high expectations. I anticipated this flavor to taste like, well, a peanut butter cup! Verdict? Texture deserves five stars. It is creamy, smooth, and freezes and melts just like ice cream should. Flavor-wise? Not what I was expecting. Instead of chunks of peanut butter cups or even just globs of peanut butter and chunks of dark chocolate, there is only frozen swirls of peanut butter in a sweet but faintly chocolate-flavored ice cream. It’s more like chocolate peanut butter rather than peanut butter cup to me.

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Would I say it’s my personal favorite? Given the presence of peanut butter, of course I love it. But for its actual flavor name, I did feel a little click-baited. It’s definitely not number one in my book, but I would still rank this at around at least third place. Even being a little bit deceptive in terms of expectations, it’s still a pretty darn delicious flavor.



For a little context, coffee and I are………eh, not two peas in a pod. As a little comparison, I would say any coffee beverage and I are like Rachel and Joey. Better as friends, but even then, I wouldn’t say I like coffee enough to be friends with it. Anyways, I wasn’t bouncing off the walls to try this flavor, but it sounded pretty delicious in comparison to the chocolate covered banana, which I am not super excited to try, but ya know, we have to give everything a chance.

Surprisingly, I actually love this ice cream! Like the peanut butter cup, the texture is nice and silky without much of the protein grittiness. You definitely taste the coffee in the ice cream, but not so much that it’s bitter or overpowering due to the sweet caramel swirls. Yes, there are swirls of caramel–rejoice! So, if you prefer your coffee plain and black, this isn’t the pint for you. But, you can indeed drink some plain coffee on the side to balance out the sweetness!

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All of the pros are pretty much the same as those on my last Halo Top review. Lately, the company has been killing it with its release of dairy free flavors as well as its most recent lineup of newbies that will be sold in supermarkets all around very soon! I am so stoked to try the sea salt caramel Halo Top because I’ve heard great reviews about it.


Just as expected, these pints did not come cheap. More so, the dairy free flavors in particular are much harder to find than the dairy ones, but that is a given since Halo Top has way more dairy flavors than dairy free. Hopefully, with enough expansion and popularity, the dairy free flavors will be sold a lot more widely in shops! Also, I’m not super excited about trying the chocolate covered banana flavor, but I will give it a chance because it might taste like chunky monkey ice cream. Who knows?

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Little to no disappointment from Halo Top once again! I guess the only little letdown I faced was the lack of chocolate substance in the peanut butter cup pint, but I still think it’s incredible as it is. For 320-360 calories a pint, who wouldn’t want to have an entire pint of delicious-tasting ice cream that’s high in fiber and protein but also low in sugar and fat? Personally, the splurge for a pint of Halo Top is always worth it, even if I end up eating the whole pint in one sitting (isn’t that the entire purpose of Halo Top, of course?). Whether you want to enjoy it in as a sundae, sandwiched in between two cookies, on top of a pizookie, or just by itself, there is pretty much going to be a pint for everybody.

Site: https://www.halotop.com/

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