Day 7 in Vietnam: Going to the Gym Again + The Best Bread

Happy Saturday, everybody!

Back with another recap from my vacation in Vietnam, and it’s been a month and a week since I landed! Anyways, I’m really excited for this particular post, because it’s one of my personal favorite days of the trip! In summation, there’s so much wonderful food, memories, and places that are really treasured in my heart and my mind. Let’s get into everything now!

First thing in the morning–well, after I got ready and such, my mother walked me to a gym that was on the other side of our Airbnb building. The gym belonged to a hotel where I had to buy a one-day pass, and let me just say that it was totally worth it!

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Weight training with actual weights and exercising in a room full of air conditioners felt absolutely wondrous! My strength didn’t disappear at all–no surprise, folks! A few days, weeks, or even months, away from the dumbbells WON’T ruin your progress!–and I got in one of the best exercise sessions during the whole vacation. I felt so proud that I took a few physique update pictures. Yes, it’s apparent that I can’t pose for ish.

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However, this goes to show that eliminating even half an hour from your typical workouts and just using your bodyweight won’t make you fat overnight. Heck, I may have put on some water weight (really don’t know at this stage), but I don’t look that much different, even though I’ve been eating a lot more carbohydrates and a lot more food in general! This might be that I have been eating a bit less fat, which I highly doubt because vegetable oil is everywhere. Health and fitness are parts of life, but they are not life. They add to life, but they are not life.

After my weight training session, my sisters and I decided to lounge at the hotel pool to get in some sunshine and fresh air. I tried looking up a few vegan restaurants nearby, but I ended up passing on the opportunity since I didn’t want to risk getting lost while walking.

Post-shower and packing, my family and I checked out of out Airbnb and visited this amazing bakery and coffee shop called Masstige! It’s amazing for freshly Asian-style baked goods, warming beverages, and a lovely atmosphere. Personally, what I enjoyed most was this rye baguette that was paired with a jar of passionfruit jam! The baguette was so crispy outside and pillowy within. The jam added the perfect amount of sweetness with the bland and mild bread. Best post-workout treat ever!

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Breakfast accomplished, we strolled all around our area and a little farther outside. We ended up passing by a lot of street food vendors, stray dogs, motorbike shops, restaurants, clothing stores, jewelry stores, and electronic shops. As per usual, I didn’t desire to purchase anything, but it was a great way for me to compare Vietnamese currency to American currency! Actually, take that back, I did get some vegan takeout food from a small vendor!

Since the weight of our backpacks were taxing on our backs, we drove back in a taxi to my grandmother’s home, where we were nevertheless surprised with the most beautiful feast: steamed Japanese sweet potatoes, faux chicken, butter lettuce, noodle soup, rice, and so much more!

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Feast your eyes on my lunch: steamed Japanese sweet potatoes, soy pepper faux chicken, and my vegan takeout, which is faux pork, faux chicken, some tofu, green beans, zucchini, onions, sour stalk, and cabbage! I ended up eating half of the entire serving plate of Japanese sweet potatoes and two more bowls of the faux chicken! Delicious! I was stuffed and napped happily.

To alleviate our little horse race turmoil, my cousin, sisters, and I played Monopoly after I woke up from my hour long nap. I ended up striking it rich most of the time! If you don’t know how Monopoly works, the essential objective is to claim property that will land you the most payments from the other players (there are many spots on each side of the board that signify as properties, such as streets, cars, infrastructure, and services) as possible. Eventually, we were greeted by our family members who gifted us with new pajamas. Mine was a lovely purple and gold matching set with rose embroidery. I’m still loving it and wearing it as I type!

IMG_9171 (6)

All of us ravenously rushed down the house for dinner, which took place outside of the front porch but within the gate of the opening. Everyone was served rice, noodles, and fresh fish, beef, and chicken that my housekeepers cooked on a griddle over a small fire. Surprise surprise, I ate my favorite stir-fry with eggplant, tofu, daikon, carrots, green beans, faux chicken, and bamboo shoots in brown soybean sauce. Of course, I had five bowls with some refreshing and crisp butter lettuce. If you were wondering whether or not I got tired of this dish, the answer is: no way!

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If I couldn’t get hungrier enough, my sisters, cousin, and I came back upstairs to our bedroom where I polished off the rest of my rye baguette with a little passionfruit jam. It was still deliciously crispy and doughy as in the morning!

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Carbs after dark, happiness in sleep.

What was the longest you’ve gone without a gym? Would you eat carbohydrates after 9 P.M.?

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