Plans for Winter Break: Travel, Diet, Exercise + Lifestyle

Guess who’s arrived home in Los Angeles?! Yep, this girl right here!

Well, technically I’m behind the screen, but you get the idea. Maybe look at the logo. Yep, that’s me!

Anyways, this year has been….WOW. Let’s just put it at that. I cannot even begin to describe the whirlwind of fiascos, accomplishments, lessons, discoveries, and new adoptions that this year has given me. I think I have transformed more drastically in this year alone than in the years one to eleven. Crazy how time flies!

Just today, I made a quick plan of what’s in store for the next month, big and small. December is my favorite month out of the year because it’s the month of my birthday, Christmas, winter, and when my family and friends and I can spend the most time together! There’s so much to come and I’m thrilled for everything. Enjoy!


  • WEDNESDAY (12/6/17)
    • This morning, my family and I woke up to a major Ventura County wildfire emergency notification from the local news broadcast. Areas of mandatory evacuation included Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, South of Mulholland, and various boundaries of Highway 33 and Highway 150.
    • Luckily, the wind blew in the opposite direction from where we were, so our residence was safe from mandatory evacuation.
    • School for the rest of my sisters was cancelled due to wildfire complications.
    • I rushed to make cinnamon chia pancakes with Lakanto’s gluten free pancake mix. It’s an amazing mix that is high in fiber, probiotics, and low in carbs and sugar! I topped mine with a True Nutrition vegan salted caramel protein blend (had the rest of the protein on the side), pomegranate seeds, strawberries, a dark chocolate cherry Health Warrior chia bar, homemade muesli my sister made for me, and Lakanto monkfruit maple syrup.
    • Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
    • My family and I ended up visiting the Westfield Topanga mall for the day and enjoying some delicious Vietnamese food! I got two orders of veggie spring rolls with tons of peanut sauce. No surprise.
    • Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
    • We went to Home Goods to buy some Christmas presents for family and friends. I’ve officially completed my holiday shopping!
    • At the mall, all I bought were triple AAA batteries and some water. My family, on the other hand? Basically the entire stock of Nordstrom.
    • Traffic hit us HARD on the 101 S freeway for a while. We were afraid that the police blocked it off due to the early wildfire, but in reality, a car accident caused the delay.
    • Coming home, I found a REALLY special package waiting for me! Let’s just say there’s an exciting review in the works…
    • Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
    • After unpacking our purchases, I was so ravenous that I whipped myself up a quick soybean soyaki noodle salad with carrots, butter lettuce, Nori, and sesame seeds. I piled on an extra head’s worth of butter lettuce and Sriracha after taking the picture!
    • Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
    • Upon finishing the salad, I was still pretty hungry, so I made myself a large bowl of puffed kamut, Nature’s Path blueberry cinnamon flax cereal, and unsweetened almond milk. I mixed in some cinnamon and Stevia for extra flavor!
    • Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
    • I wrapped my presents, wrote this post, and inserted the triple AAA batteries into our new Body Analyzer scale.
    • Last minute treat: I baked some of The Lion’s Choice snickerdoodle cookie dough! The results were fantastically delicious!
    • GQAW4789.JPG
  • THURSDAY (12/7/17)
    • School’s cancelled for my sisters once again to give people time to evacuate from the wildfire.
    • Quick bodyweight exercise with a focus on legs.
    • My dad and I drove to Irwindale. Why? We visited the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha factory!
    • Arrived unexpectedly early and re-organized my wardrobe.
    • I also tested out the Body Analyzer. It’s SO COOL!
    • WGDA8676.JPG
    • Lunch was a swiftly put-together steamed butternut squash and pomegranate seed salad with spinach, seitan, and sweet chili sauce. I photographed my salad with coconut aminos, but sweet chili sauce ended up tasting better.
    • Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
    •  Afterwards, I had more puffed kamut, Nature’s Path cinnamon flax, and almond milk. YUM.
    • Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
    • More unrelated-to-school fun.
    • Grocery shopping with the mother!
    • Dinner’s probably going to be leftover broccolini, soybean noodles, soyaki, and nori.
  • FRIDAY (12/8/17)
    • Early-early in the morning, exercise for an hour and a half to my favorite music and YouTube videos.
    • Get ready for the day while listening to different versions of the “Happy Birthday” song.
    • Bake a pound and a half of Japanese sweet potatoes, mash them in a bowl with maca powder and cinnamon, form a one-ingredient cake, and top it with sunflower seed butter, cocoa fig jam, and a caramel sea salt Health Warrior chia bar. Oh yeah, and some birthday candles (hopefully).
    • Eat that alongside some soyaki-marinated seitan (homemade recipe), a peanut butter and jelly Bobo’s Oat Bar, some vegan chocolate truffles I received from my roommate, and an entire jar of The Lion’s Pack iced gingerbread vegan edible cookie dough. Part of a complete breakfast.
    • Ride our indoor Spin bike while watching my favorite YouTube videos or Netflix movies. I was originally going to hike around Santa Monica, but the wind has blown in so many ashes and dust from the wildfires that the air is too unhealthy to consume.
    • Meet up with one of my best friends at 11:00 A.M. for some vegan donuts at Donut Friend and lunch at Sage Vegan Bistro!
      • Planned order at Donut Friend: Drive Like Jelly, Husker Blu, and a DIY gluten free donut filled with cookie butter, topped with maple syrup, graham cracker crumbs, and pistachios
      • Planned order at Sage Bistro: fried plantains with maple syrup and the 8-Wing Platter made of battered cauliflower in buffalo sauce, barbecue sauce, and sweet and sour sauce with celery, carrots, and vegan ranch. AAAAAAAND possible a vegan dessert to take home…
    • Come home to meet with my family after my sisters finish school (if it’s not cancelled again). This is also the time when I will probably open presents, if I do not open any presents prior to lunch.
    • Enjoy a healthy Vietnamese dinner before tucking into sixteen or thirty-two ounces worth of dairy free Carbolite and three giant scoops of vegan birthday cake, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter or brownie cookie dough.
    • If I’m not hungover from food already, I’ll bake vegan brownies. YUM.
    • Die from a food coma and NOT go on the scale the next morning.
  • SATURDAY (12/9/17)
    • Start the day off right with some extra pumped exercise from heaps of glycogen stores.
    • Open Christmas presents with my family and bask in the glory of being an amazing gift-giver or crawl into a hole of shame for being awful at it.
    • Meet with my cousin and his girlfriend and spend the day together, possibly around Sawtelle.
    • Arrive home late after an exhausting day of fun!


Get your Konnichiwa on, because we’re flying to Japan on December 21st! You have NO IDEA how excited I am for this trip. Since turning 13, I have always adored Japanese culture, food, fashion, media, and general social and philosophical principles. Anime used to be my water and air, so it will be interesting re-watching some old favorites to learn some Japanese! Our specific destinations are Tokyo and Kyoto. Oh yes, Japanese sweet potatoes and kabocha squash will probably be ABUNDANT. I am absolutely stoked to also look at art museums, gardens, and even some traditional Japanese theater!


In all honesty, my diet is not going to change almost at all over winter break. Sure, I will eat out more and indulge quite a bit when I go to Japan, but my eating habits will remain fluid throughout the break. I might emphasize a bit more on fruits and vegetables while I’m back home since I never really ate fruit in school. I still allot one day out of the week to enjoy one or two cheat meals, and maybe try out some new products and recipes.


Just two weeks ago, I started incorporating some more high-intensity training and strength training into my exercise regimen. However, instead of an hour and a half (sometimes even more) of exercise, I only train for an hour TOTAL. I have never realized that I have saved SO much time by reducing my time in the gym! Boy, do I miss the gym. I really do.

If you’re wondering whether this will affect my menstrual cycle or not, it might, but I have been experiencing more issues with my cycle. It’s gotten to the point where I may have to look into birth control. And I’m not looking forward to it. Sigh.


  1. Try all of the dairy free Halo Top flavors.
  2. Hike all the way to Santa Monica.
  3. Bake black bean brownies.
  4. Choreograph some dances to my favorite songs.
  5. Finish my blog’s secret project.
  6. Solidify a proper plan for balancing out my hormones and cycle.
  7. Master the Alphabet Aerobics song.
  8. Sing on my YouTube channel or Instagram.
  9. Publish my next Friday Friend Features by January 5th.
  10. Learn basic Japanese greetings and social phrases.

What are your plans for the holidays?

5 thoughts on “Plans for Winter Break: Travel, Diet, Exercise + Lifestyle

  1. 1. Does you have leftovers or finish your vegan càke in that one sitting,or one day?
    2. I loved reading this recap of things you did!!
    3. Are those grain free granola sweetened with anything?
    4. All the eats out on your birthday omg ❤ how did you feel emotionally and physically the entire day?
    5. Do you parents know a out your updated exercise plan to cut back but increase the intensity and what're their feelings towards it?
    6. So excited for your trip to Japan! Will you be blogging from there?
    7. Wait, you come up with your own choreography to dances?! You're brilliant. I would love for you to teach me. I'm in love with dance and my movement teacher actually told the class to choose a type to study over the winter thinking jazz. I don't know.
    8. Oh my gosh I cannot wait for your youtube singing video. In case I don't check it out immediately, please send me the link or tag me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. I ate ALL the sweet potato cake! 😛
      2. Thank you darling!
      3. They are sweetened with dates and coconut nectar. That’s it!
      4. I felt pretty good for the whole day in both ways! Relatively tired by the time I went to sleep (later than usual), but overall, not so bad!
      5. They have always been supportive of my decisions as long as they see that I’m taking care of myself and maintaining a healthy and flexible lifestyle.
      6. Thank you! ❤ I will try my best, but I might take a break for about one and a half weeks if I don't have Internet!
      7. LOL thank you–they're nothing too special nor professional at all. When we meet up, we can definitely sing and dance together!
      8. We'll see if I pick a good song to sing to. I just have to figure out a clever way to incorporate it into a video!


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