Sweet Potato Toast (healthy, vegan + gluten free)


With sweet potatoes? No surprise there.

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But now that I am in Vietnam, I’ve been enjoying more bread, which is insane, given that there are already so many wonderful varieties of sprouted bread, whole grain bread, gluten free bread, grain free and Paleo bread, and even raw vegan bread! However, my favorite kind of bread HAS to be baguettes. I was thrilled to find out that a lot of bakeries around my areas had rye baguettes, hence I’ve been hooked on them ever since!

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I used to be extremely bread-phobic. Even after I climbed over my hurdle of fearing carbohydrates, bread was one of the more difficult foods for me to incorporate back into my diet. Now I don’t eat bread on a regular basis, but now I can enjoy it pretty freely without nearly as much guilt as I’d undergo years ago! Besides, who can resist the doughy, soft, fluffy, and pillowy goodness of bread? I know that I could replace the male population with bread.

Unfortunately, not everybody can consume bread. People with Celiac disease and grain intolerances have trouble stomaching the gluten and other enzymes of grains. On top of that, many people cannot readily purchase brands of gluten free bread, Paleo bread, or any other bread that caters towards their dietary preferences. Alternatively, some just want a more nutrient-dense substitute for bread. Face it, loaves of bread may contain some iron, fiber, and even protein, but nothing else, really.

Therefore, I got on the sweet potato toast bandwagon to see if sweet potato toast was actually a legit trend. Photos on Pinterest and Instagram highly intrigued me, but come on, half a sweet potato with mashed avocado for breakfast? You HAVE to be kidding me. I think of sweet potato toast more as a snack, but for a full meal, I would gladly make more servings for myself! We’re talking…two pounds worth of sweet potato toast?

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Instead of baking my Japanese sweet potatoes, I decided to slice some up and see how well they would toast! Many times, they would turn out under-cooked, and I discovered that this recipe takes serious patience. Playing around with the heat is important to not under-cook nor burn the toast (which I’ve done countless times as well). However, I found that toasting on low heat three times and then toasting on high for two rounds works best for the toaster I had on hand. That being said, all toasters vary across power, so you probably will end up experimenting with different methods of cooking.

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While avocado toast seemed to be all the rage, I always prefer peanut butter combined with sweet potatoes any day! Strawberries, raw vegan apple granola, and peanut butter were my toppings of choice. However, you can use anything! Chocolate chips, coconut, blueberries, bananas, almond butter, vegan butter, jam, or even good ol’ avocado will do the trick!

RECIPE (serves 1)

  • One medium to large sweet potato
  • Toppings of choice; I used strawberries, peanut butter, and raw vegan apple granola


  1. Carefully slice your sweet potato into slices that are half a centimeter thick. You may have to lightly heat your sweet potato to make cutting easier.
  2. Toast your sweet potato slices on low heat, periodically checking the inside of the sweet potato slices after each round.
  3. Once the interior of the sweet potato slices are nearly fully cooked, toast the slices on high for two rounds.
  4. Garnish with toppings and enjoy!

What is your favorite kind of bread and favorite toast toppings?

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