New YouTube Video: My First Ever Mukbang | Cauliflower Green Curry + AB&J Sweet Potatoes (vegan)

I was being serious when I said I absolutely LOVE watching mukbangs, but I was never surely serious of actually attempting to record one! Basically, I just made food, sat in front of my iPhone in my room, and started eating and talking as everything recorded. It was honestly the most nerve-wracking experiences as of now. Besides laying out a very vague and basic blueprint of what I could start off with, I didn’t script anything. Mukbangs aren’t usually scripted to begin with, but at the same time, I just felt this HUGE blow of nervousness when I hit the record button and started talking, which is why I came off much less enthused as I wanted to. 😦

Despite feeling so nervous, however, something in my mind was at peace. The idea of attempting a mukbang felt right. Something within me just wanted to speak out on YouTube again–only in a way where I could actually communicate through voice rather than camera shots. I was so shocked that my conversations just seemed to come so naturally! It wasn’t hard finding something new to talk about in between munches and all. I didn’t over-analyze anything, either. So yes, I might sound pretty obnoxious in some parts of the video, but how many “pretty eaters” have you ever come across in your life, right?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Now onto the food: here’s what lunch looked like! I cooked one cup of textured vegetable protein from Sprouts with turmeric, black pepper, water and a little low sodium tamari sauce on the stovetop and brought everything to a boil. The recipe makes two servings so I ended up having one serving of this bulk TVP, and it was actually SUPER filling. My cauliflower-based green curry was pretty much identical to the one in my YouTube video and blog post, but I used turmeric instead of cinnamon. It still tasted amazing!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

For dessert, I ate four mini Okinawan purple sweet potatoes (MY LOVE) with some crunchy unsalted almond butter and organic strawberry fruit spread, which are both from Trader Joe’s (MY OTHER LOVE). Basically, I had four mini almond butter and jelly sweet potato sandwiches! I’ve been absolutely addicted to them, and they did not disappoint this time either! Well, except for the really long and skinny sweet potato in the top right corner whose ends tasted like volcano rocks.

So in short, I am so grateful that I actually decided to try taping myself attempting a mukbang! I was beyond nervous, but the overall experience was extremely fun as well! I’m definitely thinking of making another mukbang in the future and talking about even more fun subjects! Please don’t forget to like this video, leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos in your YouTube feed! Thank you so much for watching it and I’ll be back with another video shortly!

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