I’m a Feminist. And I REEEEEEEEEEALLY want to see Magic Mike XXL.

Before I get into the goods (literally), I want to make my stance on feminism clear. For the past years or so I’ve developed stronger advocacy for gender equality. I even got to intern for my friend Sahara Rose of Saraswati Couture and EatFeelFresh–which BTW you have to check out stat!–and help promote empowerment for sex trafficking victims in India.

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It sickens me that while a man makes a dollar women only get 78 cents, men are completely ignored in the body shaming shazam, women feel as if they have to torture themselves to feel accepted in society and most of all, it sickens me that people still believe that women have to stick to their “place in society”. First of all, who gave one the right to classify women as secondary to men? While religion is important in creation, I don’t see the reason as to why women are often (but not always) oppressed or undermined in the divine sense. For example, the Bible does emphasize that women need to obey their husbands while their husbands treat them well, and the Qur’an classifies men as the maintainers of obedient women, but guess what–not everyone in this world is a Catholic or a Muslim, and not every woman is going to be married!

I can go on and on about this but you’re probably gonna want to kill me if I do so. I’ll have a more in-depth post about the connection between health and feminism because there’s just so much to say, but here is one interesting aspect I want to touch upon. Looking at the title, you’re probably wondering if I am such an avid feminist, why do I want to see a stripper movie that objectifies people of a certain gender, makes the audience insecure about beauty standards, and isn’t it hypocritical to advocate against sex slavery but support an occupation that glorifies visual prostitution (by that I mean dancing bottomless on a pole while it rains money)?


First of all, let me just say that Magic Mike isn’t all about raining men and grinding ponies. If you see it, you’ll find out that it’s a conflict between being yourself or sacrificing the type of person you are for someone you love. The movie is also a romantic love story about a man who wants to develop a serious relationship with a girl who doesn’t want to affiliate herself with someone of his occupation. I want to see it because I like the actors and the story behind it. The shirtless dancing is just for my developing antsy teen girl hormones.

As with body image, I know that males as a whole are pretty much gonna die watching this movie. Do I think it should be fitspiration? No, because look up all the effort behind the making. It is not possible to have abs that look like a chocolate bar without living life. Did you know that Channing Tatum wanted to make the sequel project the “dad bod” as the new norm? Well, turns out the other producers didn’t agree and since Channing was on the verge of dad bod before this film (which is fine unless if you’re going to play a sexy-ass stripper which he is), he got into a super strict diet and 5-a-day workout regimen while Joe Manganiello also followed a very intense training routine and Paleo diet.

Just as I am plant-based but wouldn’t hesitate to eat a sashimi plate or Quest bar, I am a feminist who loves men. I mean it–I’m a single lady but I really, really, really love men. When I enroll in a new class I’m always on the look for a cute boy, and when I go to the gym, you bet I have imaginary binoculars on me in case if I spot a guy who seems like a college student who models part-time. Who wouldn’t want to meet a Jay Alvarrez look alike?!

Of course I’m not the type that would hop from one guy after the other because I’m not an idiot like that, and I want to treat my future partner as I want him to treat me. A serious, intimate relationship with someone is one thing, but a fantasy relationship with Channing, Matt and Joe is another (Alex and Matthew just don’t appeal to me. Sorry!). It’s movie personalities like them that get you revved up and excited about who knows what, and actually motivate you and bring back your internal fire (and not entirely in a sexual way!). I remember watching the first one (shh! Don’t tell my dad!) while exercising and noticed that I naturally wanted to move faster when the hot dances came on screen, even if I was dying!

Besides, I’m still a young and typical teenage girl that loves a hot man or two three four. I still act and think just as how any female adolescent would. But it’s nature. Sometimes you can’t hide the fact that you’re going to be into “stupid” shiz like this. There are certain things that are absolutely inevitable. You will get your heart broken. You have or will hurt someone’s feelings. You may find that you’re not following your heart and need to change your life route. You will do something, look back on it a year later and say: “Gosh darn it, why?!”, but at least you’ll have a funny story to tell.

And just admit it, boys. You fangirled too.


3 thoughts on “I’m a Feminist. And I REEEEEEEEEEALLY want to see Magic Mike XXL.

  1. Hahahahaha! You are a smart 17/18 year old! I wish I started my journey as early as you are/did. I started this year (2015) when I was 20 and I recently turned 21. Better late then never haha
    Great job! I’ve been looking around your site and it’s impressive 😀 Great job with everything!
    Good luck on the rest of your journey 🙂 Definitely inspired me some more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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