Instant Blondie in a Bowl (healthy, vegan + gluten free)

Talk about throooooooowback Thursday! Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a proper recipe post, and to be honest, it’s because it’s been a while since I’ve made a really nice recipe that I personally think is worthy of sharing. I haven’t been very good with food creativity, which is such a shame since I have all the time in the world to do so. But do not worry my lovelies–I am now on the bandwagon to more awesome recipes comin’ yo way, so be on the lookout for more! There are also a couple more recipes that were uploaded on my other social media platforms that I’ve neglected to share for some strange reason, but anyhow, I will definitely put those out there as well because I think they are absolutely indeed blog-worthy.

There are just a couple of changes that I want to make to the blog’s content. I feel as if last year and earlier this year, the blog has been WAY too food-oriented. Don’t get me wrong, food is such a big part of my life, my passions, as well as the traffic I get, but at the same time, if I carry on anything for too long, I get bored eventually and I just drain out my creative fire. That’s why I enjoyed making really simple meals, grazing around and eating at my favorite vegan restaurants all while taking a mini break from spending hours in the kitchen. But thanks to Pinterest and my newsletters via e-mail, I’ve finally found my desire to cook once again and I am thrilled to share more recipes. In the meantime, I’m planning on posting more restaurant reviews, travel recaps, posts with advice related to health, fitness, nutrition, diet, stress, mindfulness, Buddhism, independence, preparing for college and all that encompasses my journey. Do not fret, food will still be part of the heart of the blog, but I just don’t want to neglect the other angles of my life that are really important to me.

Speaking of blog changes, there are also a lot of personal changes that I’ve been making and also been thinking about:

Number one: We’ve decided to sell the house instead of renting out both our current house and our potential house. The reason why is because our renters did not complete the payment by the deadline, and because it is financially a lot easier for my parents, paying for only one house is the way to go. As of now, our new house is going to be smaller than our current one because I will be off to San Luis Obispo within less than two months. That means I gotta make do with a couch if I have to! We’ll see how my back turns out then! Anyways, living a much more minimalist lifestyle without a lot of clothes, everyday devices and even a little less bulk food has been somewhat interesting, but lately I’ve been adapting to it pretty well.

Number two: Since posting about GOMO, I have indeed been away from the computer a lot more, which is extremely beneficial for my personal well-being. Yes, I’ve made the risks with terrible freeways, overpriced parking structures, depleting my poor Volt of battery life, getting lost without Wi-Fi, etc., but these experience have all added up to my adaptability of the real world. I know now to be super aware of my surroundings, think quick and practically, and be kind but restrain contact with strangers who want to take advantage of you.

Number three: I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo. It’s actually something that has been on my mind for four years but the actual ideas have changed a little bit. What I really want is a rib-cage tattoo of the Wheel of Dharma, yoga energy symbol, or a third eye chakra. To be honest, my parents aren’t too thrilled about my desire for a tattoo, so I just say that I’m not completely sure about it. But to be honest, it’s getting there.

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Now, let’s talk blondies. My mother’s best friend and neighbor has the best chocolate chip walnut blondie recipe in the entire universe. She’d bake several dozen batches for birthday parties, barbecues and grand dinners for all the guests, except I’d demolish more than half of them every time. Back then, walnuts weren’t exactly my fave but I’d just swallow them in hopes that I’d like them someday (luckily, that day came within a few  years) and enjoy the rest of the soft, gooey hot dough melt with the chocolate chips in my mouth. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that this sweet potato kabocha pudding-based recipe will taste exactly like my neighbor’s killer blondies, but it’s still pretty damn divine if you ask me.

What makes this particular blondie-style dish special is the addition of my new favorite root: maca powder! It took me two years to try it. TWO FREAKING YEARS of passing by the Whole Foods aisle and neglecting it because maca is ridiculously expensive, but one day I decided to take advantage of the splurge because the desire to see if maca actually tastes like caramel was burning inside of me. You can check out my full review of maca on my second foodie obsessions post, but in short, I’ve been using it a lot lately as a garnish for roasted sweet potatoes, fruit, breakfasts and desserts!

After the pudding cools, that’s when you get to stir in the goods. I just went old-fashioned and used dark chocolate chips, but you are free to use walnuts, macadamia nuts, vegan marshmallows, anything you please. If you reheat the instant blondie, the add-ins just melt in so beautifully with the sweet potato kabocha consistency, so yes, it is absolutely mandatory that you mix in something! 🙂

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  • 1 cup cooked and peeled kabocha
  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • 1/2-1 tsp maca powder
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 TBSP or more of water/almond milk
  • Sweetener to taste; I used Stevia
  • Vegan dark chocolate chips to mix; around 2-3 heaping TBSP will do
  • Opt: turmeric, walnuts, macadamia nuts, cranberries, etc.


  1. Blend all ingredients except dark chocolate chips in a strong food processor until the mixture is very smooth and thick.
  2. When the mixture is room temperature, stir in dark chocolate chips.
  3. Reheat and garnish if desired.

Ever lose some kind of creative spark? Are your more Team Blondie or Team Brownie?

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