Health Warrior Free Sample Pack Review

Hello, fellow health nuts! Have I got a treat for YOU! Yes, I have found another delicious nutrition and protein bar company that is completely vegan, gluten free, wholesome and nutrient dense!

The secret ingredient, or not-so-secret ingredient if you’ve had these bars before, is CHIA SEEDS!


Before I review on how incredible these bars were–I actually tried them before this review and loved them so much!–I want to thank the Health Warrior family for this lovely note! It makes the company’s overall character much more personal than most corporations that only care about selling products. Health Warrior actually cares if you enjoy what they sell! ❤

Anyways, let’s get onto the best part which are eating the bars, eh? So first up on the chomping block, we have…the acai berry bar! I was a bit nervous upon trying this bar because I never thought of tasting acai in its non-smoothie form. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet, slightly tarty flavor of the acai along with the chia seed crunch! Overall, the bar offered a great balance of texture and flavors, so I give it a thumbs up!


Onto the second round with the Peanut Butter chocolate bar–oh yum, yum, yum! You know that I have an obsession with the flavor of chocolate and peanut butter together–it is probably one of my top 3 favorites! Obviously because I love chocolate and peanut butter so much, this was one of my favorite bars out of the entire package! There is a very distinct flavor of both foods with the mild chia, so you won’t be disappointed with this one!


The third bar I gobbled up was the coconut bar, which was my first ever Health Warrior bar even before this review! The coconut and chia seeds combo was so soft, buttery, crunchy and sweet–I could not stop after even three bites! It is slightly higher in calories than the other mini bars, but it is so good that you will want to eat the entire thing. Hands down this was probably my absolute favorite bar of the bunch!


The second to last mini bar of the pack was the banana nut bar! I also took great curiosity in trying this treat, so I was quite excited on how it would taste! I wasn’t disappointed either! The bar tasted like homemade banana bread. Super tasty, naturally sweet and chewy. Will definitely purchase this one again too!


Last of the mini bars was the Dark Chocolate Cherry bar! Not to be confused with the acai berry bar–wrapping is very similar because of color schemes, but this is an extremely rich, mildly sweet, tarty and decadent bar. It tastes almost like a sinful fruity candy bar with chia seeds! Mamma mia, I know!


As for the protein bars, they were much larger and thicker than the others, but I definitely enjoyed them as well. The peanut butter cacao bar wasn’t very different from its mini version, but the dark chocolate and sea salt protein bar was incredible! It is rich, crunchy, slightly salty and craving-curbing from the strong dark chocolate flavor. It can almost replace your typical candy bar!




I found no disappointments in taste, texture and flavor schemes of all bars! They are all uniquely delicious in their own way. Plus, the packaging is gorgeous and the company seems extremely approachable and accommodating! It is also more accessible than most of the bars I’ve seen at Whole Foods and Sprouts, which is a major plus too.


Really little to none, but the chia seeds do tend to get stuck in your teeth. Hence, I wouldn’t eat one of these bars before a special occasion unless you bring a toothbrush! Also, I am personally not a fan that this company uses agave syrup because of the way agave is heavily processed.


Health Warrior is an incredible company with amazing treats that come from mostly healthy resources, with the exception of agave. No weird chemicals, artificial colorings, flavors, no sucralose or aspartame; even supposedly healthy bars sometimes contain funky ingredients! Every bar tastes delicious, contains omega-3s and a great array of nutrients that you wouldn’t typically find in granola bars! Please do look into these products and you will love them so much!


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