Prom + Graduation Recaps

I’ve decided to combine the prom and graduation recaps together because both are too short for their own posts, and plus they’ve also led me to all kinds of interesting thoughts that have been running around in my head since I’ve finally graduated high school. Before I actually dive into what’s been going on, let’s just throw it back to the recaps, shall we?


I started off my Saturday with the usual morning HIIT and weight training workout and post-workout breakfast curry, but instead of visiting the farmer’s market, I had to stay home to get my makeup and hair ready for the big night! My little sister Alyse was originally going to curl my hair, but being the busy bee she is, had to attend a field hockey game and a birthday party. My mother ended up curling my hair and putting on my eyeshadow, and it ended up looking stunning!

P.S. I totally proved her wrong in that dark lipstick totally works with anything!

Around 1 PM or so, Jess (practically my second sister if you haven’t seen already), came over to have lunch and get ready with me, just in time for us to do our nails! Let me tell you that if there’s anything that I cannot do to save my life, it’s manis and pedis. I don’t even know how many times I had to repaint my pinkie toe and my pointer fingers because I’d just look away for a second and then find that I messed up one of them again and again. Painting your nails sucks. I was so frustrated that I almost removed my entire manicure and pedicure because I didn’t want my entire hand to be ruined by one messed up nail. Luckily, we ended up getting out nails done in time and fit into our dresses! BTW, did you know that Jess actually created her dress by hand? NOT joking. She worked on it for a long time and it turned out beautiful!

Right before we left, my mother took some photos of us in my backyard. We did end up taking some more inside of my house but I decided to only upload the backyard photos because they have the best lighting!

We arrived to our school and practically played Oscars Red Carpet the entire time while waiting for each bus to leave. Everybody looked so striking and lovely, and it totally made sense because prom is the ultimate event to glam up!

IMG_9914 (2)
Jess and I with our whole squad! Interestingly enough it looks like we all came as dates, which is true except for me and Emilio on my right. LOL!

Once our bus was ready to take us to the studio where the prom dance was taking place, we all climbed inside and were totally ready to party! People actually brought in inflatable dominos to play with for the ride! I sat next to my friend Rachel while Jess sat with her date on the seats across from us.


It was amazing how we all branched out to each other rather than just sticking to our private little pairs. Goes to show that when you become a senior, you really gain appreciation of those around you much more. And if anybody from the other buses is reading this post right now, hands down we had the best bus crew.

Captured from SnapChat (explains super crappy quality LOL)

440 Seaton, the location of the dance, turned out to look even more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined! Everybody was guided inside a dimmed hallway with arcs wrapped in glowing lanterns that led to a semi-dark room with a dance floor, a balcony, a bunch of white-clothed tables, two buffet bars and of course, more lanterns streaming across the ceiling. The setting was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! Speaking of which, I was pleasantly surprised to find some pretty decent options at the buffet bars. I ended up eating a load of steamed vegetables with some chicken for a good dinner.

For the majority of the night, I danced barefoot to every single song, whether it was one of my favorites, a guilty pleasure or a total cringey! It was interesting because I grooved all around the floor rather than sticking to just one little circle of friends, which was actually a great way for me to indirectly connect with my classmates through a universal language. During a slow dance song my friends and I took pictures at the free photo booth, and I finally mustered up the desire to put on a silly stormtrooper mask while we took the shots. At the very least, I wanted something that would match the color of my dress! 😀

Overall, the night was a HUGE success! I didn’t slow dance and I was beyond exhausted when the prom bus took us back to the school at midnight, but it was amazing to experience one last night with the senior grade where we didn’t have to be in our uniforms and we could let loose a little bit together. Prom is definitely a night that I will always remember.


I feel as if the jitters of graduating came to me in one big blow literally right when the Dean started counting down the walk to the stage. My nerves were pretty relaxed for the whole morning, but once I started walking down towards the stage, my heart started pounding and I could feel myself shaking. However, once the audience was able to see me, I made sure to keep my cool so I didn’t end up looking like a fool in the graduation photos! I’m already pretty non-photogenic to begin with! 🙈

The graduation ceremony consisted of speeches made by our head priest (I do go to a Catholic school, after all), salutatorians, valedictorian, headmaster, and principal–all the perfect length so I didn’t feel the need to fall asleep through any of them! But of course, amidst of all this, my brain practically bounced off the walls as if it took 1200 mg of caffeine. I thought about how I will never see my classmates again–minus my really close friends and neighbors, all of my classes ranging from Religion to AP Chemistry to AP Calculus, the moments I panicked whenever I’d arrive late to school, wearing my uniform, eating breakfast in my car and sometimes even class if I really had to, and pretty much all of my past that had to do with high school. It was one flashback after another.

The diploma collecting finally started after the last full-length speech, and this was where our administrators were absolutely correct in that some families would go crazy. I saw parents, siblings, relatives and friends holding confetti cannons, posters of the students’ faces, kazoos, and wildly loud screams and cheers (luckily, my family didn’t do this!). Eventually, I heard the cue name for my row to stand up and receive our diplomas. I heard my name, stepped on the center stage to shake the principal’s hand and get my diploma cover in the opposite hand. After the final congratulations was announced, my class and I placed our tassles to the left sides of our caps and tossed them in victory. Receiving my actual diploma in the hallway we walked back towards seemed like all a blur. I couldn’t believe it. I was done.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Now the memories of bidding my friends farewell and hugging my teachers for the last time are completely vivid, ingrained into my mind. It’s saddening, actually. Truth is, I didn’t know how to feel at the time because it didn’t seem like anything really changed. I still felt the same–it wasn’t like I was saying goodbye, but see you later to my school. There might be a high school reunion for my class, but who knows? Either way, I was finally set for bigger plans ahead of me. I’m practically starting a new chapter in my life already!

Since this Saturday was my special day, after all, my family and I celebrated with an amazing lunch at Anarbagh, my beloved second home besides Whole Foods, Sprouts and Trader Joe’s all tied on the same ranking. Could you seriously go wrong with Indian food? I think NOT! We feasted on the basics: chicken tikka, vegetable biryani, garlic naan, garlic roti, vegetable masala, samosas, saag bhaje and eggplant bharta (which I ended up hogging all to myself). However, I ordered fish karahi, a tomato-based curry with sea bass and bell peppers, for the first time! Let me tell you that it will definitely not be the last!


That day, I was generally blissfully happy. For the first time in ages, we as a family were all together at one of our favorite restaurants, ate amazing food sans bickering and conflict. And of course, I basked in my relief that high school was all over.


I am so utterly grateful of my high school experience overall. While I was a junior when I first created the blog, you know somewhat that I went through a pretty crazy roller coaster that put me in a doozy of moods! Freshman year was the time I barely peeked out of my shell after a rough past in middle school. Flash to sophomore year and I was really getting into health and fitness–REALLY getting into it–and that was the year I started my Instagram as well! Junior year I practically cried every week, but it was the most important year because I took the most difficult classes, got to know who my true friends were, improved my overall efficacy by milestones and started the blog. By the time I became a senior, I can proudly say that I’ve come a long way. I know how to open myself up without the fear of judgment, can take everything with a grain of salt, generally think for myself and make my own decisions knowing that I am the one who is in control of my life.

To be honest, it’s been overwhelming trying to fill out business resumes and finding places to apply to nowadays. While I really want to have a completely free summer, I know that getting my first job will definitely help me gain experience in the work force and make some pocket money as well! I’ve been looking for jobs at certain clothing stores and juice/smoothie places at my local mall, even though I generally don’t like the atmosphere of malls. But hey. I’m here to WORK, not to shop, obviously. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed these two recaps of these super senior year events! They may not be health or fitness related but they do contribute to a significant part of me. You bet that now the superfitbabe blog and I have graduated, it is set for BIG things ahead!

19 thoughts on “Prom + Graduation Recaps

  1. Girl, I should have had you help me pick out a wedding dress because you’ve got AMAZING taste when it comes to dresses! You look gorgeous! Of course I want the DIRTY details about prom that you probably didn’t post on your blog 😉 hahahaha!

    Let me know if you need help applying for jobs! It can be SUPER stressful & discouraging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! GiGi, I bet that Aphrodite’s gonna have to WATCH HER BACK on your wedding day! 😉 And we’ll keep in touch when we collab haha! Thank you so much for offering to help me–it’s been crazy renovating each of my resumes to cater towards each job I’m applying for, PLUS driving to each place to deliver a printed copy! Guess this is what comes when you finally have to man up and live on your own! 😞

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cassie you are STUNNING! Your backyard prom pictures could be in a magazine. Just saying. I can’t believe your friend MADE her dress- that is unbelievably cool! I went solo to prom in a group of couples too! Looks like you had a great time. 🙂
    Also, congrats on graduating! I cannot BELIEVE that we’re done!! What are your plans for this fall?
    I’m excited to see your blog continue to grow too! We’re blog buddies 🙂
    ps.- It’s interesting that you moved your tassel from right to left when graduating, because my school did it the opposite way!


    1. Awwwww Ellie thank you! 😘 I know, her dress turned out absolutely amazing!! And you gotta love that bachelorette life 😉
      Thank you so much, and sometimes it feels like I’m still in high school. LOL! I’m attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a Food Science major, which is really exciting because it’s the exact major I’ve always wanted! What about yours?
      And yes, we definitely have to keep in touch! Let’s go on this journey together! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on graduating Cassie! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and want to thank you for it! I like to practise my english by reading and I share most of the things you write and are passionate about. So I’ve found your blog most enjoyable to read – your writing is so fluent and versatile and the topics you cover in your blog are interesting. And it is fun to see how different your lifestyle is there in California compared to ours here up north 🙂 All the best Cassie! Best wishes from Paivi from Helsinki, Finland.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Paivi! I am so glad that my blog resonates with a lot of your passions and that you enjoy reading it! I really appreciate your kind feedback.❤️ And I’m really curious to hear about life up north! All the best!


  4. I’m so excited for you! Looking back I remember feeling the same way at high school graduation, it seemed like a total blur at the time, but it really was the last time I saw a lot of my friends from high school. The good news is that graduating will help you weed out who your real friends are, and who you were just friends with because you saw every day. And good luck on the summer job search! I’m in the same boat looking for something to do this summer and I know its not fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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