VIVARISE Lean Greens Superfood Powder Review + Get Your Greens Oatmeal Recipe

I am normally SUPERB at remembering to get in enough greens, but since kale is slowly dying out of season and my father is now hoarding all of the spinach in the house, I haven’t been as good of a “green girl” as I should generally be.

Now I’m usually not one to use superfood supplements because I believe that you should get your nutrients through real food. But here’s the key thaaaaaaaaaaaaang: VIVARISE Lean Greens Superfood Powder is real food. Si, amigo! And of course, this green powder is completely void of artificial ingredients, is non-GMO, gluten free and vegan!

Along with the free mini sample packs, I never expected to receive a handwritten letter by Kyle, the cofounder of VIVARISE. As cheesy as it sounds, reading this letter really touched my heart. Seeing someone from a company personally reach out to thank me always makes me exceedingly grateful because it shows that it’s not just about selling a product, but creating a community and spreading a message–in this case, to be healthy and happy.



There are ELEVEN types of greens in this powder, so you get a real superfood kick! Viva also listed them in alphabetical order to be fancy–isn’t that neat? Anyways, the greens in this single packet are alfalfa grass, astragalus, barley, bittermelon, chlorella, gotu kola, kale, lemon, oat grass, spirulina and wheatgrass. All of these ingredients have high amounts of vitamins and minerals and are guaranteed to increase energy levels, encourage detoxification and hair and skin revitalization!


First, let’s back up. I know that not everyone reading this post is a greens person. In fact, you may be looking at the ingredients with disgust because they seem like the plants from the ground that our ancestors ate–God forbid that there be anything with broccoli powder! (Another note: I hate raw broccoli.) This is where we get into the taste test. On the scale of 1 to 10–1 being you’d die by swallowing anything green and leafy whereas 10 is that you crave kale more than chocolate–how well can you tolerate the taste of greens? If you are a 5 or less, I recommend adding half of the packet in your meals and beverages. As a general rule, everything you add the powder to should have a flavor of its own, otherwise you will feel like you’re tasting straight up grass. Unless if you like that, then go for it!


The first time I tried this powder was shaken well in a RAW Generations Jessica juice. As you can see, this juice is green to begin with, so the flavor of the powder and the juice blends fairly well, but just enough so that I can still taste the powder, which tastes very green, bitter and refreshing. It’s not like grass powder, unless if you have a mega sweet tooth. Throughout the day I was able to focus pretty well on whatever I faced at hand and stayed pretty alert until bed time.


I blended my second packet in a classic greens smoothie with spinach, mango, frozen pineapple, lemon juice and water. I loved that the greens in the powder added the perfect amount of mild flavor that relieved the sweet and sourness from the fruits. While I normally would have a smoothie for breakfast, I really enjoyed this for lunch because it was closer to the afternoon “dip” time that comes around 3-4 P.M. for me, but I felt as awake as ever even then! I really saw a difference in my energy levels and mood that day; however, since I have pretty healthy hair and skin to begin with as I don’t break out easily, I didn’t see a difference in my physical appearance. Maybe my hair thickened a little bit, but it wasn’t noticeable enough for me, which is okay because I’m not striving to look like Miss America with this powder!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The last–and probably my favorite–meal using the Lean Greens superfood powder: my original Get Your Greens oatmeal! YES, you can add it to breakfast foods!


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOne thing I did pretty differently with these oats was cook up oat flour instead of regular rolled oats. It looks questionable, like green pea/spinach mush that you’d typically feed a baby! However, this mush you’re looking at tastes SO much better than disgusting baby food. Plus, you’re getting in a crazy amount of nutrients that will fuel your day and prevent that 3 P.M. dip!


Underneath this amaaaaaaaaaazing oatmeal concoction is matcha mint Greek yogurt (peppermint extract + matcha powder + stevia + Greek yogurt), Evoke Foods antioxidant muesli, Nature’s Path Qi’a chia cereal and on top is more Qi’a cereal and melted peanut butter. Of course, you can top it with whatever you want–coconut, almond butter, fruit and even chocolate chips!


  • 1/2 cup finely ground oats (or regular rolled oats)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 packet Lean Greens Superfood Powder
  • 1 cup liquid of choice; water, plant milk, green tea or mixture
  • 1/2 or 1 overripe banana
  • Sweetener to taste; I use Stevia
  • Thickener of choice (see link)
  • 1/2 tsp Wild Foods vanilla bean powder
  • Opt: matcha powder, peppermint extract, coconut, etc.


  1. Bring one cup of liquid to a boil and add salt.
  2. Add in the oats/oat flour, lower the heat and stir consistently.
  3. When the oats are soft, stir in cinnamon, vanilla bean powder, sweetener and Lean Greens powder well.
  4. Slowly mix in thickener when all ingredients are well-combined.
  5. Mash the banana separately and mix into the oats.
  6. Once all liquid is absorbed, turn off the heat and serve the oats, or leave it overnight for the next morning.
  7. When ready to eat, top with anything and enjoy!

So as you may tell, there are many pros to VIVARISE’s Lean Greens powder: it’s tasty, energizing, detoxifying, and completely compatible to many types of healthy lifestyles. The only con is that the green, bitter taste won’t work for everyone–while I never tried it, I don’t recommend drinking the powder straight from water unless if it’s sweetened. This powder is best added with something that already has a nice flavor.

Overall, I give VIVARISE two big thumbs up for these LOVELY sample packs. This is a powder I will definitely invest in again for the future whenever I’m on the go–especially for school. Before I was the biggest supplement powder skeptic, but this changed my mind all the way. I found that it was much easier and more convenient to add this powder into my favorite meals without having to chew something super thick and leafy. I’d still get the majority of my nutrients from the produce in their pure forms, VIVARISE will definitely hear from me again! They should hear from YOU TOO!! 😀


2 thoughts on “VIVARISE Lean Greens Superfood Powder Review + Get Your Greens Oatmeal Recipe

  1. With soooo many green drinks on the market these days, it’s impossible to figure out which ones are actually good – so thank you for this review 😉

    I remember when there were 3 different kinds on store shelves and they were all terrible, lol!

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