New YouTube Video: Natural Products Expo West 2016 Recap

This was the day I got a supply of protein powders, bars, popcorn, gluten free and vegan cookies that I’d expect to get in a lifetime. I actually first heard of the Natural Products Expo West on Instagram, and I was so jealous of all of the visitors who got to sample the unlimited amount of chia seed products and gluten free cupcakes! How could I not be?! I kind of forgot about it in 2015, but just last month, Arman told me about it again and reignited my interest! I registered as a correspondent, got my ticket, and BAM, I was ready to go by Friday!

I got there really early, so I decided to get in a good workout of spinning and mat work at the Hilton Health Club and Spa beforehand–besides, I didn’t exercise before I arrived, hence I really felt the need to get it in so I wouldn’t feel really crappy and sluggish for the rest of the day. By the time I walked back from the Hilton, I was DEAD EXCITED to get started! I browsed around so many booths that I still would have trouble counting them all down–I didn’t get a chance to record them all because I ran out of photo and video storage! However, I did capture these samples!

And that’s not even HALF of it!

Here’s a very interesting story before I get into what I actually got once the expo was done: it got to a point where Arman and I were trying to find each other, but because the expo is so darn crowded and large, it was practically impossible, like walking through a huge maze. Anyways, my phone decided to die at the BEST TIME, right when I was texting him what booth I was at! So, I walked outside feeling hopeless because I needed to go to the restroom to recuperate myself. Luckily, there’s a charging station for phones, but unfortunately, I forget mine. BOOOOOO!

However, these extremely kind women decided to lend me one of their chargers so I could text Arman and my father (who by this time I’d assumed was picking me up) what was up. Meanwhile, I got the chance to take some time off the product hype and converse with these women, learn their stories, what they did for a living, what their passions were and why they came to the expo. After one of them, who I found out was a seller of the Pro Bar (which is so cool!), had to depart, I continued speaking to this other woman who also told me that she’s seen my blog before!

I was absolutely baffled. I thought I was so unknown in the blogging community. Here are these people who have hundreds of thousands, even millions of followers, and then me. Not that I compare myself to other bloggers in regards to popularity because I’m not looking to blog full-time, but it was still really surprising because in comparison to other bloggers, I am nowhere near famous!

Anyways, I found that this woman was actually Kellie Olver from HSN, ShopNBC, The Shopping Channel, QVC–heck, she has her own podcast! (I felt quite uninformed [much better word for dumb since I actually did feel really dumb LOL!] because I didn’t know who she was until I met her.) Her story about molding her different selves–the shy girl at home versus the superstar in front of the television–into one character, eventually learning to use her gifts to the fullest. I highly recommend that you check out her website and her videos for more!

As for the Instagram post, when I found out that CLIF was holding a photo booth to raise money towards protection for organic farming, I knew I couldn’t miss out on such a wonderful cause. I had to take a photo right away in the nick of time before my phone would possibly die for a second time! I would love to talk about how much organic agriculture means to me, but the caption speaks for itself 🙂

Now for the haul! I actually had a HUGE un-bagging on Snapchat and ended up with more free samples than any other convention I’ve ever went to. I don’t think I’ll ever have to go to Vitamin Shoppe or GNC for a very long time!

Expect a LOT of reviews to come your way. I cannot be more excited to experiment and try new recipes!! 😀 Hope you enjoyed this video and recap of the Natural Products Expo West! This was one of the biggest highlights of the year thus far and I cannot wait to attend next year!

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