Day 10 in Vietnam: Leaving the Resort + Purple Vegan Baos

Welcome to yet another recap in Vietnam!

To be honest, because I have been so busy adjusting to college life and such, I plan on keeping these recaps really short–besides, for the most part, you can watch the video for most of the content, and the pictures hold most of the content for my trip. Anyhow, here we go!

My family and I checked out of our hotel, AFTER we got our utmost generous share of the lobby’s breakfast buffet.

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Plate number one: passionfruit, corn flakes with soy milk, sauteed cabbage, and some sprouts!

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Plate two: pineapple, passionfruit, toasted rye bread slices with fruit jam and peanut butter, and corn flakes with soy milk! Gosh, it was SUCH a long time since I ate peanut butter. Ah, it felt nice!

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Plate three: just more sauteed cabbage….because, greens, you know. I didn’t end up finishing this plate because I was so full!

Got back in our hotel room to pack, and all that re-organization made me a bit peckish. Hence, I fixed up some quick glasses (there weren’t any bowls!) of chocolate Koko Crunch cereal and Hershey’s mocha soymilk! Did you know the Koko Crunch recipe is completely plant-based? Amazing, right?!


Just saying, this was SO darn processed. But this was so delicious. Trust me when I say you should try chocolate cereal in chocolate plant milk.

Anyhow, on the way back from the beach to home, my grandmother treated me to some vegan taro baos! Normally, I really don’t like such thick baos because the dough and the filling tasted wonky to me, but I actually loved this one!

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Purple taro….mush filling inside? I guess you could say cream, but it’s not quite as smooth, I suppose!

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Dinner after a much-needed nap ended up being steamed green beans and okra and fried tofu. Funny that you have one super clean dish besides a really oily and fatty dish. Hey, balance.


2 responses to “Day 10 in Vietnam: Leaving the Resort + Purple Vegan Baos”

  1. nadiashealthykitchen Avatar

    Must have been so difficult to leave and get back to reality. The food looks delicious, especially those Taro Bao buns. Never tried them but really want to! 😀


  2. snowflakesandstrawberries Avatar

    I’m so bad at keeping up with commenting, but just wanted to say I’ve been loving your Vietnam diaries/recaps! They’re giving me some serious food envy haha 😀 Especially those taro buns looked so uber fluffy and delicious!
    Asian food is just the best – can’t wait to be back in Thailand in two weeks and eat aallll the thai food!! But really all asian cuisines are great and I definitely want to try vietnamese food too, as I don’t think I ever have…


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