Evolution 20 Review

Do any of you guys remember my super old YouTube video of the BurnThis Santa Monica Wellness Event that was so poorly edited it’s embarrassing? 🙈 We’re not going to talk about how awfully my camera stabilizer effect totally wrecked the panning of every shot. I would rather have dealt with a bouncy panning shot than one that seemed to have tried too hard. Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, enough about really bad video editing, let’s get into the real topic at hand, shall we?

If you were actually able to sit through the entire vlog (kudos to you BTW because even I couldn’t do it when I stumbled upon it again as I embed the link into this post), you know that I met Christine Bullock, one of my biggest inspirations on my journey! While I didn’t discover her until around after I lost all the excess weight, she really encouraged me to adopt health and fitness into my personal self and public image, which is partially why I started the blog too! I have admired her confidence so much that I learned to cultivate my own, hence why I promote a wholesome lifestyle so avidly. At the Santa Monica Wellness Event, all of the attendees received a bag of freebies (my absolute FAVORITE), which included the Evolution 20 DVD of Christine Bullock herself!

Now it’s been AGES since I’ve tackled on a workout DVD. The last workout DVD I remember following was back in eighth grade when I attempted P90X with my father and my sister every night and practically flooded the carpet with sweat every other night. But as of now, not a lot of people I know use DVD players anymore. Also, ever since I started using my computer a lot more often to look up workouts on YouTube and utilizing the gym in my community, there really is no necessity for me to use a workout DVD anyways. However, since we will be moving pretty soon (which is why I’ve been crying over an empty fridge as of now lately–but that’s a whole different story), my parents told us that we need to start packing. Upon rummaging through a few of my old possessions, I found Christine Bullock’s Evolution 20 DVD!

One morning, I finally decided to try a couple of her workouts on the first disc for a change. For my whole workout the first day, I completed her Power and Endurance videos and finished with some cardio on the spin bike for a little more than twenty minutes. Let me just say that my expectations were totally exceeded! The first ten minutes of the Power video was pretty easy, and it got increasingly difficult to keep up with Christine’s energetic pace as time progressed. By the end of Endurance, I was a hot, sweaty mess. Oh yeah, and it was only twenty minutes long.

Before I knew it, I started shuffling through her workout videos every week on my HIIT and cardio days, having a blast. I’ve been embarrassed several times when my family members would walk in on me following along her Agility videos, which are comprised of aerobic dance moves that get your heart pumping and blood flowing. The thoughts in my head shifted from “Christine, this is cute“, to “I AM DYING PUHLEASEEEEE PROMISE ME THIS IS THE LAST ROUND–[Christine: “Two more times everybody!”]–OH SH*T“!


Despite not having any weight loss goals or progress records, I still enjoyed this DVD because it was a great way for me to break my exercise rut. I mean, you can only use the same YouTube videos and spin bike routines for so long until your body starts adjusting to everything. In a way, finding this DVD again was a blessing and it got me to use my player a lot more for other DVDs such as P90X and 22-Minute Hard Corps, which I’ll review in future posts.

In every video, you get to see Christine Bullock motivating you with her vibrant, bubbly and beautiful energy as you follow along each move that ranges from beginner to advanced. There are always two other trainers in the videos to show you the beginner modifications if the exercise is too difficult or if you have some kind of injury, and the advanced exercises if you want to take it up and notch (I assume that leaves Christine as the intermediate level-trainer). I generally try to do the intermediate and advanced exercises because I like getting the most out of my workouts, and with time, I really found myself getting stronger and completing more high-quality reps, even though the videos were only 20 minutes long.

Unlike most fitness programs that cost you extra if you want a diet guide, the DVD comes with a free nutrition program, 60-day meal plan and 7-day jump start plan with 43 recipes. I have not tried any of the recipes since I do not have any serious weight loss goals, but I will definitely look into them more closely just for fun! Looking at the grocery list and the ingredients, they are very high quality, nutrient dense and vegan friendly recipes that you would want to actually eat! Think burgers, pizza, pancakes, etc….seriously.


Single-legged burpees. It’s just as bad as it sounds.


Definitely check out this DVD if you are looking for an innovative way to get fit, tone up and lose weight for sure, but it really depends on your goals. Short on time, tired of the same old elliptical, and you need an extra source for social support (obviously some that is not too intrusive)? Evolution 20 is the perfect fit. If you’re trying to put on a lot of muscle and gain a lot of weight that way, then another DVD that features more weights and equipment might be more suitable for you.

I really am not just saying that this program is absolutely incredible because I’ve met Christine in person–it is honestly one of the funnest and most enjoyable ways to get yourself to exercise and love fitness even more, but in a whole new perspective. It sure taught me about a brand new angle of exercising, and that you don’t have to get your heart pumping through burpees and squats. While they are included in the videos, you’ll be introduced to all kinds of new ways to move and get in a really good workout with Christine’s positive energy pushing you the whole way.

Evolution 20 site: http://evolution20.com/

Christine’s site: http://christinebullock.com/

Evolution 20 sneak peek: https://youtu.be/zeaRhuE_qWs

One thought on “Evolution 20 Review

  1. SINGLE LEGGED BURPEES?! i want to try out of curiosity though, kinda like picking at a scab that you know is going to “rescab”, do you know what i mean? 🙂
    anyways, i am going to go into high school next year and i was wondering if you have any advice for the coming years? in general, but also how you balanced homework with exercise and cooking during weekdays? I have been reading you for the longest time but never commented, and i think i’m kinda similar to you, and I love how you are experimenting to “cauliflowerize” curries. I am a more sweet girl, and I like to incorporate cauliflower into desserts.
    Thanks for the amazing blog!


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