Evoke Foods Muesli Review

If you haven’t seen my Sweet Potato Cereal recipe, I have a LOVE for anything cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch was obviously out of the question when transitioning to my healthy lifestyle, so I turned to granola and multigrain flakes for a better alternative. However, many granolas and “healthier cereals” can still be high in sugar, low in fiber and filled with weird ingredients! (*cough* Special K *cough*) Don’t get me wrong, I still eat granola and sprouted cereal in moderation; just on top of other foods such as parfaits, smoothie bowls and even pancakes!

But then I found muesli. Muesli is basically a popular breakfast/brunch dish from Swiss consisting of raw rolled oats with a few other mix-ins such as berries, nuts, coconut, spices and more. Even though I was into oatmeal at the time, I really wanted to try this out. Fortunately, I have gotten the privilege a while back to receive a few sample packages from Evoke Foods, a top muesli brand!


The BIIIIIIIG package with fancy-schmancy recipe and ad cards came with four BEAUTIFUL bags of muesli: Antioxidant, Morning Zen, Super Muesli, and Athletic Fuel.


It’s pretty apparent on Instagram that I absolutely ADORED this muesli, and I still do! I’ve used all four in some ways, but generally as toppings rather than by itself. Why do I love this muesli in particular? Well, Evoke is an environmentally ethical facility that supports local organizations, plus the company’s muesli is raw, vegan and uses only whole grains, superfoods, naturally dried fruits, nuts and seeds in their muesli. Yes, NO syrups, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, sugars, or dyes!

First out of the packs I had to try the Antioxidant Muesli. It’s made with cacao nibs, goji berries, walnuts and dried blueberries–how tasty does that sound?? I sprinkled the muesli on top of my FlapJacked cinnamon peanut waffles, falling in love at first bite. The oats’ crunchy texture really complemented the sweetness of the blueberries and goji berries along with the strong bite of walnuts and cacao nibs.

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The next day, I sprinkled my next meal with the Super Muesli, which has organic cranberries, coconut, hemp seeds, raw quinoa, almonds and chia seeds! The cranberries BURST with flavor and the chia, hemp and coconut provide you with some delicious and healthy fats while the oats and quinoa pack in protein and fiber. The Super Muesli made an absolutely delicious part of my Sweet Potato Breakfast Noodles!

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The Athletic Fuel muesli was fortunate enough to partake in my first experience trying the purple sweet potato. MAN OH MAN. And I’m not just talking about the purple sweet potato. I’m talking about how freaking awesome the Athletic Fuel muesli tasted WITH the purple sweet potato. The oats, cashews, raisins, flax seeds, rye and almonds (it also has pumpkin seeds but I didn’t scoop out any for some ODD REASON) were absolutely perfect with the sweet potato! Seriously. Try muesli and sweet potatoes together. It’s awesome!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaand last but certainly not least was the Morning Zen muesli–it’s completely gluten free with raisins, cranberries, flax, pumpkin seeds and almonds as well. I put it on top of my coconut flour pancakes–YES, PANCAKES–which was incredibly gorgeous and delectable! In particular, I loved the raisins with the almonds and oats because it tasted sweet, chewy and slightly crunchy at the same time.

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Evoke is not only incredibly nutritious and delicious, it caters to many food intolerances: gluten free, vegan, raw, low sugar and dairy free! I love Evoke’s philosophy of supporting local community organizations and reducing the carbon footprint. This actually really ties into the fact that I recently watched Cowspiracy and discovered how environmentally corrupted animal farming is. Hence, you won’t feel guilty about using Evoke because it does not use any animal products at all.


The only minor problem is that there are no stores in California that sell this muesli, hence it’s harder for me to access Evoke unless I purchase it online, which takes a while to get shipped. If you can find anything with their store locator, then lucky you!


Thus far Evoke is my favorite muesli line so far! I remember trying a few other brands that just didn’t compare. The food combinations were spot-on, versatile, and at the same time unique in their own way. Knowing that the food you get comes from a loving and ethical source is even better, which is what makes Evoke that more special.

Website: http://www.evokefoods.com/

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