PureFit Bars Review

Has anyone else ever gone through the protein bar obsession phase? I absolutely have about ten thousand times plus, and possibly in counting because it can come again in one big blow.

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I remember back in the days where I’d eat Quest bars every week and feel like such a bodybuilder whenever I did so, particularly if I did so upon exiting the gym. However, the majority of protein bars in the market, including Quest bars, are made with whey protein, a dairy byproduct that many people such as myself cannot digest properly. Another reason that people choose to avoid most protein bars is that they have a wonky texture, taste too sweet, or contain a lot of artificial sweeteners and other additives that aren’t very healthy. But have no fear peeps. PureFit is here!!

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I first met the PureFit team at my first ever visit at the IDEA World Fitness Convention back in 2014. I came not once, not twice, nor three times, nor four times, but FIVE. Maybe six or seven times even! The samples I tried of their bars were so delectable that I hunted them down the day after. However, I was unable to find them at my local grocery stores and eventually shifted my focus on more conventional and widely available brands such as Quest, B-Up, etc. I found them again at this year’s Natural Products Expo West and was able to contact their amazing team for a free sample of bars over the summer!

Below are all of the individual reviews of each flavor. This is listed in the order of how they are pictured above!


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I wasn’t very excited about the Almond Crunch bar and expected it to taste relatively mild and bland in flavor. While it is not very extraordinary in comparison to the other bars that came in the collection, the Almond Crunch exceeded my expectations of it not being a very tasty bar! The pieces I chopped into my Peanut Butter Cup sweet potato cereal were very soft, doughey and perfectly sweet. In the future, I would only purchase this bar once in a while, but it is pretty delicious regardless of how ordinary the flavor seems. If you really like the flavor of almonds, but not so much that they’re all you taste, then this bar is perfect for you.


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Again, just like the Almond Crunch, I wasn’t really stoked about this flavor with the assumption that it would taste similarly bland, except with a couple of pieces of dried berries inside. The bar ended up tasting similar to my expectations minus the fact that the overall bar was sweeter and tastier than I thought it would be. It is indeed basically the Almond Crunch bar with a couple of freeze-dried berry pieces, which I really enjoy, but wouldn’t purchase on its own since most of the other flavors overshadow both this and the Almond Crunch bar.


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Now having the tongue of a chocoholic, it would be practical that I’d be extremely stoked about trying this flavor, and I absolutely was excited for it! The rich, dark and fudge-like bar was the perfect topping for my supposedly sinful peanut butter smoothie bowl–I mean, you can’t ever go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter together, right? The only catch is that this bar is more suitable for dark-chocolate lovers rather than milk-chocolate fans, which is totally perfect for me. I highly recommend this flavor and it’s probably one of my favorites of the bunch!


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Holy. Granoly. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with this flavor, but when I did end up trying it on a decadent chocolate smoothie bowl, my mind was blown! The texture is smooth while the flavor is light and sweet with an essence of cinnamon, vanilla and maple. Absolutely spectacular bar that I would recommend to anybody and also buy if I ever happen to find it!


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The vendors at the PureFit booth told me that this was their ultimate bestseller. Prior to this review, I’ve tasted this bar many many times, so much that I could not stop visiting the PureFit booth for seconds, thirds, fourths! It is basically my kind of perfection in the form of a bar: chocolate pieces, a peanut butter taste all over, a silky smooth texture and little elements of crunch from the rice crisps. Using it as toppers for a smoothie bowl is wonderful, but this bar can also be devoured by itself!


Now I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this flavor. It is pretty much creamy peanut butter plus rice crispy perfection: sweet, flavorful, smooth and soft in texture, yes yes yes. What’s really unfortunate is that I didn’t really get a chance to use the Peanut Butter Crunch bar to its full potential because I made the mistake of allowing my sisters to share a little bit of my bars. Little did I know that one of them finished the WHOLE bar before I got a chance to cut it up and put it on some sweet potato kabocha pudding! But this situation says a lot about how the bar is. Given that my sister isn’t the biggest fan of protein bars and she devoured this bar in almost a day, this is an ultimate winner for even protein bar haters!


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Unlike the rest of the bars where I consumed them in increments of thirds, I ended up eating this entire bar in one sitting, which is good since I got the full experience of the bar’s whole composition. This tasted just like the beloved Peanut Butter Crunch bar, except with a slight caramely and fudgey taste blended into the flavors! Along with the rice crisps for an extra crunch, this is definitely a bar that I would purchase on its own again and again!


It would honestly be SO hard for me to try picking out a top five, let alone top three list of bars that I loved the most because I enjoyed ALL of these bars in their own ways. If anything, I would absolutely love a pack of all of these bars since they all taste amazing, are packed with 18 grams of protein and 220-230 calories in each, only contain nutrient-dense ingredients and have the perfect protein bar texture that isn’t difficult for your teeth yet doesn’t seem too much like an artificial candy bar. With delicious rice crispies and a killer flavor in each bar, you will not be disappointed with PureFit’s phenomenal products. I would recommend these bars to anybody, regardless if they are vegan or omnivorous, on a healthy regimen or not. There is at least one wonderful bar for everyone to enjoy on a smoothie/oatmeal/sweet potato cereal/parfait/on its own, so get on hunting!


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