Lenny & Larry’s Cookie Review: Snickerdoodle and White Chocolate Macadamia

Just like Arctic Zero, I’ve been seeing Lenny & Larry’s products almost everywhere! However, most of the time I would see their muscle brownies, even though I knew that they also had other products. I tried some of their cookies for the first time at the L.A. Fit Expo and let me just say that I had such a hard time pulling myself away because I could not stop eating the little cookie bits! They did not taste healthy at all. I thought I was at some Food Network bakery devouring sinful little treats.

When visiting Farm Boy, I found them again, and I just had to purchase some because I’ve never found the cookies anywhere local–only the brownies, which don’t look as appetizing. There was a vast amount of flavors, and it was so so hard to pick even two. I settled on snickerdoodle in a heartbeat, but the next was between peanut butter, pumpkin spice, oatmeal raisin, and lemon poppyseed. I almost bought pumpkin spice when Arman showed me a white chocolate macadamia that was almost the size of my dog’s head, so I was completely sold! Besides, the pumpkin spice cookie was quite wimpy in comparison.

IMG_4065 (2)

Now, onto the review: all of Lenny & Larry’s products are high protein, high fiber, vegan, non-GMO, free of artificial sweeteners, soy, trans fat, cholesterol, etc., which is good and all, but that’s not to say that I would eat these all the time. They are definitely not the best in terms of having whole-foods ingredients. There’s not only a mouthful of ingredients overall, but you’ll find a lot of additives such as palm margarine, thiamine mononitrate (which is not very good for people who are pregnant or have liver problems), and wheat flour, which we all know isn’t good if the grains have been stripped from their fibrous shells, or if anyone has celiac disease. But then again, I consider this to be an occasional treat, hence I’d only have it in moderation.

The snickerdoodle cookie was absolutely heavenly. It’s completely dusted with cinnamon and sugar like an actual snickerdoodle, it’s just as soft, fluffy, moist and sweet like something that your grandmother would bake for you when you were younger. Heat it up a little bit in the microwave and it’s like Christmas Eve in your very own kitchen! I found it very hard to share this one.

This cookie was really good too! Unlike the snickerdoodle cookie, this one is a bit crunchier, especially on the bottom, which I really like. However, I do wish there were a bit more white chocolate and macadamia chunks, or at least make them a little bit bigger so that they’re much easier to find, but the texture and sweetness are definitely there. The snickerdoodle tasted better because it matched more to its flavor, but I really enjoy this one too.

Macros on each cookie displayed are for one serving, and each cookie has two servings. Hence, you’d just have to double what you’d see on the label if you ate the whole thing. They may seem a bit calorie dense, but these cookies are GINORMOUS in size, almost as big as the Subway chocolate chip cookies, so you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck (which in total would be around $2.08 a cookie if dividing by a 12-pack that is $24.99).

Overall, I personally think that the Lenny & Larry’s cookies are delicious and perfect for sharing, but I would not have them all the time for three reasons: 1) I can’t really find them anywhere else besides supplement stores and Farm Boy–all of which are too far from me to shop at regularly, 2) The cookies aren’t the healthiest treats to have, and 3) I like to eat my packaged foods in pieces (yes, even bars), so these cookies will last me for a while. They are definitely better than the average cookie you’d find in a bakery, but there are a lot of super healthy and whole foods cookie recipes out there that you can try making for yourself too. Given that we’re not all master bakers (myself included because I wouldn’t consider myself a superb baker), if you do live by a store that sells these cookies, give them a try if you can have them because they’re awesome! It would also be very cool if they made a gluten free line of treats or a vegan brownie line to cater towards people’s needs.

Hope you enjoyed this quickie review! I really enjoy these products, and comment below if you’ve ever tried the Lenny & Larry’s cookies, if I should give the brownies a chance, if you have any other cookie flavors I should try, or if there are any other vegan products that I should hunt for next! Until then, click the link below to learn more about these cookies and possibly get some yourself! ❤

Site: https://www.lennylarry.com/

Have you ever tried Lenny & Larry’s products? What are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Lenny & Larry’s Cookie Review: Snickerdoodle and White Chocolate Macadamia

  1. Hi – I think the snickerdoodle is super good too. I think the recipe has changed though. The last box I bought tasted very different than when I first started buying them. What do you think? The Chocolate Peanut butter swirl cookie is very good! Totally worth a try!

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    1. Hello Janeen! Thanks for the comment! It’s been a while since I’ve had the Snickerdoodle flavor because I got hooked on the Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin flavors as of now! I definitely will have to try to find the chocolate peanut butter cookie. It sounds delicious–thanks for the recommendation!


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