Hotspot Review: Go Greek Yogurt

A little more than a year ago, frozen yogurt broke up with me by giving me the absolute worst, most nauseating and dizzying stomachache and headache anyone could ask for. I dunno. He probably just thought I was “too healthy” for his type and decided to call it off. Hey–I still eat junk! Everything in moderation, right???? Yeah, apparently, that wasn’t enough. Froyo’s a bit of a glutton anyways.

Last October, however, The Village opened up this interesting place called Go Greek Yogurt, which is basically the Greek yogurt equivalent to an ice cream parlor. The only other present Go Greek Yogurt is all the way in Beverly Hills, and I don’t want to drive all the way there if I can just make a parfait right at home. However, what you can’t necessarily recreate at home is their kryo, or their Greek yogurt soft-serve. But we’ll get to that later!

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Looking upon their menu at The Village, they serve different variations of parfaits with honey, fruit and oatmeal instead of sundaes. Also, there’s a lot of different fusions of Greek flavors in the savory items known as fresko, which generally have various vegetables, fruits, olive oil, cheese and pepper. Interesting, right? And like some other ice cream parlors, you can order smoothies, coffee and different kinds of teas.

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Back to the kryo, or my favorite part about this place! Just like Menchie’s or Yogurtland, you can ask for sample cups and self-serve any flavor you like. There’s a seasonal rotation of different flavors, but the same ones are vanilla, chocolate, honey, plain tart, wild berries, and a combined swirl of each. After you pick your flavors, you also choose any toppings you want. You can find a bunch of superfoods such as carob chips, cacao nibs, chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds, goji berries, hemp granola, coconut and seasonal fruits!

I’ve gotten a chance to sample all of their regular flavors, and they all have the same hint of tartiness you’d find in Greek yogurt. If you don’t like that overbearing tartiness, try the honey or wild berries flavor (tastes just like sorbet), or if you like tartiness but only on it’s own, have the plain flavor. Being the absolute chocolate fanatic I am, I love the vanilla-chocolate swirl the best. You can definitely taste how sweet and rich it is with the tart from actual Greek yogurt that I love! Some of the seasonal flavors I’ve tried so far are pumpkin pie and apple pie, both were absolutely to die for–so delicious, that despite how cold it is, you would want some any day!

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Like any other froyo place, you pay by weight, so be careful because you just might end up eating a pound worth of soft-serve, hahaha! But in all seriousness, Go Greek Yogurt is a great place to have a small treat that’s much, much healthier for you than ice cream or regular frozen yogurt, because it’s made with a very delicious, high protein, high probiotic yogurt and is lower in sugar than most. It also has a very nice ambience, friendly and accommodating service that will let you sample as much as you want (well, they may get annoyed if you sample too much XD), and is a great spot to hang out after school, on a girls’ night out, study sesh or post-workout treat!

Have you ever been to Go Greek Yogurt? What are your favorite frozen yogurt flavors and combinations?

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