I’m Sick of…

Have you ever been so passionate about something you were willing to risk your happiness for it? Meaning that you would give up a few seconds or even minutes to cry or to strangle the person in front of you in order to stand for your case? I remember the first time I really blew up and this was actually because some friends were making fun of me for eating healthy. Fortunately, they refused to push any of my buttons since.

So from now on, when I want to start ranting until my chest begins to burst I’m bringing food and a hot cup of tea with me. Basically, those are to make the moment more calm and soothing than it really is–until I blow up and become red in the face. Wait until you see the smoke coming out of my ears. You really don’t want to be around the angry me.

Kaaaaaaaaaaay so what am I going to scream talk about might you ask??


People on my social have tagged vegan, paleo, fad juice cleanse, some types of diet accounts on my feed, which inevitably reveals that they want to attract new members in their group, or “community” so to say. What makes them a community is that they’re together, follow common principles and support one another. What makes them a cult is that their practices come off religious and strange, almost repellant to others.

Look. I am sick of having to pick a side. A label. A category. (You don’t know how many times I came across a Paleo and a vegan arguing with each other on the Internet…) Like I said before when I decided to try being plant-based, it went very well until it started to become more “trendy” than honest. I began it because it was ethically correct but I stayed with it because it was the “it” diet. And it might not seem so but in my eyes I failed miserably. The day after the last vegan day I gorged on Greek yogurt and fish, then the next morning felt horrible about myself since I supposedly committed “animal slaughter”. And God forbid my attempt on the HCLF route (Hey! I love peanut butter too much–I’m SORRY!). But it was because there was so many people out there I pleased with my announcement about trying veganism, and then they’d loathe me when I stopped.

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Not until now that looking back at my first Q&A (check it out here) am I seeing some sort of dangerous trend going on in today’s society. Everyone is feeling obligated to join something and label themselves as a type. For instance so many people’s biographies clearly state “Vegan”, “Paleo”, “Gluten Free”, “Earthling”, “Low Carb”, “Plant Based”, “IIFYM” and “Clean Eating”, and it’s cool if that works for people, but it’s terrifying when others look up to them and want to become like them out of the blue for no real reason. What’s even worse is that some are so caught up in the regime of their diets that they automatically see everyone else as negatives–to the point where I’ve even read messages of people in certain cults wanting to commit suicide because they had so little faith in humanity adapting the diet they ate.

The health community is so fragmented nowadays that I’m afraid of turning on my phone and going onto the computer. Sometimes I question whether or not I want to stay in the health community. I worry about posting certain pictures because it won’t get enough “likes” from branded users because of their diets and preferences. And if I say something I disagree about in context of ketosis or veganism, I’ll receive hate mail.


So far, the closest of what I can call a “side” I’m on is the healthy, plant-based (vegetarian or semi-pegan) one. But I won’t always be healthy and I won’t always be meatless. I’m going to walk into the mall and crave chocolate and froyo. I’ll enter a sushi restaurant and think, “D*mn, I really feel like some teriyaki chicken and cold sashimi right now.” But doing so doesn’t automatically eliminate me from that side. In fact, I don’t want to call it a side anymore.


People may argue that “clean eating” is a side. And it is. I just so happen to eat clean very often because it works for me. If vegan is your passion, great, and if keto is yours, awesome! I only push clean eating onto those who want to learn how to eat healthier. But we need to stop pushing others to pick one if they don’t want to or aren’t cut out for it. You have to desire and believe in what you do in order to commit to it. If you don’t you’ll switch from one after another and lose yourself.

Personally, I want to get along with everyone and bring peace back into the health community, before we became segregated by labels and beliefs. (This is why I’m a classified hippie!) It seemed as if I was so drawn towards one diet after another even after I made this blog, and as hard as it is to not get sucked into these traps, I will stick to my choice of not picking any side. Even if I do adapt a certain diet it doesn’t mean I’ll discriminate against the others. If I become vegetarian I won’t judge meat-eaters and vice-versa. In the end, we are all connected. We love to thrive, eat, move, and find happiness within ourselves and the world. All we have to do is pick out of the millions of paths Mother Nature created for us to follow. What’s even better is that we can create our own if we desire. ❤

5 thoughts on “I’m Sick of…

  1. This is actually one of my favorite posts of all time- everyone in the world should see this! You should eat what makes you feel good, whether it may be vegetarian one day and meat lover the next, and you shouldn’t be criticized for it by other groups, espeically if it is still healthy! I remember I got yelled at by some vegans for eating greek yogurt once. We should stick together as the health community, we have the same goal in mind anyway. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much dear–that makes me so happy! I do wish to see more people relate to this 🙂 oh and so sorry to hear about that! Don’t let those vegans bring you down and just know that there are so many other people in the community who are more open to your choices!

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  2. So nicely written! Love it! No sides, just take care of your health, be it veggies and fruits all day or meat and fish. we are different and we like different foods and we feel different – so be it!

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