Tuesday Thoughts: The Alphabet of Self-Actualization

Attract the energy you desire in your life.

Believe in the future and what it holds.

Care for those around you.

Don’t blindly conform to other ideals.

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Eat real, nutrient dense foods for your body.

Forgive yourself for your wrongdoings because you are human.

Give everything your one hundred-and-ten percent effort because you only get one distinct chance at anything.

Hold onto those who will love you and support you no matter what.

Immerse yourself in a creative, happy and flourishing environment.

Jam to music that brings you life and rejuvenates your soul.

Keep everyone and everything close because they contribute to your self-formation.

Live in the present moment.

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Meditate every day, whenever you can.

Nurture a life, whether it be a child, a pet, a friend or a relative.

Open your mind to anything and everything but believe nothing.

Prepare for your fears instead of hiding from them.

Question authority because nobody is your real boss.

Release the negative energy outside and within.

Surpass what you believe is your limit since it doesn’t exist.

Teach what you’ve learned from your experiences because you can save a life.

Understand that you will fail, you will slip up and you will not always succeed.

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Value the time you have left and use it with motivation.

Wander the Earth and its cultures to connect with more people.

‘Xercise your body through dance, yoga, stress, anger, fear, joy, excitement, surprise, etc.

Yield what you have in excess to those who are in need.

Zone in on what you overlook every day and thank them for being in your life.

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