Instigating Peace Without Being Political

For everybody who resides in the U.S. or has been heavily informed about the media lately, it’s been a very, very rough week. Same here. *raises hand* And not just because of the American election results, the political disagreements online, the protests and that computer movie programs have been failing on me.

I understand if you weren’t expecting me to talk about something as sensitive as politics, and you don’t want to see any of this kind of value on my platform. That’s okay. This IS the “superfitbabe” blog after all–just food, exercise, health and mindfulness-related content, right? But I cannot stand to not address something as important as what’s been occurring in my country right now. It’s not okay.

Most of you know that our electoral college has now instigated the election of Donald Trump, a GOP candidate that the majority of the American citizens are not-so fond of for numerous reasons. Trump has instigated so many controversial values and fear-mongering plans for presidency that endanger the lives of so many innocent individuals, including those of Muslims, minorities, females, the LGBTQ community, the disabled, immigrants, the list goes on. And the superfitbabe blog is run by a female of a minority background. Of course I’m on some level of danger.

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The day before yesterday, I called my dad on the phone, all riled up about how so many lives of my old high school classmates, my friends, my classmates, my relatives and everyone else across the nation now wear this cloak of fear around themselves because of Trump. Engulfed in frustration, I told him that I fear for myself, for all of us. But he doesn’t (and that is not just because he is the most practical human being I know). Sure, he admitted that he wasn’t sure what the potential immigration policies would entail for him and my family, but he told me that he lived with Bush as a president and Obama as a president, one Republican and one Democrat. For all of those years, he has still maintained a successfully self-sufficient business and kept our family safe and healthy. One person didn’t determine whether or not his life would suffice his personal needs. Politics is not the main concern. It’s the people.

In just nearly three days after the election’s results, Trump’s supporters are having field days by taunting, assaulting, threatening and endangering the lives of many. Those who have voted for him may say that this will only last for a short amount of time, so we can be safe, right? What they do not understand is that a dangerous gesture can be initiated within a second, and the trauma lasts forever.

Having been raised in California my entire life, I can say that I do have privilege. California is a dominantly liberal state–not to mention that I’ve also grown up in a relatively wealthy area and continue to enjoy an education. But as the movement of hatred spreads, I might not even be able to walk around my campus without fear that I could be taunted for my Vietnamese ethnicity, let alone sexually or physically assaulted on the streets because I am a female. Yesterday, I actually contemplated carrying a hand-knife in my purse because I was so scared of leaving the apartment complex without getting hurt.

And even before the election, I was concerned when I first stumbled upon Trump. It wasn’t entirely because of what was being said and written about him. I was more concerned because he was trending. Trump had been doing something right all along, and that was drawing attention to his campaign. As an influencer, attention equates to power. It didn’t matter if the attention was positive or negative–the public ultimately gave him power by showing curiosity of what he’d say next. They already voted with views, likes, dislikes, shares, comments, etc., and somehow, Trump made his way to the top and conquered. Controversy and negativity brought him there. Unfortunately, the mass public thrives off of that. And that is what saddens me the most out of everything that has happened.


By the way, it’s 11:11 P.M. on the 11th of November, isn’t it? I’ll probably be asleep by the time the clock strikes 11:11 and this post has been published, but ultimately my wish encompasses our culture. I agree that our political system is flawed. The electoral college has a very interesting procedure as to how it works, and it doesn’t always result in the best outcome. But the result of the election is far more historical: we are once again a divided nation…

  • So you’re a Trump supporter? You’re a self-righteous, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, privileged bigot who doesn’t care about anybody else’s rights!
  • So you’re a liberal? Wow, what a sorry-ass sore loser you are who can’t accept that our president won fair and square.
  • So you’re a third-party voter? Way to waste your only chance of preventing Trump in the first place.
  • So you’re a non-voter? How could you not fulfill your basic civic duty as an American? Shameful.
  • So you want California to secede? Go ahead and leave, we don’t want you here anyway. But tell me how you’re going to come crawling back to us because you’re stuck in your drought and you can’t provide fresh water.
  • So you want California to stay with America? Why are you being such a coward and not fighting against a country that doesn’t even understand its own values?
  • So you’re not scared for your life? White-privileged asshole!
  • So you’re scared for your life? Nothing’s going to change, you pussy!

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I will not deny that Trump’s campaign victory has ignited a terror-filled movement of hatred and violence in our country. Ultimately, I wish to bring peace and justice back to the people. I wish for our culture to be fueled by happiness, love, unity, fairness and harmony. The public feeds off of the conflict and the scandals. It’s what maintains the excitement. Yes, I’ve seen so much fracture with this election. But it’s brought many people together as well. When the country elected its first African-American president, the country exulted. Same when the LGBTQ community finally got the legal right to declare marriage. It can happen. I have faith.

For many of our ancestors, it took a lot of blood, sweat, tears, bravery and pain to earn their equality and establish what they believed in. Along the way, they became stronger, wiser and more empowered individuals. Hardship builds character. We can only benefit from controversy if we look at what has been presented to us, understand what is right, understand what is wrong with it and how we can fix it. With this, we can only move forward, grow stronger and grow louder. Do not lose hope. I am here. You, me, them, we. Love will prevail.

One thought on “Instigating Peace Without Being Political

  1. Wow, it’s rare that I read something I completely agree with. I stumbled across your page this morning as I was reading some articles about Thanksgiving. (I’m against celebrating this ridiculous lie, for the same reasons you are). And added to all of what you said, I have strong opinions about the meat/agricultural industry. The fact that not only does meat consumption destroy our environment, it’s totally selfish and unethical. We have plenty of access to non meat nutrition in modern society. And it’s unhealthy in my opinion. The hormones and antibiotics alone. And this situation we are in now with trump as president elect, this is the first time I have ever really worried about safety, security, the world my daughters are growing up in, and everyone so divided. You said you don’t like to get into politics, and I understand that completely. People disagree so much, and up until now I have not taken a big interest in politics. But I feel like this isn’t a political issue. At least not deep down. I’m 38, white, divorced, fairly well educated, (I think, lol), pretty liberal, non religious, animal rights supporter (vegan mostly), and like you, I’ve enjoyed a lot of privilege. I’ve not really had to work as there has been plenty of family money, although I wish I had focused more on having a career that would have brought fulfillment and purpose and done more to make the world a better place. At my age, I have some regrets. Maybe if I had been raised in California or a more liberal state. I have lived in Tennessee all my life. And you can’t begin to imagine the environment I grew up in. It’s not like it was that long ago, either. I graduated high school in ’97. The people I graduated with are the parents of high school and even some recent graduates now. (Because most people I know had children soon after high school, myself included). I never realized how backwards it is here until cell phones with instant access to social media, the Internet became something everyone, even the poor had. Being able to connect with the entire world, throughout the day opens you up to more diverse ideas, takes you out of your little comfort zone. Like I was saying, it shocked me when trump won. But when I remind myself of everyone I went to high school with, it should not be such a shock. In a school of about a thousand students it was all white. Not a single black student. There were a few people that were bi-racial, like I had a friend who was half Vietnamese , but only a handful. And these kids were horribly tormented. A black student was sent to our school to be on the football team my sophomore year, and he was harassed, tormented, physically assaulted, until he left after 2 weeks, and none of the teachers talked about it. No one. Now this was the 90’s, but these are the people that are now in their 30’s who live in my community that voted for trump. People here are often openly racist almost. Why I’m different, i don’t know. I’m ashamed. Embarrassed. The sexism is rampant, too. I kept my older daughters out of public school, my nine year old, too is in a private Montessori school. So they are also disgusted by trump supporters. We are fairly heterosexual but we attend the pride parade each year, because there isn’t much support here. I am explaining all of this because I think, someone like you living somewhere as progressive as California maybe are more shocked than people living in red states. And when you live in a community where I think 70% or so supported trump, you live in a fucked up world. I’m open about being an atheist, and have lost many “friends” that think of me as a satanist, even though that’s just as ridiculous, lol. Even my more liberal friends, all of them cling to some backwards religious beliefs. I’m very alone when it comes to religion. And I blame religion for a LOT of the bigotry. I’m on fb a lot, and I couldn’t believe how many people were adamantly against Hillary because they are so “pro-life”. I get not wanting to ever have an abortion, but when trump said women should be punished if they have one??? Wow. And don’t get me started on mike pence! Trump managed to find someone worse than himself as vp. I think maybe it was a safety measure, so no one would assassinate him, lol! People I really thought were reasonable have supported Donald trump, and it’s so disappointing and frustrating. One of these people being my ex-husband, father of all three of my girls. My father is wonderful, I can’t imagine how they must feel. Embarrassed I’m sure, and offended maybe. In front of them a few nights ago, he defended the “locker room talk.” I’m just glad my kids have enough influence from my side of the family to see how wrong all of this is. And I have opinions that I admit are different, and I may not always be right, but I’m right about support of Donald trump being deplorable.
    This was really long. I started writing because I wanted to tell you how much I like your page, and I’m glad that there are intelligent, responsible women like yourself out there. Maybe we WILL have a woman president soon. Stay safe!

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