Veggie Grill: Restaurant Review

At the time it’d been a while since I looked into some new vegetarian restaurants, and I knew that Veggie Grill was the way to go! It’s a very popular restaurant for even the die-hard carnivores, and luckily my dad, being one of them, didn’t hesitate to stop for a bite!


I ordered a bunless Papa’s Portobello mushroom burger with a side of kale and sweet potato fries! It was fresh, tasty and absolutely flavorful. However, it was much smaller than anticipated and I didn’t feel satisfied until drinking a few glasses of water. My father loved his crispy chick’n sandwich but wasn’t a fan of his mashed cauliflower (which I gladly gobbled up for him!) nor his bland pea asparagus soup (nor was I). The sweet potato fries and buffalo cauliflower wings were gone in a heartbeat, of course! They’ve become family favorites ever since.


From my Instagram you can easily perceive that Veggie Grill has officially become one of my go-to restaurants. It has an awesome seasonal menu as well (their spring Banh Mi tofu salad was amazing!) and a large variety of fun dishes.

The second time I came I didn’t touch the asparagus soup but noshed on the blackened kale-style tempeh sandwich in a blink of an eye. It was my first time trying tempeh and I’ve been hooked since! My favorites are their salads and kale-style sandwiches.


This is the banh mi kale-style sandwich! Tasty but didn’t expect it to be deep fried, so I had to nit pick it a bit. I LOVED the eggplant and cauliflower mash–so tasty and flavorful! Overall, it wasn’t bad at all!


The more I came to Veggie Grill, the more I adored it. Every dish is vegan, includes a healthy balance of fats, protein and whole-grain carbs, and their tofu, chick’n protein and tempeh are made from completely organic, non-GMO and gluten free soybeans and fermented rice! It’s a wonderful place to go to for a vegan, healthier alternative to other dishes such as French fries, mashed potatoes, buffalo wings and more. You can also get their free app, and whenever you complete certain tasks such as e-mailing others about Veggie Grill or taking photos of your receipt, you earn points to get free entrees and snacks!

For more information, go to their website linked here and find the one closest to you!:

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