Superfood Coffee Company Sample Blend Review

Coffee is something I like to have in moderation. I personally believe there are better sources of caffeine out there such as hot tea and raw cacao that don’t age the skin. But I’m getting old. I need a cup of Joe. So there came Superfood on my Instagram, and I was in awe of the wonderfully powerful and appetizing flavor combos. Me being the cheapest person I know, the free trial pack was only $3.99, and that was all for SHIPPING!! If you don’t cancel the subscription in 21 days, they automatically take $34 for your next pack, so be wary of dates.

Here’s the dealio, Superfood comes in six different flavors: coco maca, orac rescue, incan root, darkwood forest, root kings and smoking berry. Lemme give you the lowdown on what each of them are and their health benefits:

  • Coco Maca
    • Maca: Nature’s butterscotch, maca is abundant in potassium, copper, selenium (a nutrient a LOT of us are deficient in!), calcium, vitamin A, B1 and B2, C, D, E, X Y Z….lol, plus it’s a great stress reliever and energy booster. And with coffee–man, how are you gonna sleep tonight?
    • Cacao: I can go on forever about how amazing cacao is. Rich in iron, magnesium, fiber, even omega-3s, it’s my perfect food. A dose of cacao a day keeps the doctor away. I am NOT kidding. Look it up!
      • Overall taste: Tastes very bitter with a little hint of dark chocolate, so use sweetener if you hate bitterness. It is delicious with Stevia, cinnamon and heated coconut milk!
  • Orac Rescue
    • Maqui berries: Maqui is a well-known superfood from South America that boosts cardiovascular health and blood sugar regulation. It is said to have a higher antioxidant rank in blackberries, strawberries and mulberries by milestones based on a comparison study in South America! It is also a great source of fiber, vitamin C, iron, potassium and calcium.
    • Acai: Acai seemed to be the queen of superfoods in 2013! Aiding in weight loss, anti-aging, battling cancer, improvement in mentality, sexual life (?!?!) and digestion, it’s high in Vitamin C, anthocyanins and flavor.
      • Overall taste: Not incredibly strong and has a mild to distinctive fruity but not-too-sweet flavor. Pretty good!
  • Incan Root
    • Sachi inchi: This is a Peruvian “peanut” that is indeed known as the Incan peanut! It has a pretty nut-like flavor and aids in weight loss and cholesterol regulation.
    • Lucuma fruit: The Peruvian lucuma has a crazy amount of vitamin B and carotene but is mostly consumed when combined in desserts. Reported by Europeans in 1531, this was first known as the “eggfruit” for its hard boiled yolk-like texture, though it tastes more like a mapley sweet potato!
      • Overall taste: IMO this is one of the most bitter of the bunch besides Root Kings and Coco Maca, but it does taste pretty dang yummy! Has a slight nutty and sweet aftertaste.
  • Darkwood Forest
    • Reishi mushroom powder: No–this is not like those yucky raw salad bar mushrooms! Though not praised for taste, its health benefits are definitely worth the gawk. Reishi is known for boosting energy, reducing stress, and improving high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infections, STDs and other diseases.
    • Goji berry powder: Goji berries may taste like medicine to many–for a good reason! They were used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat hypertension, diabetes, malaria, fever and many more. Gojis also aid in healthy skin, immunity and even weight loss.
      • Overall taste: Not super but is still strong with that definite goji berry taste. If you like goji berries, great, and if not, don’t drink this!
  • Root Kings
    • Burdock root: Both the Western and Eastern hemisphere used this ancient root for medicinal purposes. With a bitterly sweet taste, it is well-known to stimulate hair growth, diuretics, detox and skin healing.
    • Ashwagandha: In my opinion this is the antithesis of the misconception that all unpronounceable foods are bad for you (freekeh is another one too). Anyways, ashwaga-blah-blah actually means “horse smell” in Sanskrit since it holds the strength of a stallion! High in anti-malarial properties, blood stabilizing powers, and nutrients relieving stress, regulating cholesterol and maintaining overall balance, you should get your hands on some ashwaga-blah-blah.
      • Overall taste: Most bitter and the least sweet out of the coffees. I had to add a lot of Stevia and coconut milk. It tastes the best when paired with dark chocolate and in smoothies.
  • Smoking Berry
    • Mesquite powder: A caramel-like and molasses-like food that not only aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels but a great source of protein and fiber for raw vegans and plant-based foodies, mesquite is found in the southwestern U.S. and South America. It is also high in magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and lysine.
    • Aronia berry powder: One of the first non-South American superfoods I found (it’s from Poland!), this delicious berry is known to have anti-cancer, immune boosting and weight loss properties. In fact, it has more antioxidants than blueberries!
      • Overall taste: This flavor is pretty sweet and fruity, almost like a more mild juice. It’s a very unique type of combo in coffee but I really enjoy it!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


While I like to drink this before a workout this coffee doesn’t give you cray-cray insulin spikes unlike your regular cup of Joe. Many of the superfoods aid in blood sugar stabilization, and you’ll reap the full benefits if using minimal to no sweeteners. Being that I am no coffee expert I cannot vouch as to whether or not a real Joe lover will enjoy it but let me tell you it tastes like the real bitter stuff to me, and sometimes I wouldn’t use the whole package for one small cup! The mixes are also great in baking and smoothies–I even submitted a nana ice cream recipe on their website so do check it out!

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Made with the aronia berry blend!
Made with the smoking berry blend!

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Use the whole package in each mug if you want the full flavors. I’m definitely nowhere close to a coffee addict so the first time I tried a full mug I kind of hacked. Some coffee experts might not taste anything special about these coffee mixes, except for the fruit-flavored packs that may or may not work!


Hands down this is my favorite coffee company despite that I don’t drink coffee at all. Superfood Coffee is incredibly healthy, reasonably priced, unique and versatile! I would definitely continue a subscription and cook/drink their products, so do look out for more coffee recipes with Superfoods! 🙂

To check them out and get some for yourself click the links below!


Coffee Recipes:

JANUARY FAVORITES (I give ’em a nice shoutout!)

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