Huga Bar Pack Review

First off, a ton of kisses and HUGAS (get it? LOL) to Hůga Bar for such outstanding bars that made my taste buds rave! Literally, I could feel Skrillex workin’ it in the roof of my mouth. Too soon? ‘Kay. Well as you can tell, I got the honor of receiving a sample pack of TWO of each flavor of the magnificent Hůga bar company. But before I get into the review, there ALWAYS has to be an introduction to the magnificent community I’m spotlighting today.

Hůga originated in 2014 where Luis Mendoza, needing a healthy snack that was gluten free for his celiac disease, and Luis Rivero, wanting to find a way to relive the celebratory moments of Venezuelan family cooking, created Hůga bars to make a healthy and delicious bar capturing the essence of tradition and pure bliss. The main mantra of the Hůga (pronounced hoo-guh) company is celebration: live in the moment, enjoy the unhurried life, and share the love. The problem with this mantra is that I didn’t want to share these bars with ANYONE 😉 okay, that’s a bit of a lie. I did let my sisters take a few nibbles and they loved all of the bars so much they weren’t sure why Hůga isn’t swarmed all over Whole Foods. I wasn’t sure either, but what couldn’t be more perfect than to start spreading the word about these magical bars RIGHT NOW?! AmIright?????

I’ll let you on the rundown for Hůga’s qualifications–besides the fact that they taste AWESOME and will throw a par-tay in your mouth. Hůga is:

  • Certified gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • Added sugar free
  • High fiber
  • Vegetarian
  • High protein
  • Completely natural!

If you’re not excited yet, then there’s seriously something wrong with you. There are only three flavors, but don’t get discouraged because they all are made with ways to bring festivities while you enjoy them. Plus they’re all freaking fantastic and make great snacks, desserts or parts of breakfast!

ALMOND AND HONEY: Not my favorite bar of the bunch for several reasons, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t taste great! The main reason why this wasn’t my favorite bar was because of texture. It was a bit dry and tough to chew and break apart, similar to a semi-frozen Quest bar. Microwaving it definitely helps, as baking probably will too (most likely not broiling though). There is a very distinctive almond flavor with an amazing sweetness and crunch, and I’m very impressed by the macros for the portion I get!

IMG_4407 IMG_3979


HAZELNUT AND CHOCOLATE: Could this be a Nutella bar forizzles? It’s rich, melty, sweet, crunchy from the hazelnuts, and absolutely divine overall. In a way it is a little similar to a chocolate Larabar in which you taste little hints of dates along with the cocoa, except in a much more generous size. Microwave it for fifteen seconds and it’s a brownie! Again, very impressed with the amount of fiber and protein in this bar, so two thumbs up!

IMG_4392 IMG_4394 IMG_3980

DULCE DE LECHE, OAT AND WALNUT: This has to be my personal favorite–I could write a love letter to this bar! Literally, it was extremely hard to get my sisters to not attack the second bar after they annihilated the first one–it was that popular! The outside is soft, moist and flaky from the oats and walnuts while the inside is gooey, sticky, sweet and caramel-y. A bit lower in fat and protein and higher on the carb side in comparison to the almond and hazelnut bars, but this is a larger and heartier bar overall. In fact, it shouldn’t even be called a bar, but a guilt-free oatmeal caramel cookie at finest!

IMG_4406 IMG_3981


All of these bars pack a flavorful punch, and none are filled with any suspicious ingredients, any gluten, any unnatural sweeteners or anything harmful at all. Seriously, they are so awesome that my sisters were ruthlessly fighting over these bars to have for themselves.


One con I found was that the package I got didn’t come with a magical bar copy machine so I could copy infinite quantities of these bars to eat them again and again XD in all seriousness, there are little to no cons about Hůga besides that the only way you can purchase these bars is online. BUT if you call your local Whole Foods about these bars, you just might find them on the shelves!


So not only do I love these bars, but my family loves them too, which truly shows that Hůga has the ability to connect families together through healthy and yummy food. I absolutely love Hůga’s philosophy about enjoying the present, because there are so many scarce moments we never get to experience ever again or at least in a long time! Nevertheless, it won’t be long until I buy some more Hůga bars–maybe enough to throw a party if y’all wanna join! 😉

For more information on the company and how to get some of these magical bars for yourself, you can check out their website down below–and don’t forget to follow them all over social media!


3 thoughts on “Huga Bar Pack Review

  1. You’re review was so detailed, I felt like I almost ate the bar myself, lol. great job! the oat & walnut would def be my fav too, looks so good!


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