New YouTube Video: L.A. Fit Expo 2016 Recap

I guess you can say that I had a good time.

Ha, I’m totally kidding, I had such a MAGICAL experience! Now I’m usually someone who LOVES fitness expos but literally, this was the best one, I’m not even kidding you. Watch the video to see what I mean, and you’ll get the gist. You’ll seriously wish you could’ve been there.

I did stop by the Quest booth first thing, and let me tell you, I got the BEST jump shot in the history of all jump shots taken. Even I don’t think I could beat that in 2017. The people working at the booth were so kind and enthusiastic about marketing their products–in fact, I got to sample their new cookies n’ creme protein powder through a super sweet and thick shake (AND HOLY MOTHER OF GOD was it amazing!), and also received two Quest bars and three Quest protein samples! Everyone who worked there was super peppy, super sweet and super generous as well. So, BIG thumbs up for Quest for being a sponsor of this convention and also bringing a wonderful community to host the booth and offer awesome freebies to everyone!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Next up is meeting Karena and Katrina of Tone it Up! (Hey, that rhymed! LOL!) I did go to a couple other booths to shovel some FOOD down my face–GNC, Arctic Zero and LARABAR–because I didn’t actually realize that you could step into the Tone it Up bootycall class that was taking place on the main stage! When I originally registered for this convention, I saw that you had to pay a separate fee for this class, and as much as I LOVE these girls, I wasn’t willing to pay for it because….well, I’m cheap! However, I stood outside of the main stage to at least get a glimpse of what was going on, and a sweet woman supervising the event gave me permission to join! I was ecstatic and got in a great ab and booty workout that I did not expect! What I also love about the Tone it Up program is that there are a lot of partner-friendly exercises, which means that you get to meet other TIU girls and have fun together and spreading the community!

Not only did I get my butt kicked with this workout, but I also got to reward myself with probably one of the BEST protein brownies I’ve ever tried at the Perfect Fit booth! I was so impressed–it didn’t even taste healthy! It was soft, chocolatey, sweet, moist, everything you look for in a brownie. I got a free sample of vanilla Perfect Fit, a Tone it Up flat water bottle, and a mini parasol so that I could use it for future smoothie bowls! I know that it’s probably for cocktails, but obviously I don’t drink! Anyways, the TIU girls and I stood in line so that each of us could meet up with the girls and take photos (other people gave us siggi’s samples as well, which was super nice!)! When it was my turn, my heart started pounding and it seemed as if I was trembling so much inside that I couldn’t get myself to stand up straight! I gave Katrina and Karena each a loving hug, in awe of how just as beautiful they are in real life as they are on camera, took a couple of photos and told them how much they’ve inspired me throughout my weight loss journey, because they seriously have!

I spent more time browsing all of the booths and getting footage of the madness before the YouTube House meetup! Didn’t get a chance to take a lot of photos since my phone took up most of its storage from the videos! Anyways, I finally walked by the Quest booth and recognized the House squad immediately when I saw John and Brian in their Quest shirts! They were already conversing with other fans by the time I came over to greet them, but they were so friendly and eager to talk once I said hi! Rob Lipsett, Chelsea Lifts and Travis S arrived later in the day, but I was able to meet up with them right before I left as well! What I loved most about meeting everyone is that these people didn’t just say hi, take a photo and leave, but I got to exchange a substantial amount of information with all of them, as if they weren’t just YouTube celebs. To see everyone in real life was more than I could ask for, but to actually have in-depth conversations with all of them is UNREAL.

Here are the samples that I’ve gotten from the convention as well! I will definitely do a review on all of the ones that I haven’t tried before, and I’m super-duper excited!

IMG_3567 (2)

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed filming and editing it. If you guys like these types of videos, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more! ❤

Have you ever been to a fitness convention? Which YouTubers would you like to meet?


4 thoughts on “New YouTube Video: L.A. Fit Expo 2016 Recap

    1. You’re welcome! You should totally think about going to one! I’ve always wanted to attend one of their retreats but I was either too young or it was during a school month! They were so sweet! 🙂


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