Tuesday Thoughts: Being Different Isn’t Wrong

Something that I see a LOT are weekly inspiration posts, whether on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or whenever! I find them extremely enlightening and fun to read, and because lately I feel as if there is so much going on in my mind, I want to start posting some of my weekly inspirations as well! I’ve made mine on Tuesdays because Tuesday happens to be my least favorite day of the week, and I want to spice those days up. For some reason, since Tuesdays tend to be really bad days or really boring days for me, I always want this to be a cushion so that I know that at least there is something good or positive that I can turn to every Tuesday.

So here we go!

I’ve always been told that I need to play it safe, that I have to stick with the classics and follow the norms. Every time, I hear, “Before you go out, make sure you check with me to see if what you’re wearing looks good”. “Don’t post that picture. It’s not socially appropriate”. “Stop that. Normal people don’t do that”. “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE NORMAL?!” Okay, I know that the last phrase was extreme, but someone actually did yell that to me. I know, cruel, right? Well, I think that this idea of “normal” is so ingrained into our culture as well. If you’re different, you’re wrong, you’re an outcast, or you’re just clueless. Um, no, I’m not wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being an outcast, and I am perfectly knowledgeable about what I’m doing.

I’m not wrong for not seeking a large house. I’m not wrong for not wanting a television when I grow up. I’m not wrong for caring more about buying clean food than I am about buying the latest fashion items. I’m not wrong for wearing workout clothes to sleep. I’m not wrong for not going to parties. I’m not wrong for supporting the “Free the Nipple” campaign (won’t elaborate, but you should Google it). I’m not wrong for wanting to travel on my birthday instead of getting jewelry or makeup. (Unless you get me an unlimited supply of Quest bars. Then the deal is closed.)


What I want myself to do from now on is to embrace my quirks. Yes, in many ways, I am a conformist, but I am also an outsider who has independent beliefs that just so happen to conflict with the norms. We all are, and that’s okay–whether physically, mentally, spiritually or psychologically. Diversity is the most beautiful gift that we have in this world and it’s a shame that many people want to suppress that in order to channel everyone into being robots working towards a common path and believing a common idea. So many questions cannot be answered correctly, and that’s the beauty of them. We all have our own answers, and we just don’t want to listen to them and follow others’ ideas.

I encourage you to listen to your inner voice. Stand up for yourself the next time someone pushes your beliefs down. Continue what you really want to do, even if it’s different. Just be you, because even though I am Buddhist and I believe in reincarnation, you will not return to this same body, this same character, after you die! Cherish your true self, stop caring about outside judgments, and live your life the way you really want to. Nothing can stop you from kicking ass except you and your choice to be the same, to be boring. You are not boring, and you shouldn’t project yourself that way.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts: Being Different Isn’t Wrong

  1. This made my night! I agree 100%, people should embrace themselves no matter what society thinks. You have to make youtself happy, not society. Great post!


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