Tuesday Thoughts: Plans for the Future

It still hasn’t quite occurred to me that I’ll be graduating high school in almost exactly a month. Seriously, everything has been completely whacked up. So crazy that I have cried of anxiety and broken down almost every week for the past couple of months. But I swear, I do not have some kind of mood or anxiety disorder. Most people my age would have caught senioritis by now, which I have traces of but am more leaning towards Senior Anxiety Syndrome, if that’s even a thing.

That being said, I have a pretty vivid blueprint of what’s going to be happening in the next couple of months, because right when September hits, I will be living in a whole new city, on campus of a brand new university, all surrounded by people I have never met before and new pressures of young adulthood coming my way (Including setting up a budget. YIKES!). I’m terrified, honestly. Turning eighteen years-old didn’t even feel like a big blow, but this does now. I guess that’s the beauty of this life transition–I don’t know what’s going to happen next and I can experience all of it as it passes. Below I basically listed everything that is set in stone and pretty much what we’re all going to expect this year and for the years passing now!

IMG_7313 (2)
Last day of PolyCultural Weekend with my assigned group!
  • A new home: Ta-daaaaaaaa! I’m moving! Okay, that may sound like nothing special to you at ALL, but for me, it’s going to be one of the biggest life changes as of right now. While I have lived in three houses, my current home is the longest I have lived in–pretty much more than twelve years! I’m both really excited to be living in a new area, but I’m also somewhat longing to stay home because there are just so many memories instituted here. I love the gym I live so close to, the farmers market I go to, but I also truly love my house. As weird as it sounds, I have a sentimental attachment to a lot of rooms and items here–my bed, my balcony, my desks, my piano, and even though I will be going off to college soon, it’ll be sad to know that I will no longer be driving to the same address when I come to visit. My parents are not sure when we will move specifically, but it will definitely be before I do settle on campus, which is what I’ll be discussing in the next point!
  • College: I’m not going to be like those social media icon wannabes and skip university only to coop myself up at home and make online content. No no no. I believe that my hard work deserves a lot more than that, and that is learning about important subjects that I’m passionate about so that I can help change the injustices of our society. Inevitably, I netted all of my safety schools but did get some not-so-surprising rejections; however, the whole waiting game process was not as painful as I thought it would be. My parents would always tell me that at the end of the day, everybody ends up where they are supposed to be. As of right now, I’ve pretty much committed to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which was actually in my top two list of colleges I wanted to go to! I’ve already visited the campus, paid the housing fee and accepted my admission, so it would be hard not to!
  • Career pursuits: My major shifted from biology to environmental studies to finally food science. Yes, my options are extremely limited, but so are my actual desires. I no longer want to be a pharmacist or a biomedical researcher, but now I would love to be an agricultural scientist or a food technologist. My path to pharmaceuticals were merely fueled by extrinsic motivations: money and comfort. But now I want to pursue something a little more dangerous, something that would allow me to change the system. Now, I seek a career that would enable me to improve the agriculture and farming industry, which in America is so corrupt and so detrimental to our environment.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

  • Diet changes: As reiterated multiple times on the blog, I will be transitioning to a more plant-based lifestyle once I step foot on campus. I have been told by other students I know that it’s very hard to do so–let alone if you’re a gluten free vegan–so I’m torn about the situation. So far, I’ve given up red meat and most dairy (but once in a blue moon I’ll have a small serving of Greek yogurt only if it’s a last last resort), but I still eat seafood, poultry and eggs because I feel fine consuming them. However, I’ve been educating myself for the longest time and I already feel awful about contributing to the highly unethical and unsustainable practices in animal agriculture, and my heart is just so set on being a part of this really positive movement. Technically, I will be mostly plant based because I no longer consume dairy on a regular basis, but there will come a time when I will have eliminated all animal products and byproducts out of my diet while still consuming an equal balance of carbs, fats and protein without any extremes. As of now I’m just doing my best, and will take full initiative to eat as little animal products as possible when I gain the independence to do so. And one last thing: when I recently found out that tikka masala is made with cream, yogurt and butter, I was DEVASTATED. Luckily, I’ve been loving my new original curry creation pictured above that is completely free of dairy, lactose and even coconut milk if you want to omit it! New recipe coming yo way. Wink wink.
  • Exercise changes: Because I will be living in a college, there is a huge possibility that I’ll start using a bike–MAJOR extra exercise points. I’ll also have to say hello to Cal Poly calves since San Luis Obispo is quite hilly, hence my walks will be a lot harder than those on flatter surfaces. The campus has the loveliest, most stunning gym that will practically become my second home (besides the nearest Indian buffet from the school, of course!), and while I’ll have to take minimal selfies to respect the other students around me, I’ll be spending a lot of time there and staying as fit as possible! On the other hand, I do really want to try joining a sport such as cycling or cross country, depending on how my epilepsy condition is since the last time I competed on a sports team.
  • Different content (sort of): Pretty much everything will remain the same, but for sure, my pictures of my own food will not be nearly on par as of now because I’ll be saying goodbye to my beautiful backyard soon, so that unfortunately may mean uglier pictures! (Hello, boring white dorm/apartment porch.) You should expect a LOT less Tuesday Thoughts since I will be a lot busier and have trouble thinking of things to talk about and possibly less recipes because I will be without a lot of the necessary food products and kitchenware to craft really original recipes. I’ll probably be that wonky blogger who posts a recipe that was made five months ago 😂 JOKING, but seriously. There will be a lot more college edition What I Ate Todays, travel posts, posts giving tips on how to stay active and healthy while in college, how to live on a budget and even more lifestyle posts displaying what I do as a student!
  • Less frequent posts: Unfortunately, college is another step towards the real world, meaning that I have to buckle down and be serious–by serious, I mean bawling the night before a major exam with heavily caffeinated green tea with a double shot of espresso. I will just be way too busy for so many things–clubs, classes, possibly a job and social life–that I’ll find myself scheduling posts months and months away from the days I do get chances to construct them. Blogging is so important to me and it’s the reason why I wake up happily every morning, but it’s not reality. I don’t really seek to become a full-time blogger, so it’s only a fraction of my life.

I know that this Tuesday Thoughts is so different from normal and it’s not really compelling in any way, but I thought that I just give you some really raw information about my life and future plans, along with my true thoughts on everything. To be brutally honest, I’ve been feeling extremely anxious, so anxious that it’s taken a majorly negative toll on my well-being. There is so much fear stirring inside of me and I’ve been emotionally disordered as a result. But I know that this is the time when I have to hang on the tightest and work the hardest. It’s such a short distance from the finish line and I’m excited to see what’s in store as I begin this new chapter in my life, and I’m thrilled to take you guys on it with me. Thank you all for joining me on my journey and helping me grow into a better individual, and I hope that you stick around as I open the doors to something that is just the beginning of a crazy new part of my life! ❤️

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts: Plans for the Future

  1. So many exciting things happening! Food science sounds like so much fun, and like a great fit for you; I’m jealous of all the cool stuff you’ll be learning. As for the transition to plant-based, you can totally do it! (But, of course, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do it overnight). I also hear that Trader Joe’s makes a vegan tikka masala 😉

    And I totally understand how you feel with the anxiety of graduating. I felt the same way in the months before I graduated college last year; it can be a really stressful time! But, I know you’ll get through it; and it sounds like you’ve got some great opportunities coming your way. I can’t wait to read about them! That being said, if you want to talk/complain/vent about any of it, I’d definitely listen xx

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    1. Food science is also something I’m really passionate about–I’m excited! For now I’m just listening to my body and seeing what plant foods I can eat more of and what animal products I should eat less of. And I HAVE to try the vegan tikka masala from TJ’s!

      The stress is getting a lot better now that I’m completing everything but sometimes I do encounter those worries. Thank you for being open to listening as well–I really appreciate your support 🙂


  2. You are incredible (I just typed “ingredients”…?) and I too am super proud of you! Keep doing what you’re doing. All the hard work is totally worth it and I hope you enjoy the last few months of high school!

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