NYC Recap 1: Cookies for Supermodels?!

Why once every year a photo of mine goes viral on Instagram is beyond me. In this case, it might be because Karlie Kloss herself liked my photo of the Perfect 10 Klossy Kookie from New York City I posted a while ago, and her fangirls probably paraded from there.

I don’t easily get starstruck by celebrity fame, but I silently fangirled myself XD


ANYWAYS, I initially have never heard of the Momofuku Milk Bar store until my sisters introduced it to us from Instagram. While the dessert place is more celebrated for its cereal milk, cereal milk-flavored soft serves, crack pies and selection of cake truffles, they also sell different kinds of cookies. One particular category of cookies is the Klossies, which was co-created by Milk Bar and Karlie Kloss after the VS supermodel founded her famous Karlie’s Kookies line (now known as Klossies). The last time I recalled the kookies, I remembered that they were those super tiny oatmeal chocolate chip crumbly cookies that tasted great and were made of really awesome ingredients, but were UBER expensive for the size of each cookie. Three sand dollar-sized cookies for more than fifteen dollars? That’s hilarious.

Upon seeing the kookies, I was astounded to see that they were pretty much bigger than my own palms. I’m not saying I have huge hands, but in comparison to other healthy cookies, you get a pretty darn generous size for $3.75!


And of course you need to know how this cookie tastes! Even though this is definitely not your average chocolate chip cookie, this Klossy absolutely deserves two thumbs up! The texture is definitely not like a cardboard cookie–it’s a very complementary blend of chewiness from the oats, softness from the dough and the crunch from the almonds and chocolate chips. There’s an amazing underlying sweetness that isn’t very overpowering, but it’s just at the perfect threshold where you can sense it and enjoy it on its own. I am not necessarily the biggest fan of agave due to its health controversies, especially in comparison to most liquid sweeteners, but this is a treat that you shouldn’t have every single day but you can have every now and then, after all.

What makes this cookie somewhat different is that because it’s vegan, the cookie is very crumbly and falls apart pretty easily, so I ended up saving half of this cookie to use as a topping for my vegan coconut snow cream, which I will recap in a later post!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I highly recommend that if you really like oatmeal cookies and almonds, you should definitely give the Perfect 10 klossy a try! The klossies also come in other flavors delicious flavors including gingerbread (rice & spice), dark fudge (5boro) and maple coconut (the coco), all of which sound so good I wish I was back in NYC to try them out! Now I know for a fact that these klossies won’t be for everyone since some people don’t like the texture of oats, the idea of a cookie falling apart or even a vegan cookie at all. However, I think that klossies taste delicious and have a super unique composition that no other type of cookie can master! I personally enjoy it and I know a lot of other people do as well.

Summing everything up I hope that you enjoyed my first recap of my NYC adventures! I know that this isn’t an actual “adventure” all in itself but this was a super awesome highlight of the trip that I want to bring to the blog because I think everyone should try the klossy! Whether or not you want to or even are Victoria’s Secret model material–which FYI is totally not me–you can definitely enjoy these cookies any time of the day. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried a klossy before and what your favorite treats to have in NYC are! Until then, stay tuned for more recaps coming your way!


Have you ever had a massive blowup in Instagram likes? Would you ever try a Klossy?

4 responses to “NYC Recap 1: Cookies for Supermodels?!”

  1. I randomly have IG blow ups = but on the weirdest photos! LOL! Photos I really don’t even care about LOL! It’s so odd how the damn algorythm works!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree XD I was not expecting it at all!


  2. Okay, I did not know Klossies were vegan! I remember seeing your photo on Instagram and thinking that it was a gorgeous cookie, but assumed I couldn’t have it. Now I feel like I need a trip to NYC stat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are, isn’t it great?! You definitely have to try them if you ever come to NYC!


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