Circle V Fest Recap: Meeting Speakers + Vegan Eats

Attending Circle V Fest yesterday could not have been a better way to celebrate a wonderful weekend! Though it wasn’t nearly as physically or even geographically large as most vegan festivals, the vibe was still hopping and the overall experience was one-of-a-kind. Without further ado, here’s a recap!

But if you’re wondering, here’s what I had for breakfast, because I was craving something incredible healthy but decadent. So, I indulged in a plate of medjool dates stuffed with crunchy peanut butter, Japanese sweet potatoes, and a bowl of corn puffs with almond milk! Okay, back to the recap.

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My ticket into the event got me admission into the speakers’ panels, so I ended up watching the three first showcases! Since I was early, I snagged a seat in the third row for a good glance of the stage!

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Firstly, I saw the Plant-Based Powerhouses panel. It consisted of John Lewis, Kenny Anderson, Alexandra Paul, Dotsie Bausch, Brian Turner, and Tonya Kay as the moderator. Everyone had amazing stories about how veganism changes their fitness journeys, whether through bodybuilding, swimming, skateboarding, twirling, or CrossFit!


Second panel was the “Inspiring Change” panel with Genesis Butler, Simone Reyes, Rich Roll, Lu Parker, and Kip Anderson. Wow, did I learn so much from this showcase. It was absolutely incredible hearing about how vegan activism works for all ages, genders, parties, and kinds of people!


The last panel I watched was called “Influencing the Masses”, which was made up of Tim Moore (@veganfatkid), Jasmine Briones (@sweetsimplevegan), and Berto Calkins (@tattedvegan). This was probably the most relatable out of all the other panels because I have an active social media account myself! Again, I learned a lot about authenticity, consistency, and creativity in making content!

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Starting sweet, I snagged a vegan and gluten free waffle cone loaded with salted caramel and pumpkin spice soft serve with organic pistachios and cacao nibs from Yoga-Urt! Oh my goodness, one bite, and I was sent to heaven.


Before I went to heaven, I got framed with the crew of the Vegan Club, a vegan apparel line! They’re a really nice bunch of people and I love their shirts!

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Of course of course, I HAD to say hi to Brian Turner and Sammy Grimm when I saw them! You have no idea how down-to-Earth and incredible they are in person. Brian Turner had a freaking awesome YouTube channel for fitness, dealing with severe acne, and veganism, and Sammy Grimm has an absolutely wonderful Youtube for mental health, cruelty free beauty, and veganism as well.

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Do-NUT pass on vegan donuts. There’s something wrong with you if you do. Anyhow, I had to buy the fluffy and delicious Oregon blueberry donut from Donut Farm! It tasted super crunchy on the outside, light and moist within, and sweet and slightly fruity from the blueberry frosting!

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Charlie’s Brownies had some FABULOUS vegan desserts too! From pumpkin brownies, ice cream sandwiches, blondies, and more, you’ll be guaranteed to find something for you! What I found for myself was their vanilla blondie ice cream sandwich with cacao nibs and caramel sauce! Since they kept it so well-frozen, I had to really dig into each part of the sandwich with a spoon to take a bite! Get a decent upper body workout with an indulgence? Don’t mind if I do!

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If you’re wondering, this was their seasonal special plate: a brownie with vanilla ice cream, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, and lots of caramel sauce!


While a few awesome individuals of L.A. Animal Safe were talking about “photo-stalking” Tim Moore of VeganFatKid, I did what any normal person would do and did it myself! But in all seriousness, Tim is an amazing human being with such a kind heart and fun personality. It would be a dream to hang out with him at a restaurant someday!


Eventually, I got tired of sugar, so I ordered a fresh bean and vegan cheese pupusa with coleslaw from Mama’s International Tamales! The pupusa was also gluten free! Didn’t taste like cardboard, though. In fact, it was beyond delicious! Highly recommend trying pupusas if you haven’t already!

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After my pupusa order, I ran into some of my favorite bloggers: Jasmine of Sweet Simple Vegan with Chris of Conscious Chris and Caitlin of From My Bowl! The three of them were incredibly sweet and lovely. Plus, they make fantastic content about cooking and vegan recipes!

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Encountered Kenny Anderson while exploring more vendors! He is such a caring individual with a lot of passion for sharing his experience with skateboarding and view on veganism! With a vegan shoe brand in the works, there are so many reasons to be inspired by him!

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Last of the eats took place at the Veganics Catering booth! This booth was sampling chocolate raspberry fudge bites, which tasted marvelous! Veganics seems like a spectacular catering service that makes completely plant-based recipes for special events, so check it out!

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Makeup, anyone? Well, Kat Vond Beauty called my name, so I got to try their vegan and cruelty free liquid lipstick in their bright red shade! I adored this look because it gave me a little boost of sophistication! May or may not sport red lipstick more often now!

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Kat Vond Beauty also had a photo booth, so a friend and I had some fun with it!

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To conclude, my friend and I had some mini ice cream sandwiches from Madame Shugah, a vegan and gluten free pastry line which specializes in some of the most wondrous cookies! Seriously, their cookies are remarkable!

Hope you enjoyed this extensive recap! I look forward to more events in the future!

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