Using the Law of Attraction for Health, Fitness, and Self-Love

I’m ALIVE!!!!!

I know that I’ve been gone for quite a while, but I’ve just been incredibly swamped with midterms and registration for spring quarter. I am thrilled to be back with another post that I’ve actually been stoked about for the longest time. Low and behold, it’s about the law of attraction and applying it towards your health and fitness journey!

Those of us who are avid philosophy fans or just have a fascination with the way the world works have probably heard of the law of attraction. To one’s dismay, the law of attraction is used to benefit the quality of people’s everyday lives and enabling individuals to get them closer to their personal goals. Before we get into how this way of thinking is used for health and fitness, we need to dissect what the law of attraction truly is.

Similarly to the way chemists emphasize that “like dissolves like” when explaining solubility, people sum up the law of attraction with “like attracts like”. In a nutshell, the law of attraction states that a person’s focus and expended energy will dictate what he or she will receive in return, whether it be through other people, the environment, or mere fate. Whether or not the law of attraction actually exists has been heavily debated.

Personally, I find the law of attraction to be very true. The more optimistic and bubbly I act, the more positive reception I receive from my peers, versus the opposite. However, just like Chemistry, the law of attraction is a bit more complicated than that. Unfortunately, these little loopholes aren’t discovered until you actually start using it and experiencing it. If the law of attraction worked just the way it is defined to be, then we could all be millionaires that easily.

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Pertaining to using the law of attraction, it can be easily applied to achieving a certain goal in someone’s health journey. For instance, after my winter break trip to Maui, I didn’t gain a crazy amount of weight or experience a great deal of health issues, but I lost a lot of strength and overall fitness from not exercising as much. But, in my mind, I still thought of myself as the healthy and fit girl I adapted to become. Hence, the energy and mindset I devoted into getting back into shape aided me to hop back into my routine almost instantly. Simply by radiating my ideal persona along with being realistic and encouraging, I became my ideals.

Consciously aware of it or not, the law of attraction is always actively working in our favor. Note that favor does not equate to desire. There are many factors that play into why the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work.

Firstly, say you keep convincing yourself that your crush likes you back because you want to be with your crush so desperately. Oftentimes, you’re more likely than not going to set yourself up for disappointment. It’s because the law of attraction knows that in the back of your head, you might not actually want your crush to love you. Deep down, you may just want to be loved by someone in such a way.

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Another reason why the law of attraction might not necessarily bring what you want is because you didn’t act upon your desire. Thinking of yourself as an active person while sitting on the couch and never exercising six days a week will not make you any fitter of a person.

Lastly, just like losing weight or landing a killer job, you have to be realistic with the law of attraction. It’s not going to take a matter of seconds to receive what you desire. Results can take weeks, months, or years. Plus, when the results do arrive, you might not see it right away or not even remember it.

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Believe it or not, the law of attraction is present at the very beginning and remains even after the very, very end. I subconsciously used the law of attraction for my entire weight loss journey by continually pushing myself to work harder, burning off the negativity in my life, and proving to myself and to the world that I can improve myself immensely.

That seems completely ordinary, but unlike most cases, I already envisioned the person I wanted to become–not physically, but emotionally. Within a certain distance, I saw a girl who could commit to anything she put her mind to and work tirelessly until she accomplished her feats. After around a bit over two weeks, the law of attraction seemed to have worked. I developed such a stronger mentality and became the person I pictured in my head.

While I did have more than plenty of “fitspiration” physiques that I pulled from Tumblr, I didn’t pay any attention to sculpting a shredded figure until I reached a point where I saw enough progress to change my path. Once I hit the plateau mark, I started seeking more superficial physical feats as my goals and worked just as ruthlessly towards them as I did before. As a plus, I achieved an even healthier and leaner body that could fit in any piece of clothing I desired to wear, squeeze through any tight corner without a problem, and run faster, train harder, and lift heavier.

I wasn’t aware of the law of attraction until well after I attained my initial feats. Once I read into what it is, I started incorporating applications of the law into my everyday lifestyle. Acting as if I was a strong student, a devoted worker, an active club member, and a passionately healthy person, I encountered more signs that those were true. Winning an honors certificate and prestige in these areas, the law of attraction seemed to work. Obviously,  I encountered many instances where the law of attraction did not appear to be effective–i.e. horrible test scores, rough work nights, and frustrations with my health and fitness.

Now that we have all of that covered, let’s discuss how the law of attraction can be applied to health, fitness, and self-love. There is a reason why the word “action” appears in “attraction”, just as “dying” in “studying” (if you know what I mean, fellow college students). One of the most common excuses people say when they feel inclined to go the gym is that they don’t like to exercise. However, everybody has the capability to love doing something if they simply put their mind to it. But, if you claim you don’t like to exercise, it’s obvious that you’re not going to bring yourself to do so.

In this case, it’s better to start on a broader scale, especially on something that is already true. Begin with the factor that you care about your health, and you want to start increasing your everyday activity. Taking a long walk to clear your mind is a great first step. Eventually, switch it to a run or attend a yoga class. Next thing you know, you’ll be hopping in and out of the gym as a regular.

Alternatively, if you don’t like vegetables, start with the same goal and practice what vegetable-lovers do: get creative! Go on Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, or a bookstore and read a cookbook with healthy, easy, and beautiful recipes full of vegetables, whether it be classic vegetable roasts, cauliflower cake, or zucchini smoothies. You get the idea.

Sometimes, it may take a little force to bring you closer to your aims, whether it be sacrificing a piece of cake for another apple, or an extra power-training session during the week. Motivation to keep going can be buried deep within, and it’s up to you to dig through the excuses and start taking action. The more progress you make, the closer you are towards making your goals a reality, and the more you believe that you are where you want to be.

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On the other hand, self-love might be more difficult to achieve, simply because looking at ourselves from an objective standpoint is almost impossible. You may look at yourself and find hundreds of thousands of flaws about your body, and the average person may find nothing–three at the very most. Regardless, using the law of attraction to gain confidence is of utmost importance, and it’s definitely feasible, whether on it’s own or along with reaching your health and fitness goals.

The means of learning to love yourself is different for everybody, but it all begins with being kind, present, and grateful of what you have. In my journey, I learned to love myself through fulfilling my weight loss goals because I gained a stronger sense of my capability, ambition, and work ethic. Many times, by achieving something else, a strength about yourself will be revealed.

With that being said, start with an affirmation. It can be as simple as being grateful for your home, your family, the food that you eat, the bed you sleep in, your faith, your generosity, or even your presence (which is actually very significant). Nurture a passion to improve your skills. Be loving to other people. There is nothing more valuable in society than spreading positive energy. Lastly, don’t be afraid to share what you have to offer. Express yourself freely, and the world will give back accordingly.

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So here are the quick tips on how to apply the law of attraction towards your health, fitness, and/or self-love journey:

  1. Set an attainable and empowering goal that has a personal truth about yourself.
  2. Adopt the goal as if you already have it, or will in the somewhat near future.
  3. Take the necessary steps to achieve your goal and discover it in reality.
    1. Find motivation within yourself by digging past excuses.
    2. Keep envisioning your goal as if it is real and you’re simply acting upon it.
    3. Recite affirmations that will encourage you all along the way.
  4. Once you accomplish your goal, live it as something you love to be or pursue, and enjoy it.

In all honestly, I highly recommend you to look into the law of attraction, consider applying it to your everyday routine, and see what happens! It might not be for everybody, but in terms of effectiveness, it is how you use it to your advantage that will determine the outcome. Personally, it’s helped me immensely, both before and after I found sight of my goals. Anyways, I really hope that you enjoyed this post! Do let me know what else you would like to see next, and I will be back very soon!

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