New Year’s Updates: Diet, Exercise, Blog + Lifestyle

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Can you believe that the new year has commenced ALREADY?! I swear, if there is a concept that Alice in Wonderland wrote the most accurately, it’s Time. Otherwise, when you think that time just can’t get any slower, it quickly grows impatient and vanishes right before our eyes.

For a lot of people, a new year signifies a new beginning. Everybody signs up for the gym memberships, the juice cleanses, the weight loss programs, the workout classes and the fad diets. Happens. Every. Year. Doesn’t it get a little redundant that everyone waits for a certain “momentous” day to start something new when it’s really just an ordinary day as any other? Oy, the way our culture markets our holidays!

Interestingly enough, I don’t have much on my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions list. I feel as if what I’d put on my list also belonged on the list for the previous years or I discover that there is so much of me that I should improve on, both inward and outward. You can say that I have many, many goals, but not necessarily resolutions completely catered towards 2017. On the other hand, I do have a small handful of major, major goals that I would love to accomplish by the end of the year, or at least progress significantly farther in these pursuits.

Following several videos and articles concerning how to make the most out of planning new year’s resolutions, I compiled a reasonable list of goals that are all specific, positive, attainable, and most importantly, realistic. It’s amazing to dream big, but being practical is the way to not set yourself up for feeling like a failure if you do not accomplish a daunting feat. divided my new year’s goals and updates into several different categories: health, diet, fitness, blog-oriented and life-oriented.

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Two posts ago (link here), I opened up about my vow to being truly honest with myself and my body. For the longest time, I planted a weed in my garden, a weed that would prevent a certain flower from blooming, a flower that could save the garden. Because of this weed, I failed to acknowledge that one of the most important parts of my health had gone missing, aka my menstrual cycle. Once in a while, I’d recall that my period never came around when my friends would complain about PMS, but I figured that if I was still healthy otherwise, then it didn’t matter, at least not enough for me to worry about it at the present moment.

Consequently, my doctor informed me that a missing period and low white cell count increases my susceptibility to osteoporosis and sickness, aside from the obvious infertility. On top of that, my weight was low enough to insinuate concern for this mild amenorrhea, and that I could use more pounds to surely stake my health. From that moment on, I now know that restoring my period and a normal white blood cell count are my ultimate priorities. After days of research and discussion, I now know that there are many solutions to getting both back into my body.

Ultimately, my focal paths towards obtaining my regular period again are increasing my lean muscle mass as well as reducing my exercise frequency and intensity. Seeing all of my family and friends starting health grinds by cutting out sweets and starting exercise regimens while I practicall

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What am I eating, how am I eating, and will I change anything, those are the questions. For a blanket statement, I still follow a plant-based vegan diet but will strive to make a few minor changes. Firstly, I am committed to sticking to more whole foods snacks rather than pre-packaged ones. Replacing vegan protein or nutrition bars with more whole foods-based snacks is one method I plan on experimenting with for the new year. Lately, I’ve been loving to nosh on sunflower seeds and hazelnuts during work!

My second goal focuses on ensuring that my levels of my vitamins, minerals and trace minerals fall in a healthy range, mainly B12, D, iron, calcium, zinc and carnitine, the final being of primary concern. While carnitine is only found in animal foods, vegans generally do not have any deficiencies in carnitine so as long as they consume enough protein, which is personally very easy for me. I am not entirely sure as to whether or not my body has difficulty producing carnitine by itself, or if I need more nutrients that are necessary to create it. For now, all I can do is focus on eating sufficiently and wholesomely, just as I always have.

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As for my exercise routine, everything seems pretty self-explanatory. Instead of working out every day at a relatively intense level, I will be reducing my exercise frequency to around 3-4 times of a mix of weight training, HIIT, tabata, cardio and kickboxing every week. During my weight training sessions, I hope that my average dumbbell size increases from 8 pounds to 10 pounds in at least a month’s time, but I don’t have a set deadline for anything.

Rest days are usually reserved for pilates, yoga, walking and other forms of low intensity cardio. With the addition of yoga, I hope to see improvements in my flexibility and ability to recover from more hardcore workouts, as driving sore quads to do more tuck jumps and burpees every morning is a tough, tough process. Plus, it would be WAY easier to stretch after every session successfully!

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Nothing about the content of my blog, despite the transitions to college, veganism and everything else I have undergone in 2016, will change drastically. The superfitbabe will always center around being healthy, happy and fit. I don’t plan on becoming a primarily vegan blog, nor a student blog, nor anything too specific. With specification comes stigmas.

However, I will continue to talk more about my vegan diet, which means I will post only vegan recipes that are definitely customizeable to be non-vegan for my vegetarian, pescetarian, flexitarian or omivorous readers! Along with that, I will post more about my life as a college student, remaining healthy, fit and balanced while studying and possibly about my Food Science field if I ever find that it’s interesting and valid for the site. Reflecting on the past few years of blogging, I would love to resurrect product reviews, restaurant reviews, Tuesday Thoughts, and obviously post more creative recipes. Honestly, cooking in college is much more limiting than I anticipated!

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Rigidity, routine, and relentlessness are my middle names. At least starting this winter quarter, my aims are pointed towards loosening up with my schedule by incorporating more social outings and time for my personal pleasures. With hardcore studying and working on campus, I had very little time to truly put my heart and soul into creating high-quality and meaningful content on my blog and my YouTube channel.

If we’re going to be totally honest, for a while, I thought that I failed the blog. My creative fire just died out so much because of the stress I was occupied with in college. Eventually, once the workload eased by itself, all kinds of fantastic ideas for writing new posts and pouring out my thoughts online came to my mind. I rediscovered my blog as a personal priority rather than a secondary hobby. Truthfully, writing is such an important form of therapy for me, and I can’t afford to sacrifice something so important in my life again.

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What are your New Year’s resolutions? How did you spend the last day of 2016 and the first day of 2017?

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