Best of 2017: Recipes, Reviews, Recaps + More

Whoever thought of 2017 Top Nine was a DIRTY MEANIE. You know why? Nine is just NOT large enough of a number for me to pick out my favorite Instagram memories. Sadly, it’s all over social media, so it applies almost everywhere else. However, the good news is that I personally don’t have to abide by only nine. In fact, there won’t be any numerical limit to my favorite posts of last year! I would not be surprised if this post lists over a hundred pages. 2017 was one of the most incredible years of my life for a multitude of reasons–so much happened!

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Each part of my list will be divided by categories. Nothing will be listed in any particular order otherwise. All of them are absolutely incredible in their own way!


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  1. First Week of Bulking Recap
  2. Vegan Street Fair 2017
  3. 10,000 Turned 5,000 Vegan Calorie Challenge: Mostly Healthy
  4. New YouTube Video: What I Ate on My First Cheat Day (vegan)
  5. Day 5 in Vietnam: Herbal Medicine Clinic
  6. What I Ate During the Week of my One-Year Vegan Anniversary
  7. Circle V Fest Recap: Meeting Speakers + Vegan Eats


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  1. New Year’s Updates: Diet, Exercise, Blog + Lifestyle
  2. Myths About Food Processing
  3. Diet Update: What I Ate on My Last Day of Classes as a First Year in Food Science
  4. Self-Love Involves a Green Juice or a Donut. Or Both.
  5. Being Vegan Isn’t Enough to Be Healthy
  6. A Quick Chat on Stretch Marks
  7. Health and Fitness: An Open Letter to My Parents
  8. A Healthy Mind is Just as Important as a Healthy Body. Please, Take Care of Both.


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  1. Peek-a-BHU! Bhu Fit Review (vegan and non-vegan bars)
  2. Enlightened Broad Bean Crisps Review: Cocoa Dusted + Sweet Cinnamon
  3. Bhu Foods Review: Chocolate Chip + Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies
  4. Follow your Heart Vegan Egg Review + A Frittata Recipe
  5. Restaurant Review: Shojin
  6. Restaurant Review: SunCafe Organic
  7. To The Bone Review (no spoilers)
  8. Dairy Free Halo Top Ice Cream Part 1: Cinnamon Roll + Oatmeal Cookie Review
  9. Lakanto Pancake & Waffle Mix Review + Cinnamon Chia Pancake Recipe


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  1. Hoisin-Style Tofu
  2. Dorm-Friendly Acorn Squash Brownies (vegan and gluten free)
  3. Dorm-Friendly 2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies
  4. Dorm-Friendly Vegan and Gluten Free Protein Pancakes
  5. Kabocha and Mushroom Yellow Curry
  6. Golden Milk (healthy, vegan, gluten free + anti-inflammatory)
  7. Eggplant Pad Thai (healthy + vegan..with a Paleo option!)
  8. Chocolate Zucchini and Butternut Squash Muffins (healthy, vegan + gluten free)
  9. Four-Ingredient Vegan French Toast (inspired by Hot Body Year Round)
  10. Baked Oatmeal: Three Ways!
  11. Pumpkin Spice Butternut Squash Cake (healthy, vegan + gluten free)
  12. Tomato Fried Tofu (a Vietnamese-inspired recipe)
  13. Single-Serving Crust-Free Pumpkin Pie (I literally ate this for a week STRAIGHT.)
  14. Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls (healthy + vegan)
  15. Basic Homemade Seitan (with flavor ideas!)


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  1. Exercise and I: A Love Story with Complications
  2. Quick Update: Physique, Diet, and Fitness
  3. Day 7 in Vietnam: Going to the Gym Again + The Best Bread
  4. “Stressing” Myself Too Thin
  5. Diet and Exercise: Fulfilling Your Soul or Filling a Void
  6. Body Questionnaire Tag
  7. Plans for Winter Break: Travel, Diet, Exercise + Lifestyle


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  1. Tips for Optimal Digestion
  2. Using the Law of Attraction for Health, Fitness, and Self-Love
  3. Hungry on a Vegan Diet?
  4. Good Source vs. Bad Source
  5. How to Deal With an Irregular Appetite
  6. One Year as a Vegan: Pros & Cons, What I’ve Learned + My Advice


  1. Honestly, all of the Friday Friend Features I have completed thus far are my favorite (including the ones from 2016). You can check them all out here!


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  1. Confessions of a (temporarily) Junk Food Vegan
  2. People Can Be Mean, But…
  3. Answering My Old Foodie Questions
  4. Can You Relate…
  5. Tuesday Thoughts: Ex-Vegans + Reverting to Original Ways
  6. Strength in Forgiveness and Repair in Suffering
  7. On the Scale of Satan’s Earwax to the Ice Cream of the Gods…
  8. Foods That Increase Oatmeal Volume or Thickness 2.0

What are your favorite blog posts of the year?

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