No New Year’s Resolution for 2018, But…

…to finish the sentence, there will be changes to the blog. I wouldn’t say that there will be any drastically major changes, but these tweaks will affect the content, post frequency, and my personal relationship with my site. In addition, these changes are tentative, so I wouldn’t set them in stone.

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Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore this blog and I will always put my heart and soul into improving it and nurturing it as much as possible. Nevertheless, the blog has been a source of a lot of my self-doubt and self-resentment. None of these come from actually pursuing the blog–I wouldn’t even continue to contribute to it if that was the case.

But truthfully, just like anybody else, I make mistakes. Many of them have to do with what I have posted here on this platform, a platform so out in the open that anyone–I mean anyone–can find my information or anything I have written on this blog. I can always go back and edit certain things, but no one can “un-see” anything. It’s why I made the decision to remain more private about things that might not be necessary for me to disclose. This includes relationships, personal situations, and other occurrences that aren’t relevant. On my part, it’s a big decision, but you will infer what I choose to not disclose. I don’t want to come across as fake on my blog, but who wants to read from a Debby downer?

On another note, I would love to start writing more posts centered around food science, food chemistry, nutritional science, and maybe even exercise or sports science. It’s amazing that so many individuals find their passions by being online fitness coaches or nutritionists, but most of the time, their college degree doesn’t align with their career field, or they don’t have one at all. Absolutely nothing wrong with that–if anything, it’s perfectly normal and A-OK to realize that what you’ve worked for in school was not your passion after all. Nonetheless, I find influencers who use their degrees and their levels of academic expertise to their advantage when it comes to putting out content. That’s why food science will take on a bigger part of my blog.

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Looking at the traffic on my website, it is apparent that my reviews category receives the most views. Generally, reviews are pretty easy, unless if they consist of more than three products from a single brand. Ask via views and comments (though comments are often limited), and you shall receive. More critiques of products, places, films, books, and other objects coming your way!

Lastly, I won’t be one of those bloggers who openly talks about their analytics, income, or general traffic stats. Personally, I don’t think my blog is popular and I am not knowledgeable enough to even mention anything about it (I don’t make money off of blogging). However, I am very proud to say that 2017 is the second-most-viewed year with the first being 2016. There is no major goal for analytics that I have, but it would be really nice if 2018 gains more views than this year.

Cheers to a grand year and a grander one coming soon!

2 thoughts on “No New Year’s Resolution for 2018, But…

  1. So sort to hear that you have to start censoring yourself Cassie. I love your personal posts the most and actually never read any of your reviews. I love that I can connect with you on a more personal level by learning about your thoughts and life. Will there be another blog that’s password protected so that you can continue to blog about that? I would be delighted to read that.

    Lastly, you know I don’t judge, so you can tell me anything. I have a few questions regarding what spurred this privacy. :’)

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    1. Thank you SO much for always being so supportive, Linda. I will still write about my thoughts and life, but just not as intimately. I am very glad that you enjoy my personal posts, but there are major consequences in sharing too much of your personal life to the point where you can’t hide anything. I have seen more than enough people get caught up in situations like this–they share one part of their personal life that suddenly changes drastically and have to (reluctantly) explain what happened, such as break-ups or anything of that sort.
      If more people want to hear about my personal life and everything, I will reconsider. I haven’t thought about creating password protected content just yet. Not sure if it will happen in the near future unless if demand is high enough. But if you do want to talk privately about these things, feel free to message me anytime ❤


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