Day 8 in Vietnam: Moving in a New Hotel

Tuning in on a Thursday with more Vietnam content! This one is a bit more concise in terms of events, but we did make quite a transition in terms of our housing circumstances. And let’s not forget how amazing the food was this day. But, you will see everything as you read on! (P.S. Did you see the solar eclipse today?! If so, what did you think? I personally am so fascinated by these astrological phenomenons!)

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Started off the morning with a warming bowl of vegetable soup with tofu, carrots, lemon, tofu skins, bean sprouts, salted and braised mushrooms, peppers, watercress, and a few rice noodles at the bottom! The broth itself was a bit bland, but I did love all the other contents that I could chew, especially the mushrooms!

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During the drive to our new hotel, I snacked on a pound of steamed Japanese sweet potatoes that my housekeepers gave me! I think this is the fifth or sixth day I had Japanese sweet potatoes on the trip. Did I get sick of them? No way! I still prefer Japanese sweet potatoes roasted, but steamed is a very close second cooking method! For the rest of the car ride, I continued listening to podcasts and my favorite music!

An hour later, we finally arrived at this luxurious hotel! The lobby had four different clocks, a cleanly polished floor, a crystal chandelier, and the most gorgeous European-style water fountain! In general, the structure of the hotel is very Victorian. Yep, there’s my little sister Ava in the front!

IMG_9233 (3)

In front of the water fountain was a huge glass container of a scaled-down construction of the entire hotel. Ava found this WAY too hilarious to capture, as did I.

IMG_9239 (6)

Behind our hotel was–da da da daaaaa!–a gorgeous and extensive beach that even had its own swimming pool and many chairs underneath individual umbrellas! The weather was just too lovely and it wasn’t too crowded either. However, we stayed for only twenty minutes and hopped back into our vehicle to explore the city!

IMG_9248 (4)

Half an hour later, we stopped by a small vegetarian food vendor to get some takeout for myself! I ended up enjoying my faux chicken, faux pork, tofu vermicelli quiche, onions, tofu skin, and watercress over broken rice at the sit-down restaurant my family ate at, which served banh khots, or mini banh xeos! While this looks quite ordinary, the faux meat and quiche had so much flavor! Love, love, LOVE!

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Once we returned to our hotel room, all of us had too much fun taking advantage of the White House-esque theme of the room. We even made a little short film pretending that my little sister was the president of the United States partaking in foreign affairs! I don’t know about you, but my little sister just might make a really wonderful president in the future. Hey, we’re always in need of amazing leaders and altruists!

IMG_9292 (4)

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the hotel gym. Not only did I love the abundance of weights and equipment, but I got in an amazing workout session! I didn’t get a chance to take pictures, but you will see some snippets of it in either this video or the next one!

After I finished showering, my sisters and I took turns doing each other’s makeup. My middle sister Alyse did my makeup, Ava did Alyse’s makeup, and I did Ava’s. We all love each other’s looks, but I have to say, I was really surprised with how well done Alyse’s makeup look appeared on me. The look essentially captures bold eyebrows, glowing eyes with long lashes, rosy cheeks, a highlighted nose, and the gradient lips. I loved it so much!

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Granny treated me to dinner in which I heartily enjoyed some cabbage soup with tofu skins, green onions, radish, and some mint, bean sprouts, and watercress! We also went to a little convenience store where I purchased some chocolate corn cereal, mocha soymilk, banana chips, and mixed fruit and vegetable chips! Sorry that I forgot to take a picture, but I think I ate all of the banana chips that night! LOL!

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P.S. I do have to say, by this time, I surprisingly didn’t miss peanut butter or chocolate! Well, maybe I did a little bit…

One thought on “Day 8 in Vietnam: Moving in a New Hotel

  1. I love travel so much because it gets you out of your comfort zone and routine! I have a few certain food staples when I am at home, but when I am traveling I am way more open to trying different things (within my restricted boundaries)… And it’s so fun! I am going to Africa in December and that’s going to be an interesting adventure, but I am pumped for it!!!

    PS: When I was in Vietnam, you better believe I visited every gym hotel we stay at too 😉


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